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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Cheat Sheet (Everything You Need to Know About the Game)

Everything you NEED to know, nothing else.

This guide contains everything that makes siege different from other FPS games. Read other guides for how to play tactical FPS games if you don't know.

The "Attackers" and "Defenders" sections should be read by everyone. The operator sections should be referenced as you acquire new operators, and not read all at once.

  • Breachable Surface: anything that can be destroyed with a standard breaching charge.
  • Reinforced Wall: A wall that has been strenghthened by the Defenders. It will have red Xes on it.
  • Barriacde: A window or door that has been closed so that attackers cannot see inside.
  • Roamer: A defender that is not in the objective room. Roaming is an advanced tactic that will not be covered in this guide
  • Walking infront of your teammates line of fire is a great way to get shot.
  • If you go down, crawl behind something so your teammates can revive you.
  • If your teammate goes down, make sure you have another teammate covering you before attempting to revive. Players will often used downed enemies as bait.
  • The "YOU ARE SPOTTED" message means there is a camera nearby, it will likely be glowing red.
  • If there is a red stick coming out of a door or window, the other side has a tripwire mine. You will die if you step on it.
  • There is a gap under the barricaded door, if you stand infront of it enemies may shoot your feet.
  • The beeping noise is C4, you should run.
  • The static noise is a jammer, you will not be able to detonate breaching charges near it.
  • Beware of roamers that will try to sneak up behind you. Using drones to search for roamers is an effective way to not be caught off guard.
  • The drone that you pilot during the Preperation Phase can be picked up during the Action Phase, allowing you to carry two drones.
  • Hold F on weak walls to place a reinforce barricade. You get 2.
  • Always place your reinforce barricades before the preperation time ends.
  • Always pick up armor from the bag if your teammate places it.
  • The "YOU ARE SPOTTED" message means a drone has spotted you, find and shoot it.
  • Standing near breachable walls is a great way to get shot or blown up.
  • Beware of ceiling hatches. They can be reinforced from the floor above.
  • The "pop pop pop" noise is a cluster charge, it will spit grenades into the room. You should run away from it.
  • Enemies with shields can be meleed to knock them back, leaving them vurnerable for a moment.
Attacking: SAS

  • Your hammer can destroy: Green barricades, tan barricades, barbed wire, and non-reinforced walls and floors.
  • Your hammer has 25 uses, smash holes in anything near the objective. The more holes they have to watch the less likely it is that they will be watching the one you look through.
  • If FUSE is on your team, let him use cluster charges before you start smashing.
  • The EMP grenades will destroy electronics in their range, even through reinforced walls.
  • Use the EMP grenades to destroy jammers near reinforced walls, then have thermite destroy them.
Attacking: FBI

  • The grenade launcher will destroy anything a breaching charge will.
  • Use it to knock down doors near the objective where enemies might try to shoot you through the door if you were to place a regular charge.
  • Use it to destroy murder holes enemies make in non-reinforced walls.
  • The thermite charge will destroy reinforced walls after a short delay.
  • Destroy walls that will allow you to shoot at enemies from different angles. This will make it difficult for them to hide from you.(dont put two charges on the same wall.)
  • Thermite is a VERY powerful tool, make sure you live to use it.
  • Beware of electrified walls, look for blue sparks coming off of them.
Attacking: GIGN

  • The shock drone has a taser, it will destroy enemy equipment at close range.
  • The taser does 10 damage to enemies.
  • Use the shock drone to destroy enemy equipment.(duh)
  • Use the shock drone to kill downed enemies
  • Use the shock drone to distract enemies so your teammates can shoot them in the back.
  • Don't shock enemies if your team isnt nearby to kill them. It will take 10 hits to down them by itself.
  • Extendable sheild will block all incoming bullets.
  • Stand infront of doorways and openings to draw fire.
  • Use the mark key (Z) to tell your teammates where enemies are.
  • Avoid strafing while your teammates are trying to shoot past you.
  • Beware enemies trying to throw C4 at you.
Attacking: Spetsnaz

  • Try to engage enemies from outside.
  • Ask your teammates to open windows and walls that will allow you to see better.
  • Look under doorways and shoot enemies' feet. The farther away from the door you are the better you will be able to see.
  • Cluster charges launch 6 grenades into the room.
  • Cluster charges can be placed on any breachable surface.
  • Use drones to find out where enemies are hiding
  • Place cluster charges near them to flush them out.
  • Have your teammates ready to shoot enemies that run away from your cluster charges.
Attacking: GSG9

  • Go in first.
  • Make sure teammates are behind you.
  • Use the mark key (Z) to tell teammates where enemies are.
  • If enemies get close, flash them and then shoot them in the face.
  • The electronics detector will spot both enemy and friendly gadgets, as well as cameras.
  • Use it to shoot enemy C4/Gadgets through walls and barricades.
Defending: SAS

-The gas charges will quickly drain enemy health while they remain in the cloud.
-The gas will harm your teammates/the hostage.
-The gas will not harm you.
-Use the gas to force enemies to flee, then shoot them in the back.

  • The jammers have a radius that is projected when placing them.
  • The jammers will prevent enemies from detonating breaching charges.
  • The jammers will prevent enemies from controling drones.
  • Skilled drone users will be able to jump over your jammers.
  • As soon as the round starts, begin placing jammers near entrances to the room. Start with the ones that are closest to the outside, as drones will attempt to come through them first.
  • Ask you teammates to barricade the entrances when the round starts, this will prevent drones from jumping your jammers.
  • When the prep phase is over, collect your jammers.
  • Place your jammers near reinforced walls to prevent thermite from destroying them.
  • Place your jammers near windows to prevent cluster charges from being detonated.
  • Do not place your jammers near doors or non-reinforced walls. Enemies will shoot them through the wall/door.
Defending: FBI

  • You have 3 special barricades that are bulletproof.
  • Place them on doors, then watch the gap under them. Shoot enemies in the feet when they try to place breach charges.
  • Placing them on windows can be useful, as enemies will not be able to break them quietly. However, enemies will be able to place charges on them without you being able to shoot them.
  • The heartbeat sensor will detect enemies through walls.
  • Use it to tell when enemies are placeing breaching charges on windows, then shoot them through the barricade.
Defending: GIGN

  • The syringe gun will instantly revive downed players and yourself.
  • Try to stay back and let your teammates be the ones to get shot.
  • Drop the armor bag as soon as the round starts. Place it near a "drone hole" to block drones out.
  • Remind you teammates to grab armor.
  • Enemies can steal your armor, so you should destroy the bag if your 'special' teammates don't grab their armor.
Defending: Spetsnaz

  • You have 3 traps that can go on doorways or windows.
  • Place traps where enemies are likely to break down the barricade without paying attention. The best places for this are usualy building entrances, as they are already barricaded and often rushed through.
  • Don't let drones see where you place your traps.
  • Place the LMG where enemies cannot get behind you.
  • Place barbed wire near your killzone, this will prevent enemies from poping in and out of cover.
  • Don't stay on the LMG if there are too many entry points for you to cover.
  • Do not put shields infront of the LMG, it cannot see over them.
Defending: GSG9

  • The ADS can be mounted on floors and walls.
  • It can destroy 2 grenades before it must recharge
  • It can destroy EMP and Cluster grenades.
  • Place them facing where grenades are likely to be thrown. (Grenades are most often thrown at about eye-level)
  • Place them out of sight of windows and doors, enemies will shoot them if they see them.
  • Placing them high up will prevent them from being destroyed by cluster charges.
  • Bandit can place his batteries on reinforced walls, barbed wire, and ballistic shields.
  • The attached object will become electrified and damage enemies that it comes in contact with.
  • The attached object will destroy all gadgets, friendly and enemy.
  • The attached object will kill the hostage if it is close enough.
  • Electrify barbed wire to destroy drones in the preperation phase.
  • Electrify reinforced barriers to prevent thermite from destroying them.
  • Electrify barbed wire under ceiling entries, enemies may drop down and get zapped.
  • If you think thermite may be placing a charge on a wall, electrify it and the charge will be destroyed.
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Credits: Special thanks to Bismark for this guide.