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Destiny gears are now updated to 330 light level...Will we see PvE content sooner than expected?

Bungie is already bringing up the 330 light level increase in Destiny: The Taken King. In fact, if you have searched thoroughly on their armory, you'll find some Iron Banner gears already updated to 330 light level.

Now, we have reported that Bungie will bring back Iron Banner on February 23rd (that's next week already), and possibly, the first 330 light level increase that we could get will be on that date. Well, that's not yet confirmed but that's is very possible. 

Anyway, you can check out some of the updated IB gears on the armory below:

Iron Companion Mask

Link to Armory: https://www.bungie.net/en/Armory/Detail?item=2747259661&itemname=Iron%20Companion%20Mask

Iron Companion Vest

Link to Armory: https://www.bungie.net/en/Armory/Detail?type=item&item=554244708&itemname=Iron%20Companion%20Vest

Tormod's Below

Link to Armory: https://www.bungie.net/en/Armory/Detail?type=item&item=3536592559&itemname=Tormod%27s%20Bellows

Also, the Hardmode gears are updated.

Harrowed War Numen's Chest

Link to Armory: https://www.bungie.net/en/Armory/Detail?type=item&item=3176903680&itemname=Harrowed%20War%20Numen%27s%20Chest

Also applies to Adept Trials weapons. The Adept Doctrine of Passing now maxes at 330 in the Armory

Doctrine of Passing (Adept)

Are you excited with the light level increase? Well if you asked us, we're not. 10 isn't that significant. It's just extending the grind as people are about to finally hit 320. No matter how much they raise the cap, it wouldn't be "significant" unless there are new, more powerful enemies that we need extra light to kill. Or are they? 

Remember that Bungie has announced that they'll bring something they called as "Spring Update", and light level increase is just a part of it. They have also announced that they will add new gears and a new pve content. So, possibly, Bungie has something in stored for us and they are starting it by increasing the light level of gears, so we could cope up on the new pve content that they'll give us in the future.

Now the question is, when will that pve content happen? Will that be a new raid? a new challenge (oh hell no!)? a new pve event? Well, these are the questions that are left unanswered by this moment. But, to see that bungie is slowly crawling 330 gears on their armory, it just means that they are preparing for something big... 

Lastly, what if, just what if Bungie is preparing for March 8 to launch that pve content, wherein Tom Clancy's: The Division will debut...Now, that would be epic Bungie!

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