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Destiny’s Crimson Days Event Gives You a Revenge Buff When Your Partner Dies

Usually, Valentine’s day has me drinking myself into a coma and crying myself to sleep. More than usual on any other day of the week, that is. This year, I might actually have some company for a change while I glare at anyone who happens to be happy, in Destiny’s upcoming Crimson Doubles multiplayer mode.

Kicking off on February 9 until February 16, Bungie initially described the Crucible event as a two on two mode where teamwork plays an even bigger role than usual. Developer Bungie have shed some more details on the romantic event, revealing that you’ll need to enter the Crimson Doubles with your own partner as there won’t be any matchmaking on these servers. Bugger, there go my plans, right out the window. Where’s that bottle of cough syrup when you need it.

Anyway, Crimson Doubles will be an Elimination mode match, with the first team that reaches five winning rounds being declared the winner. So what’s the Valentine’s day twist then? Glad you asked! When your teammate dies in Crimson Doubles, you’ll receive a a Broken Heart buff that increases maximum armour, agility, recovery, and weapon handling speed. This buff will last for the remainder of the round or until you revive your significant other Guardian.

Of course, the real draw here is new loot, not love. Special rewards include shaders, emblems and Ghost shells that can hit the current 320 light level limit. The emblem itself is earned through a quest and Crimson Days bounties. There’ll also be new emotes to purchase, because somebody has got to pay the bills dammit.

Lastly, for Guardians out in the wild, there’ll be Crimson Candy scattered around. Pop a few of those down your face-hole, and you and your team can earn additional experience points for your weapons. And that’s all you need to know about Crimson Doubles. Now if you’ll excuse me, I think downing all that cough syrup has made me hallucinate. That’s what the talking Monty Python foot says anyway.

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