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How to be the best Medic in Tom Clancy's: The Division [Talents/Perks, Builds, Playstyle, Team Setup, More]

So here's a guide by user kNine which will basically explain to you everything you need to know about how to become a great Medic character in Tom Clancy's: The Division. This guide will explain to you the different talents and perks needed to become a great medic, the playstyle, the build and more...

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The Basics

As a Medic, it is crucial to have a good amount of Electronics, aswel as a decent amount of health just in case. Besides that, having more health means you need to have more Electronics than the amount of Stamina you have, to be able to fully heal yourself with First Aid, or faster with the Support Station. Very basic, right? Right.

Skills and Modifications

Now that we have that out of the way, let's talk about the Skills and Modifications. The following Skills with mods for the Medic Role are recommended:

- SKILL [MOD] <Example
- First Aid Skill [Overdose - Defibrillator]
- Support Station [Ammo Cache]
- Smart Cover [Recharger]

-First Aid:
For First Aid, using the mod called Overdose is recommended, as it is always useful to have that extra bit of healing, plus overheal to be able to take more damage. However, if you're not really using the First Aid Skill that much, or if you simply already have enough Electronics, It is recommended using Defibrillator instead, as it is always useful to keep your teammates up in PvE, aswel as PvP.

-Support Station:
For the Support Station, using the Mod Ammo Cache is a good choice. Why? Simply because you will be able to shoot tons of bullets without losing any ammo after a reload. Make sure to reload while in the Support Station Radius. Plus there is no need for the Mod Life Support, as you and your teammates are already able to revive yourselves by holding 'F' while at the Support Box.

-Smart Cover:
The Smart Cover with the Recharger Mod is pretty good. The extra damage combined with decreased incoming damage [aswel as the extra Healing and Skill haste, when Recharger Mod is equipped] works amazing in Supportive roles . However, some players will say that you are better off using Support Station with the Ammo Cache Mod, simply because you'll always be able to revive yourself, aswel as your teammates when holding 'F' when close to the station. Plus, the "unlimited" ammo has proven to be very, very much needed when playing on Challenging mode, thus making this more useful for Supportive play. Do note, combining Support Station w/ the Ammo Cache Mod+ Smart Cover w/ Recharger Mod might be a good setup for you aswel.


For Talents, using Triage [2nd medic Talent] is suggested, as it is always useful to have that extra cooldown on your healing Skills.

Then on to the Tech Talents Tree, it is recommended using Tech Support [3rd row, 2nd Talent]. This Talent is great, because when you kill an enemy, the duration of your Support Station is increased, and thus allowing you to instantly reuse it once it does run out.

For the other two Talent slots you can just really use anything you like. For the 3rd slot you can use Steady Hands [1st Talent Security Tree], simply because of the extra Reduced Recoil boost everytime you will enter cover. Another decent extra Talent is the Combat Medic Talent [Medical section, Last row, 1st Talent], because this will allow you to heal a teammate when using a Medkit. However, the actual health given to your teammates with this Talent isn't that much and thus making it an unnecessary Talent in my opinion.


-Triage [2nd medic Talent]
-Tech Support [3rd row, 2nd Talent]
-Steady Hands [1st Talent Security Tree]
-Combat Medic [Medic Section, Last Row, 1st Talent]

The Builds

Now that you know the necessary basics, you might wonder, what would be a good build? Here are some standard builds you might go with, along with an explanation what exactly makes the Build good.

The Combat Medic Build

With this build, you can drop enemies fast while still being able to heal teammates very well. For this build you need to have a bigger focus on Electronics and Firearms, while keeping a good amount of Stamina. Try to find a bit of a balance between Firearms and Stamina. Once you have High-end weapons, you can make the gap between Firearms and Stamina even smaller, simply because the High-end weapons already have tons of damage on their own. This is my go-to build when playing Challenging mode.

The build goes as following:

Skills: Support Station w/ Ammo Cache+ First Aid w/ Defibrillator
Talents: Triage+ Combat Medic+ Tech Support+ Battle Buddy

-Strong/good damage output
-Strong healing
-Good amount of Stamina/Health
-Strong PvP Build

-Once in combat, you might focus less on healing
-Health might still be too low for some people when in Challenging mode

The Glass Cannon Build

Looking for a Damage build, with low/medium HP [AKA Glass Cannon]? Self explanatory, focus more on Firearms than on your Stamina. However, as a medic, do have a decent amount of Health just in case. Besides that, having more health means you need to have more Electronics than the amount of Stamina you have to be able to fully heal yourself with First Aid, or faster with the Support Station. The Skills best suited with this build are the Support Station, First Aid and Smart Cover. As for Talents, It's recommended using any of the following: Triage, Combat Medic, Tech Support.

Basicly what you need is the following:

Skills: Support Station w/ Ammo Cache+ First Aid w/ Defibrillator OR Smart Cover w/ Recharger
Talents: Triage+ Combat Medic+ Tech Support+ Stopping Power/Critical Save/Battle Buddy

-Strong damage output
-Decent healing

-Easier to be killed when regaining skills
-Easier to be killed when out of ammo
-Easier to be killed when being Rushed

Hybrid DPS/Skill Power Medic Build

Looking for a good amount of dps, while maintaining that much needed healing power? Go for a Hybrid DPS/Skill Power Build. With a Build like this, you won't be able to tank any damage, as you will have a low amount of HP. But then again, your Firearms, aswel as your Electronics will be strong enough to drop enemies fast, while keeping you and your team alive. It's a very strong Build when it comes to teamplay in both the Darkzone and Challenging mode.

Essential requirements:

Skills: Support Station w/ Ammo Cache+ First Aid w/ Defibrillator OR Smart Cover w/ Recharger
Talents: Triage+ Combat Medic+ Tech Support+ Stopping Power/Critical Save/Battle Buddy

-Strong damage output
-Strong healing
-Good PvP/Challenge mode Build

-Low HP

Gear Attributes, Modifications and Talents

As you guys asked me, here is a Section dedicated to the Gear Stats and Modifications.


As the Medic, it is important to have Attributes which contribute to your Medic Skills.

- +8.50% First Aid Ally Heal
- +8.50% Support Station Health
- +8.50% First Aid Self Heal
- +8.50% Support Station Healing Speed

Note: There are more Attributes contributing to the Medic Skills.

Now, not only is it good to have Attributes contributing to the Medic Skills, but also to your weapons. For example, if you want a Crit Build on your weapon, focus on getting more Crit Damage, aswel as Crit Chance Attributes on your Gear. Also, boosting your weapon damage by having a Damage Boosting Attribute for a specific weapon might be a good idea.

- +34% Critical Hit Damage
- +7.50% Critical Hit Chance
- +373 SMG Damage

At last, another good Attribute for the Medic is the extra Health, aswel as the extra Skill Power, simply because having a bit extra of Health, aswel as Skill Power is always nice.

- +2218 Health
- +3497 Skill Power


For the Modifications, just try to fill up the missing Firearms/Stamina/Electronics. While doing so, you will also have an Attribute for the Mod. For those, it might be a good idea to "add in" some extra Health, Skill Power or Crit Chance. Also, try to unlock the Weapon Talents with the Gear Modifications.

- Prototype Stamina Mod: +139 Stamina, +1,346 Skill Power
- Prototype Electronics Mod: +135 Electronics, +600 Health
- Prototype Electronics Mod: +135 Electronics, +1,50 Critical Hit Chance

When done Succesfully, you will have unlocked all Weapon Talents, aswel as a High amount of DPS/Health/Skill Power per Firearms/Stamina/Electronics.

In many cases, you can have 134K DPS per 2338 Firearms, 60K HP per 1907 Stamina, 23K Skill Power per 1940 Electronics.


The Talents on the Gear pieces are EXTREMELY important to achieve a Strong Build. Not only are they useful for your Skills, but also for your Weapons.

Examples for Medic[Skills]: 
-Rapid: "Decrease Cooldown for Healing Skills by 12,50%"
-Vigorous: "Grants overheal to all Healing Skills" [Currently bugged]
-Rehabilitated: "Heals 2% every second during Status Effects"
-Specialized: "Adds 12,50% of Firearms and Stamina to Skill Power"
-Resourceful: "All Healing is also applied to Skill Objects" [IE: Turrets]
-Recovered: "Damage taken during Cover-to-Cover is Regenerated over 5 Seconds when reaching the Destination"

Examples for Weapons: 
-Reckless: Increase Damage by 12,50% and increase incoming damage by 10%
-Savage: Critical Hit Chance is increased by 13% against Targets out of Cover

[High-end drops]
As a medic, aswel as any other role, it is vital to have high-end gear, aswel as weapons at endgame level, because each and every enemy will have more HP, aswel as more damage output. Here I will write down the best ways to get the best gear.

[High-end Gear]:
Currently, the best way to get the best Gear drops is by doing Challenging mode. After completing the mission, you will be awarded a High-end Gear piece, aswel as Phoenix Credits. Make sure to pick up the dropped Phoenix credits from bosses aswel. Once you have enough Phoenix Credits, you will be able to buy High-end gear at the Special Gear Vendor in the Base of Operations. You can find this Vendor once you go up the stairs, and then look at the left side of the left door infront of the Tech Wing. There is also the possibility of buying High-end gear at certain Gear Vendors in the DarkZone.

[High-end Weapons]:
The same thing goes for High-end Weapons. If you absolutely need them, run Challenging mode with a strong group. Once you kill the Boss/named enemies or sometimes even regular enemies, you have a chance of getting a High-end Weapon drop. Besides that, you can also go to certain areas on the map while Freeroaming and kill Named Enemies to increase your chances. Also, the same as for the High-end gear, you can buy High-end Weapons both in certain Darkzone Safehouses with DZ-cash, aswel as with Phoenix coins in both the Base of Operations and the Darkzone.


[High-end Gear]:
-Complete Challenge mode
-Buy Gear[blueprints] at the Special Gear Vendor in Base of Operations
-DZ Safehouse Vendors

[High-end Weapons]:
-Run Challenge mode
-Buy Weapon[blueprints] at the Special Gear Vendor in Base of Operations
-Kill named enemies while freeroaming
-DZ Safehouse Vendors

[Challenge Mode Team Setup]
So you want to play Challenge mode, but unsure of which team setup works the best? After testing several Team setups, the following setup works the best.

-Combat Medic
-AoE [Area of Effect]
-CC [Crowd Control]

Now that you know which Classes are the best, here is a list with how to make those Classes perform on their very best.

[Combat Medic]:
As explained in the Build Section, you will be able to drop enemies fast, while keeping your team alive. Not bad, huh!

-Skills: Support Station w/ Ammo Cache+ First Aid w/ Defibrillator
-Talents: Triage+ Combat Medic+ Tech Support+ Battle Buddy

AoE, easily explained, is a circular area of effect, in which you do as much damage/control as possible. 

-Skills: Sticky Bomb w/ BFB+ Seeker Mine w/ Airbust
-Talents: Wildfire+ Demolition Expert+ Chain Reaction+ Police Up

Sick of those pesky shotgunners, or Tanky bosses? Then you should consider taking the Crowd Control Class. Make sure your team won't get flanked by putting turrents and bombs at critical backrape spots.

-Skills: Turret w/ Dragonbreath/Zapper+ Sticky Bomb w/ Flashbang
-Talents: Fear Tactics/Wildfire+ Tech Support+ Strike Back+ Steady Hands

The Support class. Another very much needed class to keep the team going. Make sure your team does extra damage, while minimalizing incoming damage at the same time.

-Skills: Pulse w/ Tactical Scanner+ Smart Cover w/ Recharger
-Talents: Steady Hands+ Tactical Advance+ Tech Support+ Combat Medic

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Credits: Special thanks to Knine! for this comprehensive and very informative guide.