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Ubisoft Explains How "The Division" Differs From Bungie's Destiny

Since E3 2013, there have been a number of new games to release for the first time and among them is Destiny. The game has inspired developers to rethink how a shooter came be made and for the upcoming open-world game Tom Clancy's The Division, parallels have been drawn between the two titles.

The Tom Clancy's series has always been known for maintaining a strong sense of reality and realism, and that is something Ubisoft is continuing with The Division. Ubisoft's Martin Hultberg spoke about what separates Tom Clancy's The Division from a game like Destiny.

"The fact that our scenario is grounded in reality, an actual ‘what if’ scenario, sets us apart from most other games. We have no aliens, no zombies or strange monsters running about. The Division is based on a real threat, a clear and present danger to our society," Hultberg told GamesTM.

A game can feature elements that seem to be of a science fiction nature, though they aren't really science fiction. The Division has some notions of that within the setting, a post-pandemic world, but much like other Clancy games, this one will also be loaded with a heavy dose of reality.

So many television shows and films are inspired by the end of the world, and it is an interesting question to ask, what would happen if we reached the end? Hultberg spoke about this and some of the areas we see the end of the world contemplated.

"Mankind has always been fascinated by disasters and the end times, since as far back as we have recorded history. [The end] is in religious texts, it is told as legends… Severe disasters are historic fact and there are countless books on the subject. Humans are set apart from other animals in that we can see patterns over time, we can speculate and we can theorize. It is probably part of human nature – to speculate on the subject of our own demise," Hultberg said.

It's human nature that when we don't know what something is that we try our hardest to compare it to something else, and that gives us the perspective we need. While Tom Clancy's The Division may be similar to a game like Destiny, there's also the distinct possibility that the game is just something new and different, something unlike Activision's shooter.

Ubisoft will be releasing Tom Clancy's The Division on March 8 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. It will have been nearly three years since the title was originally revealed at E3 2013.

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