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How Bungie should improve their Iron Banner in Destiny

Bungie’s shooter Destiny is made up of several components that players can get their hands on. Aside from the single-player campaign, players can also partake in the competitive multiplayer mode, the Crucible. Under the Crucible are special limited-time events called the Iron Banner.

Aside from it being a limited-time event, the Iron Banner allows level advantages to get in between players. This means that weapons and armor that have higher attributes have the advantage. The Iron Banner also has a strict rule on levels as Guardians who are level 40 are the only ones allowed to join. If the player is not yet level 40, he or she should be in a fireteam led by a level 40 Guardian. The main purpose of the Iron Banner is to give players end-game content.

Reddit user HeyFitzy notes that Bungie should increase the drop rate of Iron Banner drops since it is a limited-time event and there are exclusive items in it. He even notes that the game’s matchmaking servers tend to dumb down with each win. Aside from HeyFitzy’s suggestions, there are still a couple of things Bungie should incorporate in a Destiny update to improve the Iron Banner.

New Modes Every Time

Like most shooters, Destiny has a few game modes. With players constantly logging in, there’s a chance that they’ll get bored at some point. Iron Banner’s modes are repetitive. Since the event comes every once in a while, Bungie should makes things special by adding unique modes, like the limited-time Sparrow Race from December. This’ll give players more reason to come back.

Increased Iron Banner Rank Cap

Players can increase their Iron Banner Ranks up to 5. By rank 5, players have access to all the exclusive items. Reaching rank 5 can be a bit of a chore before, but tricks to rank up fast have been frequent recently. As such, players reach rank 5 very quickly, in both the Crucible and the Iron Banner. In a future Destiny update, Bungie should increase the cap for the rank to give players more area for playing. Higher Iron Banner Ranks also opens up the possibility of more items.

More Rewards

The rewards in the Iron Banner are very few. It might be a chore for Bungie to come up with a Destiny update to introduce new Legendaries into Iron Banner every once in a while, but if they manage to pull it off, their servers might get flooded with Guardians farming for the best items.

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