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First Destiny TTK Event-Based Update Could Be Called "The Dawning"

Destiny has proven to be one of the best games released in the past couple of years and developer Bungie has been keeping players pretty happy by regularly releasing DLC and event-focused content to ensure that they have enough to do in the Destiny world. It hasn’t confirmed plans for 2016 as yet but the developer did say that players should expect more event-focused content in the coming year. If recent hints are to be believed the first Destiny 2016 event might be called “The Dawning.”

We are well and truly in 2016 now so it should only be a while until Bungie is out with more details about its plans for Destiny this year. It has already promised that new content and new events will be available for Destiny in the new year though that doesn’t mean Bungie has an expansion planned for the title in the near future.

As far as the new event goes it has been spotted in an email Bungie sent out recently about free Emblem, Motes and Coins that it mentioned “Days of Dawning.” Moreover, the title’s database was recently updated with several items that look like letters and notes, and are referred to as “The Dawning.”

This is pure speculation right now but there’s the possibility that it may turn out to be true. Bungie has said that the first event of 2016 is going to be similar in size to the Festival of Lost and that the second event for this year is going to be the biggest it has come up with yet.

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Source: vg247