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Ubisoft Unveiled Post-Launch Plans for Tom Clancy's: The Division

Although this early glimpse of the release doesn’t feature a prolonged look at the game’s plot, it perhaps comes as no surprise to hear that we don’t have high hopes for it based on what we’ve seen.

The beta launched at 4am EST this morning to an enthusiastic response from the community, already providing players a rather populated New York City to wander through in search of loot.

For The Division to deliver what it’s trying to achieve, fresh content is absolutely key.

The three expansions will be released over the course of the year. According to a community manager at Ubisoft, the response for the beta of The Division was much larger than they had anticipated, and while this is certainly great news for the studio, it means many fans have to sit on the sidelines while waiting for their chance to roam the many streets of NY.

Season Pass buyers get additional perks every month via in-game events and scheduled “content drops”.

The following details for the expansions were taking straight from the press release.

There were some tricks available that allowed players to get access to The Division’s Beta without paying anything. It sort of sounds like Ubisoft plans to add some kind of survival gameplay like Horde Mode from Gears of War or Firefight from Halo 3: ODST and Halo Reach.

Last Stand is the final piece of major DLC for the title, but so far Ubisoft is not willing to offer any details about it. The company doesn’t say what that expansion entails. There’s no pricing yet for the season pass, but it’s likely to cost at least €30.

Expansion number two is called Survival which turns the entire map into a Dark Zone. Along with the shotgun, you’ll also receive exclusive outfits and weapon skins. Players can also sign up for the beta program starting January 28 on Xbox One and January 29 on PlayStation 4 and PC now at www.thedivisiongame.com/beta.

As for Xbox One owners, it’s a pretty similar process to that of the PS4 as well.

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