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What we know so far on the upcoming Attack on Titan game

"Attack on Titan" is going to have a number of updates these coming months following its upcoming release on PlayStation platforms on Feb. 18. However, the launching will only happen in Japan; avid gamers from North America and Europe have to wait later this year to get the game on their PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

Koei Tecmo just released a series of videos on its Youtube channel, introducing the different stages of the gameplay. The first video features meeting with the characters at the camp where Levi talks to commander Erwin.

The second video shows the pre-battle scene in which the characters fight naked giants — the Titans.

The third clip is where the real battle begins. Players will have to use various tactics to get the Titans down.

Post-battle event scene is teased in the fourth video.

Players will get to play the characters of Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Krista, Sasha, Conny, Jean, Levi, Hange and Erwin. The game is set during the Battle of Trost story arc.

Another gameplay video (check it out below) shows Eren's Lawson costume, which will be included with purchases at Loppi HMV. Armin will also be sporting the "Attack on Titan: Junior High" costume that will be part of the Treasure Box edition.

A four-player co-op mode update is also coming to the game on March 24. Additionally, players can expect other add-ons the game developer will release in the next few months.

Since it is based on the manga series with the same title, fans will expect the game story to focus on the first season of the manga itself. Even if a player has not read or watched the anime, he/she will get the grasp of the story just by playing the game.

Moreover, just like in its anime version, the characters will fight in a free-roam environment.

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