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Destiny's Hardest Stage (Oryx HM Challenge) completed by just two players

Not impressed by the fireteam that four-manned King’s Fall Hard Mode in Destiny: The Taken King? Or that time they did so as a full six man fireteam but wearing Festival of the Lost masks while setting other challenges? How about that one guy who soloed Oryx? Or the three players who beat the Oryx Challenge Mode on Heroic?

Well, if that’s not enough, then The Great Gatsby and Commander Cuesta are back at it again to casually two man the Oryx Challenge Mode on Heroic. Yes, you read that right. Two players. Now try not completing it with a full fireteam and come back to us.

The completion of this challenge relies on exploiting blind spots where the Light Eater Knights can’t steal the Corrupted Light orbs. If you watch the video below, you’ll see exactly where the placement of these orbs has to be but there’s still tons of coordination required on the part of both players.

Important notes:

Q: How come the vessel doesn't eat bombs?
A: The vessel not eating bombs and being left alive is the thing that makes this challenge so special. It was impossible at first to even think of attempting Oryx Challenge Mode with <4 people because the vessel would be left alive and eat the bombs. My solution was finding the 2 blind spots you see in the videos. The blind spots, as I like to call them, are places where you can stack bombs and where the light eater knights and vessel won't eat the bombs.

Q: What gun are you using?
A: The Suros DIS 43 roll the gunsmith was selling this week with full auto and Max stability. It's basically Y2 Vision of Confluence

Now, let's just wait until they release a video with one player beating Oryx Hard Mode challenge. :) Now that would be epic and, that will that Destiny should release a new pve content right away.

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SOURCE: Reddit