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How to counter the extremely OP Rose in Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2

We all know know that rose is kinda superior compared to most char right now. Mostly because of her highly damaging homing bullet. Coupled with two disabling abilities and a pretty good escape ability which also work for AOE damage. Waiting for the eventual nerf. But for the meantime, here's some tips on how to counter her:

General : Rose projectile are slow and generally have low ammo,a good way to deal with her at longer range is just to pop out to shoot and get back at hiding to make her waste some ammo. Once she reloading,that your time to strike.

Time snare : Undoubtedly the most dangerous ability of rose. Pretty much at the same as goop without the DOT,a way bigger AOE and a small cast delay ; Height advantage is your best bet if you want to dodge it. As well as cover to avoid follow up shot if you DO get it. Be very careful about getting at close range if she don't have that ability in cooldown as she can just cast it in the ground to get the advantage.

Goatify :Turn you into a goat. Like Timescare it have a small delay to cast,but it also have a much smaller AOE so it easier to dodge it. And not as punishing if you DO get hit. If you became goat. Mash left-click to charge the rose and get out. Goat are thankfully rather fast so escaping shouldn't be hard to survive until you turn back into a zombie.

Arcane enigma : Because she invincible in that state. It probably best to ignore her for a bit until it end. Although watch out as she can cancel it at anytime. Obviously don't get close to her in that state. If she use it to escape,it not a bad idea to follow to finish her off,well if you can afford to at least.

Imp (Mostly assuming pylon or Z7 imp here as basic is pretty bad right now):  You're naturally countered by rose,so that tough for you,but you still have some options to deal with her. Avoid timesnare at all cost. Even if it mean popping your gravity grenade. Fight her very close so that she can't track you and do your best juke. Double jump above her head work pretty well too dodge shoot. Only use impkata if you're out of ammo and know you can finish her off that way. At longer range. Use cover as much as possible. Imp small size make him fairly easy to hide behind a object. Watch out for Arcane enigma too as it can kill you with 3 burst.

In a Z-mech : Way better match up...As long as you don't get timesnared as it make you a sitting duck. Goatify won't work against you so that nice and Arcane Enigma isn't gonna bother you much either. So yeah...Just don't get timesnared and it should be fineeeeee.

Super brain : It apply in general,but don't snipe her at long range unless to finish her off as it just asking to get trickle in the face. Do that you always do,heroic kick to get in range and punch stuff. Careful with turbo twister as she can goatify you to cancel that.

Captain deadboard : You shouldn't have much trouble to snipe her as long as you got somewhere hide nearby. In closer range,the shotgun work well too. Just don't get caught up in mid-range with no cover.
Don't attempt to barrel blast unless you're sure she won't catch you before exploding as goatify dispel that.

Foot soldier : Long range shooting is your best bet. Make sure you have cover if you plan to camp up high. Otherwise Not much more to say that isn't already in general.

Engineer : Big Bolt Blaster in long range work fairly well. Up close don't forget about stun grenade and jackhammer, although the latter get canceled by timesnare. If snared don't forgot you can still do decent damage with the splash.

Scientist : ambush her in close range with warp and shoot her. That can't go wrong,even if you get timesnared,the shotgun splash should still be enough to finish her off. Just watch out to not get caught before-hand. And to not get goatified while in range.

All-star : A good match up against rose here too, have a option to deal with her at any range. In close range, sprint tackle and imp punt are your best bet to take her out quickly and your bulk should hold out the rest. In medium and long range, hide behind your tackle dummy and shoot her. And if she approach,sprint tackle to make her regret that decision.

So that's all about it guys.. If you know a more effective way to counter Rose, then let us know.

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