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The Division might feature end-game raid content

There has been rumors over VG247 that the division might consider having end-game raid content.

Arekzz Gaming suggests that high-level players in The Division will be able to take part in an eight player end-game raid. This is entirely speculation, but if you’d rather be as in-the-dark as possible on potential plot developments and locations in The Division, turn away now.

He featured this rumors on his channel which you can watch below later, but cautions that these rumours are worth taking with a pinch of salt – nothing has been confirmed yet.

The rumour is that, two weeks after the game’s launch, a raid will be made available for up to eight players. It will be available for players who have completed two specific missions within the campaign.

Those players will board a helicopter and head to Rikers Island, New York’s primary jail complex, if this rumour is true.

Alex has done his research here, and gives a pretty solid argument for the possible validity of this rumour. This is not the first time Alex has spoken on this subject, but this latest video features new evidence.

The Division is due on March 8 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game has an open beta this week, starting on February 18.

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SOURCE: Arekzz Gaming