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Fallout 4 Guide: How to Get Peace Between Brotherhood, Minutemen and Railroad

This guide shows you how to get the ending where there is peace between The Brotherhood, Railroad and Minutemen.

Step 1
Before Completing "Reunions" complete all of these main quests:
  • War Never Changes
  • Out of Time
  • When Freedom Calls
  • Jewel of the Commonwealth
  • Unlikely Valentine
  • Getting a Clue
Then complete all the Brotherhood of Steel's recon team's quests. Do the quest "The Lost Patrol" and convince Brandis to return to the Brotherhood. (I think this might be optional, but I'm not sure)

Step 2
Do all the minutemen quests up to "Taking independence", this will give you the castle.
After doing all those quests, complete "Reunions" and "Dangerous Minds"

Step 3
DO NOT do either of these quests: "Tradecraft" and "Shadow of Steel".
Continue down the Minutemen questline, completing these quests:
  • Old Guns
  • Inside Job

After gaining access to the Institute, I suggest you get banished right away after talking to Father, you can complete "Institutionalized" if you like, but you will need to get kicked out right away by attacking someone. Do not talk to Father after completing "Institutionalized", just leave.

Step 4
You should have the quests "Form Ranks" and "Defend the Castle" DO NOT start these quests yet, don't even go to the Castle.

Complete all the quests for the Brotherhood before "Show no Mercy", do not start the quest. This means you should have these Brotherhood quests completed:
  • Semper Invicta
  • Shadow of Steel
  • Tour of Duty
Step 5
Compete "Form Ranks" and "Defend the Castle for the Minutemen. 

Complete all these quests for the Railroad:
  • Road to Freedom
  • Tradecraft
  • Underground Undercover
  • Burning Cover
Then complete "The Nuclear Option" with the Minutemen and that's it!

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Credits: Special thanks to Outsider for this guide.