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Fallout 4: How to Be a Sneaky Sniper in the Game (The Stealth Sniper Build)

Stealth Sniper Build

VATS is the stand-out feature in Fallout 4’s combat system and you would be wise to exploit it. Not just wise, but thoroughly entertained. Unless the idea of slow-mo .50-caliber decapitations isn’t entertaining to you, in which case you should find another game. Because exploiting VATs for all its worth, combined with some key stealth perks, will turn you into a lethal shadow cast across the wasteland. First, your starting stats: 







LUCK - 2 

High perception and high agility will give you greater accuracy in VATS, more shots to take too. Plus the agility will make you harder to detect while sneaking. Of course, the perks are what really help this build get going. Here’s what you want to invest in early. 

Perception Perks:

Rifleman - Non-automatic rifles do 20% more damage, then increase by 20% with each level. There are a lot of non-automatic rifles in the game and many of them use high caliber bullets. Plus, rifles have excellent range which allows you to hide far away and use VATS to target headshots or, even better, manually aim those shots and get bonus damage while sneaking. 

Sniper - The first level increases the length of time you can hold your breath while targeting, which reduces the jumpiness of your crosshairs while aiming. The second level adds a chance to knock enemies down, which may not seem too useful until you encounter aggressive melee attackers or super mutant suicide bombers, both of which charge at you and deal heavy damage up close. Being able to knock targets down buys you time to focus on other threats, or you can just pump them full of lead while they recover on the ground. The third level really pays off, adding a 25% accuracy bonus to headshot in VATS. 

Awareness - A one-time perk, this analyzes each enemy in VATS and shows you their weaknesses. This is really important early in the game when ammo is scarce. Why dump tons of regular ammo into a foes who has pathetic energy resistance when a few well-timed laser shots will do? Avoid wasted ammo with trial-and-error combat and become a knowledgeable foe on the battlefield. 

Agility Perks:

Ninja: The most important perk for stealth sniper builds, Ninja perk adds 2.5x damage to ranged sneak attacks at first, then does 3x and then 3.5x. If you incorporate melee this perk really pays off, adding 10x damage to sneak attacks at max level. 

Mister Sandman: Instantly kill sleeping enemies, which will include a lot of feral ghouls that look like corpses on the floor. It also adds 15% more damage to silenced weapons during a sneak attack. Level two adds 30% more sneak damage and level three does 50% more. Add that to your ninja bonuses and you can see why this build becomes a late-game powerhouse. 

Sneak: Obviously you need to sneak if you want to be stealthy. Get a 20% bonus to sneak on the first level, but the real benefits come at levels two and three, which grant immunity to floor-based mines and traps while sneaking. The first time a landmine ruins a perfect run through an enemy lair you’ll realize why you need this perk. 

Luck Perks:

Bloody Mess - Not only does this result in awesome gore-tastic explosions it adds 10% more damage at level two and 15% more at level three. 

Intelligence Perks:

Gun Nut - Get to level two on this perk as fast as you can because it’s what allows you to build silencers for your weapons, a key component of being a lethal ghost in Fallout 4.

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Credits: Special thanks to Stevatt for this guide.