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Destiny News: Bounty Event to make a return on PS4 next week

Bungie continues to test the patience of its long-term fans by failing to reveal any new information about the major new content drop for Destiny that they are planning to deliver before the end of spring, choosing instead to show gamers how the core teams working on the social shooter work to deliver quality.

Recently gamers got to see more details about the audio team, and the voice acting and the studio also announces a new partnership with Twitch that will allow it to improve the real world via the Bungie Foundation.

On Monday, March 14 the team is launching a new Bungie Bounty event that will focus on Clan Resolute in the Rift mode, with the action taking place between 11 AM And 1 PM Pacific Standard Time on the PlayStation 4 from Sony.

The official announcement adds, "Senior Designer Steve Dolan will join us from the Live Team to swap notes on Clan culture with one of the more notorious teams in the Destiny community. 

Bungie is also offering details on how daylight saving time will affect the start date for the various resets and events linked to Destiny.

The most recent hotfix for Destiny was designed to improve matchmaking for all playlists, prioritizing connection quality over player skill when looking for opponents, and Bungie has also introduced the Damage Referee to make sure that the gameplay is improved for most gamers.

It's unclear when the developers will use the new Twitch streams to talk about the new content that they are planning to launch or to offer information about the kinds of missions and events that they plan to introduce.

The player community is getting a little restless, especially after the relatively small impact of the Crimson Days community event centered around Valentine's Day.

Bungie has promised that the update will include a focus on player versus environment action and will enhance the options that Guardians have in combat.

According to publisher Activision, there are plans to deliver another paid expansion for Destiny before the end of the year, and both companies are working on a sequel for the social shooter that they are set to offer in the first few months of 2017.

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