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Upcoming Mobile Game "Soul of Eden" Gameplay Revealed, And it Looks Promising!

Everyone was wondering what type of game would Soul of Eden be. Would it be a MOBA, CCG, RPG, or would it be a rhythm-based game which Rayark is also well-known for creating? As it turns out, the game is a hybrid of sorts, combining aspects of an RPG, MOBA and CCG.  Here is how Rayark describes the upcoming Soul of Eden.

"Soul Of Eden producer Lin Yu Ting hopes to implement better operating and thinking strategies to improve battle games for mobile platforms. The production team notes that RTS MOBA games are hard to accurately operate on mobile devices, plus unsuitable for extended playtime or advanced competition techniques. On the other hand, the majority of card games available on the market are turn based, which makes the learning process uncomplicated but not as exhilarating for competitive gamers/observers, as most are purely focused on the comparison of tactics or values. 'Soul Of Eden’s' design extracts the mobile platforms strengths from both forms, using RTS gameplay to stimulate players into fast paced thinking and instant decision making.

Portable units range from heroes, soldiers, buildings/architectures and spells. Units consume more energy depending on their power/level, and once summoned their unique AI’s are activated to begin automatically operating, so players only need to utilize the right timing and placement.  Even though operating methods are simpler than MOBA or RTS, the player’s timing and placement strategies will critically affect battle results. For example, a tank is placed at the battlefront as a diversion to provoke the opposition’s main forces attack while aiming to cause great damage to the opposition’s main fort with explosive units secretly invading. If the process is reversed, the outcome will be completely different. Each player can create their own card combinations and use unique tactics, which is the most interesting and intriguing feature to Soul of Eden." - Rayark Games

Rayark has stated before that this game has been in development for over a year. They had plans for public beta testing this summer. However, they have chosen to accelerate the schedule and reveal the contents of the game, due to the soft launch of Supercells' latest game Clash Royale. As you can see from Rayark's comments below, it is important for their fans to understand their creative process, and to belay any worries about making a game that is a clone of something else.

"Soul Of Eden has been under development for over a year and originally scheduled for public testing this summer, but as mentioned previously a specific reason lead to the gameplay’s 6 months early release as powerhouse Supercell recently soft launched 'Clash Royale', which shares some similarities gameplay wise. As Rayark strives to keep to it’s standards of creating original projects, to prevent possible future controversy from players it has been decided to make an announcement to clear any suspicions now. Producer Lin Yu Ting expresses even though 'Clash Royale' and 'Soul Of Eden' may share similar game-play qualities, there are still differences in other aspects, such as combat systems, tactics, operating levels and a cosmopolitan perspective with deep roots on opposition forces. The visual appearance/performance will be fully 3D, as previous 3D Visual Director for 'Implosion' Lin Yu Ting notes that rendering technology will be more precise than 'Implosion' so players can experience battle scenes first hand." - Rayark Games

As part of the reveal of the game play of Soul of Eden, Rayark has also provided two renderings of characters from the game. As always, the artwork that Rayark produces is brilliant. In these images, we see character portraits of individuals from the Kingdom of The two images are of a Warrior and Puppet Master.  The Warrior is below and the Puppet Master is seen earlier in this article.

It will be interesting to see the different abilities and traits of these characters, as well as the other characters planned for the game. We are also curious about the storyline. We are sure this is coming later, but anyone that has played any of Rayark's games, know that the narrative that goes along with the game is compelling. If you have played Deemo from Rayark, then you know what we are talking about.

Check out the gameplay trailer below.

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