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Blade and Soul Online CN February Update: INFINITY TOWER, NEW UPGRADE OPTION FOR S2.5

Blade & Soul CN will be releasing new contents on 25th Feb 2016, including Infinity Tower, new pets, new charms, new upgrade option for S2.5 weapons etc

Infinity Tower

Infinity Tower is a solo instance with 100 floors. A random NPC opponent awaits at each floor. The preliminary details has been explained by the previous update note for BNS KR.

You can get up to 3 entry tickets per day. The time limit for each floor is 4 minutes. Although you start at the 1st floor, you will advance to a higher floor if you kill the enemy in a shorter time.

Your HP will be fully healed before proceeding up to the next floor. All the status debuff or skill effect from equipment will be reset upon moving to the next floor. Furthermore, you are allowed to select 1 of the 3 additional skill to aid you in battle.

The rewards for infinity tower include 2 new types of charms (divine plates) for each class. Charms are new equipment introduced last month along with the release of Mushin Tower F20. It does not grant any status but add additional skill effect.

With the release of these 2 new charms, there are a total of 4 charms for each class.

NOTE: the names of the charms are too fancy to be translated to English; i will just replace them with numbers ]

Blade Master
#3: When Soaring Falcon Stage 2,3 hits enemies for the 1st time, resist damage and abnormal status for 1.5 sec
#4: Flash Step (F) induces 1 sec stun upon hit (cannot combo with other cc skill)

Kungfu Master
#3: Casting Comet Strike (4) allows you to resist Stun, Daze, Knockdown and Knockback for 1 sec.
#4: Casting Tremor (4) allows you to resist damage and abnormal status for 1 sec.

#3: Increase grab/choke (F) duration by 2 sec
#4: Increase movement speed by 20% when Typhoon (Q) hits.

Force Master
#3: Recover 20%HP upon casting Frost Armor (TAB)
#4: Frost Nova (3) induces Ice Prison on target for 8 sec.

#3: Resist damage and abnormal status for 1 sec and recover 5% HP upon resisting with Shadow Dance, Sidestep Left (Q)
#4: Lightning Strike (RB) induces Knockdown on target, 3 sec after it hits (cannot combo with other cc skill).

#3: When resisting with True Friend (X) Stage 2, reset the CD of Beckon (E).

Skill Changes
The skill changes for various classes have been synchronized with the korean version.

New Upgrade Option for S2.5 Weapons
Previously, many players complained that the success rate for S2.5 and storm weapons level 8 > 12 is too low. Now, a new options with 100% success rate is added.

It requires nearly 4 times the materials and cost as compared to the ordinary upgrade:

500 Spirit Stone
150 Moonstone
40 Silverfrost Evolve Stone
60 Nebula Shards
40 Weapon Soul
100 Advanced Weapon Relic (cash shop item)

Blessed S1 Evolve Stone Shards
Clearing the daily quest for Tower of Memory and Shooting Range gives 1 Blessed S1 Evolve Stone Shard each. Collect 20 x of the shards and you can make 1 Advanced S1 Evolve Stone, which 100% converts your S1 into Blessed prefix.

Forgotten Tomb Boss Mechanics Changes
Major changes for the boss mechanics have been applied to Forgotten Tomb.

2nd Boss
* The red robots can be disabled with just 1 cc skill
* When the boss hovers in the air, the 3 blue robots are spawned simultaneously
.* The total amount of electric blast/ball during the hovering phase is reduced from 9 times to 6 times.
* The boss can be shot down from the air after stacking 5 x of supercharged current debuff instead of 7 x
* The charged-up shield throw deals higher damage.

Final Boss
* The electric ball induces “minor electrostatic” buff upon contact with players. Touching the electric ball twice will not cause death anymore.
* Having 2 x minor electrostatic convert it to the original electric buff.
* When you have 1 x electric buff, getting another 1 x minor electrostatic buff will not kill you.

New Pets 
2 new pets are added: Jasmine and Moon Bear. Jasmine is actually one of the ring genie in Blade & Soul Mobile.

Blade & Soul Mobile Event
Blade & Soul Mobile (China server) is expected to be released in early Mar 2016. A few events which is linked to Blade & Soul CN have been revealed.

A new costume will be given for free if you play Blade & Soul Mobile.

If you have been spending money in Blade & Soul CN before 31st Dec 2015, you will be given some diamond (cash point equivalent) in the mobile game. I will be sharing more information for Blade & Soul Mobile after it has been released next month.

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