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Has Bungie forgot to address these long-time issues on Destiny...Or they just don't care?

Destiny is officially in hibernation. Though there’s a vague roadmap of future content that includes a spring PvE update, a 2016 DLC pack and a 2017 sequel, the mere existence of those items is effectively all that’s known about any of them.

But that doesn’t mean everyone has fled the game. Destiny has amassed such a dedicated fanbase, that the game’s biggest loyalists are still sticking around, despite the fact that there’s pretty much nothing left to do in the game other than try to creep gear up to max light level, or land a perfect roll on a legendary weapon.

The problem is that Destiny’s most dedicated players are starting to feel ignored by Bungie, because the game still has some lingering issues. Some of these problems have been plaguing the game for months, and they range from minor inconveniences to game-breaking errors.

Here are some of the issues that is still lingering on Destiny:

The Firefly Perk Still Has The Ability To Crash The Entire Game

This is an error we've been hearing about for eons now, but apparently it still isn’t fixed. Firefly, the weapon perk that has enemies erupt in a fireball when killed by headshot, has the potential to literally crash the game when combined with other perks. It was once thought to be specifically tied to one handcannon, The Vanity, but in fact, it’s an issue across many guns that have the perk. This may be hard to either replicate or fix, but it’s one of the only issues on this list that has the potential to break the game to the point where it requires a hard reset, so it seems like it should be a higher priority fix.

Non-Bullet Hit Detection Has Gotten Really Screwed Up

Hit-detection is becoming a problem across pretty much all Destiny’s classes. When the Titan Sunbreaker class was nerfed, something seems to have happened where the fiery hammers of the class’s Super often explode early, before they hit their targets, dishing out no damage. Similarly, something has happened with the Hunter Bladedancer class, which used to be fearsome in PvE, but now is the stuff of YouTube fail-compilation legend, as the move can rack up miss after miss after miss because of screwy hit detection. But it’s not just Supers. Charged melee attacks across all classes often fail to do damage, or proc the effect they’re supposed to (burn, shield, etc). It’s a pretty serious, annoying problem.

Crucible Drop Rates Are Disturbingly Low

Given that Crucible is now the main focus of the game, as it’s the only way to really have a somewhat “fresh” experience with all PvE content exhausted, it’s a problem that the gear rewards for the mode seem to have been lacking for months now. Whether in regular Crucible, Iron Banner or special events like Crimson Doubles, drop rates for usable gear are weirdly low. This came to a peak in Crimson Doubles, the PvP mode of the Crimson Days event, where high level Ghosts were simply not dropping for 95% of the playerbase, when that was supposed to be the main reward of the mode. Bungie’s “fix” was giving everyone a max level Ghost if they simply played enough matches, but again, that didn’t have to do with altering drop rates.

Iron Banner in particular has been a point of heartache for loyal players, and some of the most dedicated community members run experiments where they play something crazy like 300 Iron Banner games and record the results. These results are…discouraging, to say the least, and there is still an absurd amount of luck and effort to get high quality gear from the Crucible because of weirdly low drop rates. At this point, it’s a little unclear as to why Bungie just doesn’t let it rain high light items, given that according to them, light level is increasing this spring (to 330, allegedly) so it won’t even matter that much if players are hitting max level now.

And All The Rest

These may not need their own bullet points, but they’re still buggy all the same. Something weird has happened with the Chaperone exotic shotgun where many of its perks don’t work as intended (crit damage, range), which is irritating given how hard some people worked to get that gun. There’s a specific ship (Armor of Vows) that will cause you to constantly have a postmaster notification (an OCD nightmare). And while the focus is always on PvP lag problems, there still seems to be some PvE lag as well with enemies absorbing grenades or being all-around immortal because of lag.

Bungie probably knows about many of these, but they’re just low priority..for them (we think). With stuff like Crucible drop rates and a few other issues, they’ve demonstrated a genuine lack of knowledge about pretty clear problems at times. Like no one on the team seemed to know about the Crimson Doubles Ghosts issue until it was brought up on a major Destiny podcast, so who really knows?

It may be the case that instead of trickling out fixes, Bungie is saving them for a big patch, but many of these things have been happening for months now, so it’s no wonder the community feels like they’ve simply been forgotten about. And maybe they have.

So as we all prepare to jump into The Division next week, in addition to making new content, Bungie needs to remember to tidy up the current problems with the game as well.

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