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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Dark Matter Camo Tips and Tricks

A couple of tips and tricks to help you on your way towards getting that elusive 'Dark Matter' camo! Includes preserving kill streaks after death, useful attachments and more.


Hey everyone. Someone finally got around to unlocking the 'Dark Matter' camo recently in Black Ops 3 and thought here's a couple of tips in hopes that can help some other people work towards unlocking it too. Below will detail a couple of tricks, exploits and tips that might help you achieve some of the tougher camos required to get diamond and ultimately, dark matter. 

Tips & Tricks


High Caliber:
The high caliber attachment is incredibly useful for getting assault rifle headshots and pistol headshots. These are the only weapon classes the attachment is avalible for however. Basically the high caliber attachment increases the damage multiplier on a headshot from a 10% damage increase, to a 60% damage increase. This can help a lot with the lower range assault rifles as it will increase the chance of you getting those headshots even after damage falloff at range. 

Additional note that for the Sheiva you actually get an 80% damage bonus on a headshot, making it a one shot, headshot at close/medium ranges. I'd definitely advise it for the Sheiva but all the rifles benefit from it.

Long Barrel:
This attachment mainly finds it's use on the assault rifles, as it doubles your range, meaning you can maintain the 2-3 shot, headshot kills at longer ranges and maintain a 1 shot headshot on hardcore modes at extremely long ranges, making it an amazing attachment when combined with high caliber. It is however quite useful on the Brecci and Haymaker as it extends the shotgun's max range by 13%, so you can spray just above their heads at long range for easy headshots. 

Having some stability on your gun helps a lot for little bursts and taps at longer ranges and longer bursts at medium. So the grip and/or the stock work pretty well to give you that increased accuracy.


Stun/Shock Charge:
This one is pretty obvious but stun grenades and shock charges slow your enemies down significantly, resulting in what is basically a free headshot, so if you're having trouble lining up shots on some maps then these pieces of equipment could be pretty helpful. 


There aren't too many perks I found 100% nessassary to use while getting headshots however tracker did prove pretty useful, it serves as a somewhat 'pre-fire' kind of method. You can follow the trail and get a quicker target and subsiquent headshot (hopefully).

Dead Silence
A pretty useful perk for getting free headshots on oblivious enemies as you don't make noise when running behind them.

For me this is the only other perk that really qualifies as being useful for getting dark matter. Being able to predict where people are coming from does make it easier to line up headshots, so if you're struggling for a perk to choose, consider this one.


Nomad, Rejack:
This is one of the few worth mentioning as it makes getting the chameleon camo a lot easier. The way this works is that is if you're on an 'x' kill streak and you die, if you then rejack, your gun killstreak isn't reset. So let's say you're on a 2 kill streak, you die, rejack and get another 3 and that will count towards one of the 5 bloodthirsty medals required to get chameleon.

Firebreak, Heatwave:
Firebreak's 'Heatwave' ability acts as a large radius AoE stun, so if you're caught off guard you can pop it and use this time to easily line up a headshot without having to worry about their fire too. Just keep in mind, moving to the side or behind them is your best bet to avoid being killed. 

Honestly there aren't really many other abilities that give you a really big advantage. They all have their quirks really, just use whatever you enjoy using to get the kills, I quite like kinetic armour and active camo. Obviously you want to maximise headshots so I'd advise against using specialist weapons. 

Game Modes:

Hardcore TDM/DOM:
This one is pretty obvious, high bullet damage, 1 shot headshot galore. I used these 2 modes to farm up headshots almost exclusively for some weapon classes. ARs and LMGs mainly. You can go core for a lot of the gun classes if you choose, like shotguns and snipers etc. 

Hardcore/Core Free For All:
I know a few people who used this game mode to get dark matter. Lots of enemies to kill who won't always be shooting at you. While I never used it much, do give it a shot. 

Core/Hardcore Kill Confirmed:
One of the reasons I mention this one is that the games can go on for absolutely ages, meaning you spend more time headshooting than sitting in a lobby.

So there's a couple of tips and tricks that hopefully might help you get those camos. 

Below I'll list a sort of example class that I used to great effect. 

Long Barrel, High Caliber, Stock
Blind Eye, Tracker, Fast Hands, Awareness
Primary Gunfighter 1
Perk 2 Greed

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