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Comprehensive Naryu Sanctuary Guide in Blade and Soul Online

Naryu Sanctuary is latest hero instance to be introduced in Blade & Soul Online CN on Jan 2016. It is located at the new map area, released along with this update: Gu Won Sung Do. This guide explains the boss mechanics in each stage of Naryu Sanctuary.

1st Boss : Ab Kuen
HP: 134,400,000

Martial Dance

Between 100% to 90% HP, after performing some normal attack, the boss will 1 x hammer throw followed by 2 x martial dance: 1st martial dance aims the nearest 3 party members to him while the 2nd martial dance target the furthest 5 party members from him randomly. Between 90% – 60% HP, he will using 2 x hammer throw before casting 2 x martial dance. Below 60%HP, he will be using 3 x hammer throw, before casting 2 x martial dance.

Each hit of martial dance induces daze/groggy effect. The damage from the martial dance can be block. Each hit from the martial dance applies a debuff on the party member (even if you block it). If there are 5 stacks of debuff on you, you will be dead. If the duration of the debuff expires, you will die also. This martial dance debuff will play a role in the add summoning mechanics (to be explained below).

One of the key difficulties for the 1st boss of Naryu Sanctuary is handling the adds summoning mechanics.

Adds Summoning

At 90%/ 60%/ 30% HP, the boss jumps to the middle of the field abd summon 4/4/6 adds.

At 90% or 60%, 4 adds will appear at the north, south, east and west of the field. The boss randomly pull 1 of them and push it away. At this time, he is invincible. After that, he throws 5 x hammer at the furthest party members from him.

During this time, the party members need to lure the other 3 adds and align them according to image below. The add furthest from the boss is the one which has been thrown away by the boss. The other 3 adds need to be lured in line with the 1st one. When the HP of the adds are brought to 50%, they will kneel and the AOE circle of explosion will be marked around them.

The adds can be double cc and carried into position as well. Take note that, by default, the adds will charge towards the aggro holder if no one attack the adds. The aggro of the adds can be changed easily by simply attacking it.

The furthest member who are luring the 5 x hammer throw must ensure that he is standing on the opposite side of these adds such that the hammer throw does not interfere with other party members who are trying to align the adds.

After that, he boss will ignite the furthest add which is thrown by him earlier. If you align the other 3 adds properly, the explosion will trigger a domino effect down the aligned adds and the boss will be damaged by the explosion chain ( – 10% HP). The invincibility of the boss is dispelled as well. The explosion also clears the martial dance debuff which are applied earlier and grant 2 new buffs to party member.

Ab Kuen will be weaken by the explosion and can be lifted by Destroyer or Blade Dancer.  Subsequently, the boss punch the ground and cast a stomp. If you don’t have the buffs granted by the earlier domino explosion, you will be killed by the stomp (even if you try to resist it with skills). If you have the buffs, you would still need to cast a damage resist skill to avoid taking damage from the stomp.

At 30% Hp, instead of 4 adds, 6 adds will be summoned instead. 4 of them are the real explosive add while 2 of them are the fake ones. The fake one will start to move slightly earlier than the real one. The fake adds should be lured away from the 4 real adds if possible to avoid confusion. Since the adds will chase after the tanker by default, normally the tanker is assigned to lure them to the opposite side of the explosive alignment.

See the video below for Naryu Sanctuary 1st Boss, tanker POV:

There is a mini-boss: mechanical golem on your way to the 2nd boss. Kill the adds to prevent him from healing HP. The stomp attack of the golem will produce a spreading circle. Jump over the circle to avoid getting damage or simply use a damage resist skill. When the boss is about to die, he will use 5 x of this Stomp Circle continuously.

2nd Boss: Agony
HP: 219,000,000

Agony is the easiest boss among the 3 bosses in Naryu Sanctuary. Despite his high HP, most of the damage done to him is by throwing the lightning rod (to be explained below).

Lightning Rods 

Upon reaching 96%, 66% and 36% HP, Agony will jump to the middle and use 2 x scattered laser beams (aoe) at the furthest party member, followed by lightning zap (aimed at the furthest member only).  The marker/target need to stand near one of the 12 lightning rods around the edge of the field.

The lightning will spread towards the left-hand side of the marker, to the 4 lightning rods. After that, the boss will jump on the furthest party members. At this time, the other party members can pull up the charged lightning rod and throw at the boss to deal 2 million damage to it.

The boss will again jump to middle to use 2 x laser beams > lightning zap again. Another marker need to go the adjacent set of lightning rod, so that another 4 lightning rods will be charged up by the lightning zap. The other party members pick up the lightning rods and throw at the boss again.

Subsequently, the next marker lure the lightning zap and charge up the remaining 4 lightning rods.  This time, instead of jumping, Agony will charge toward the tanker. Someone need to block the boss in its path to stop it.  The boss will be weaken and can be lifted. Finally, the boss will end this lightning rod phase with an AOE lightning burst, which can be resisted.

Stage 3 – Aman
HP: 111,600,000

Aman has the lowest HP among the 3 bosses. However,The final stage of Naryu Sanctuary involves handling the hardest marking mechanics in Blade & Soul.

The normal attack sequence of Aman is rather predictable:

Arm Swing: left and right arm swing, frontal AOE

Cross Strike: Cross-shaped AOE, induce knockdown

Circle of Light: Inner circle > Outer circle > Inner circle, induce float.

Laser Beam: Long linear aoe in front and behind the boss, induce knockback.

Frontal Daze: long rectangular AOE, induce daze status, can be cc-ed.

After casting these skills, the boss either repeats the skill cycle again or teleport to the furthest target and cast:

Dark Pits: form alot of dark pits around himself, followed by outer ring.

Spikes: spinning and shooting projectiles to party members.

During the battle, Darkness debuff is stacked on party members when you are hit by any boss skill. The debuff induces damage over time. When the Darkness debuff reaches 25 stacks, the target will be binded for 10 sec.

The darkness debuff can be cleared by knocking down the boss. When the boss wake up, he will cast a flash bang to clear the debuff. However, you need to turn your back to the boss (not facing the boss) during the flash. 

Finding Marker: HP 76%, 51%, 26%, 15%

At HP 76%, 51%, 26%, 15%, the special attack mode of Aman will be triggered. The boss jump back to the middle and a large circle of light is generated around the boss. Stay only within the lit up area.

One of the party member is marked and he will be the one inducing Darkness debuff to 16m around himself rapidly. However, unlike other marking mechanics in other dungeons, no visual effect is shown on the marker (hidden marker). There are many ways to look for the marker. I merely explain a few of them to illustrate how it can be done.

Method 1: Buff stacking inspection – 5 man 

When the boss teleport to the middle, the party members (labeled #1 ~ #5) stand in the position shown in the figure above.

If #1 is the marker, the Darkness debuff stack on #2,4,5 will be increased, while the Darkness debuff on #3 will not increase. The distance between #1 and #3 is approximately 18m, which is out of the range of poison stacking. Party member #3 will need to tell #1 that he is the marker.

Similarly, if #2, #3 or #4 is the marker, the party member standing at the far opposite end will be spared from poison stacking. That’s how the party members identify which is the hidden marker.

If #5 is the marker, all the 4 party members at the circumference will have poison stacking.

The marker identification would be even easier in a 4-man party.

In a 6-man party, instead of checking the buff stacking, one can assign the 6th party member to stand at 5m from the boss and he will never be marked. He can act the observer to inspect the 4 faces. See method 3 (and video below) for more details on how to do this.

Method 2: Buff stacking inspection – 6 man 

This method is the most complicated and hardly adopted. When the boss teleport to the middle, the party members (labeled 1 ~ 6) stand in the position shown in the figure above.

If #1 is the marker, all party members will have their Darkness debuff stacking, except for #3.

This configuration looks almost the same as the position for the 5-man party, except for party member #6.

If #6 is the marker, the Darkness debuff on BOTH #2 and #3 will not be stacked.

The patterns on the floor serves as the position guide!

Method 3: Face Inspection

This method is fast becoming the mainstream method in BnS China. There are 4 face-like devices at the edges of the room. These faces will turn towards the marker during the special attack mode. For BnS CN, ALL the 4 faces will turn towards the marker.

For BnS KR, the mechanics is slightly more complicated because 4/3/2/2 faces will be turning towards the marker at 76%/51%/26%/15% respectively.

There is another interesting property of the marking mechanics: the marker can only be the closest person (<1m) or the furthest person (>5m). 

Therefore, at HP 77 ~ 78%, try to fight the boss at the inner rim of flower-like pattern on the floor, ~5m from the center. Party member #6 is a ranged class which is standing at the outer circular rim.

Before reaching 76%, party member #5 quickly moves to the opposite end of #6 while #1 move to the middle (need to use i-frame to resist the damage when the boss jump to the middle). The other party members (2 ~ 4) just stay at within the flower rim and they will not be marked (~5m from center).

The potential candidate for markers can only be #1, #5 or #6. Since they are so far apart, it is very easy to tell which of them is the marker by simply observing the 4 faces on the wall. The 4 faces will be pointing towards one of the 3 potential candidates.

Take note that, the inspection of face  can also be applied to the 5-man position in method 1 (4 members at 4 corners, 1 at center, 1 at 5m) as well. Instead of inspecting buff stacking, one just inspect the face direction (see video below).

Subsequently, the boss will meditate and the wheel will start turning around him, each turn generates ~4% of HP and induces dark lines on the ground. If the wheel turn 3 times, it will result in party wipe. Use knockdown on the boss, turn your back to avoid the flash effect and dispel Darkness debuff. 

At this moment, 2 small circular zones will appear at the edge of the room, in the directions pointed by the 2 arrows on the floor. All party members except the marker need to move in to the Light zone (1 o’clock) first. When all members are in the Light Zone, the marker moves into the Dark Zone (4 o’clock). 

After the marker goes into the Dark Zone, the whole field will turn black. At this moment, all party members need to cc the boss with stun / daze immediately (or else the marker dies, resulting in party wipe).

Finally, the boss will perform a 5-hit whole field aoe attack (can be resisted with ice prison of Force Master). This concludes the special attack mode.

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Credits: Special thanks to chaose5 for this guide.