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Secret Fallout 4 locations you might want to explore first before you jump into any DLC

While there are tons of people waiting for the new content for Fallout 4 to drop, thanks to upcoming DLC, there are a number of users that have pointed out all the content and secret locations that still exist in the original game. Bethesda has worked rather hard to put a ton of things into the map for the game that might make it easy to miss on your first playthrough. We’ve talked about all the secret locations that are buried underwater but there are other spots all throughout the world that make it worthwhile when it comes to really exploring.

A YouTube user has been putting up a series of videos showing off these hidden locations such as the Raider’s shack and the dry creek bed. Not all of these locations have a ton of loot to collect and you may have come across these places depending on on how you’ve worked your way through the map. On the other hand, this world is so massive, it’s a safe bet that there is something you haven’t managed to come across because you’ve been trying to finish one mission or another.

It also goes to show just how much stuff there really will be out there to play with once the new DLC lands. While we don’t know exactly when this DLC is going to land, the company has said the DLC is going to be coming soon. You can check out the user’s documentation of secret places in Fallout 4 below:

Raider graves

ArcJet Engine Transport

Pulowski Preservation Shelter Cluster

Roadside Store

Old Caravan Trailer

Canister Launch Shack

Protectron Trailer

Car Tree Camp

Scavenger’s Trailer

Right now, The Lawd is uploading about two videos a day, and he’s about a third of the way through all the secondary locations in the game. You can keep up with his exploration here.

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Source: The Lawd (YOUTUBE)