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Fallout 4 Custom Companion Creation Guide (No Mods Required)

Bored of your old comapanion? Wanted a new one, but seen all allready? If yes, then you found the right guide! (Small bonus: Build yourself a home anywhere you want.)

Preparing the companion.

This step makes your companion follow you and listen to your orders.

1. Get the NPC you want as your new companion.
2. Open the console
3. Click at that NPC
4. Type "Stopcombat"
5. For more loyality to you, type "removefromallfactions"
6. Type "setconsolescopequest followers"
7. Type "Forcerefintoalias dogmeatcompanion"
8. Type "Setrelationshiprank player 4"
9. Type "Setplayerteammate 1"

Done, your companion is ready. But if you want your companion get better (For example, stop attacking thoose settlers) follow the next steps.

Making the companion more loyal and less aggresive.

This will prevent you companion from: running away, attacking settlers/DC guards and not helping you in fight.

1. Open Console
2. Select your companion
3. Type (If your companion fights with someone that isnt hostile to you) "Stopcombat"
4. Type "Setav 2bc 1"
5. Type "Setav 2bd 4"
6. Type "Setav 2c1 2"

Done, your companion will be more loyal to you now!

Changing the face and posture of your companion


1. Take off any headwear of your companion
2. Open console
3. Select your companion
4. Type "Showlooksmenu"
5. Change the look of your companion

This will let you make your human companion get a new look!

Preventing your companion from dying.

This will make you feel safe about your companion:

For non-unique NPCs (Yao Guai, Deathclaw, Molerat etc.)
1. Open console
2. Select your companion
3. Type "sethealth 1000000"

For unique NPCs (All named NPCs and few unnamed)
1. Open console
2. Find your companion's ID
3. Type Setessential (NPC ID) 1

Now your companion wont die!

Stoping your companion's fight with you/non-hostile NPC

This short step will make your companion stop fighting with you after you hit him.

1. Open console
2. Select your companion
3. Type "stopcombat"

Making your companion stop following you.

Got tired of your companion but dont want to disable it? Follow the Next steps!

1. Open console
2. Click on you companion and write down his ref (the numbers and letters at the top of console menu like: 0001cf3d[EP] (Dont write [EP] or [PP]!))
3. Type "setconsolescopequest followers"
4. Type "emtyrefalias dogmeatcompanion"

And this is how to get your companion back!

1. Open console
2. Type "prid (Companion's REF)"
3. Type "Moveto player"
4. Type "setconsolescopequest followers"
5. Type "forcerefintoalias dogmeatcompanion"

+Bonus! Build yourself a house anywhere!+

This short step will show you how to build ANYWHERE!

If you are near any location and that location is marked as "Cleared"

1.Open console
2.Type "Player.placeatme c1aeb"
3.Close console and activate the workshop you spawned

If you arent near any location or the location you are near isnt marked as "Cleared"

1.Open Console
2.Type "Player.placeatme c1aeb"
3.Type "TGM"
4. Hold V
(Repeat 1., 3. and 4. everytime you want to build!)

Done! Enjoy your new House!
(You will not be able to have any settlers and you wont be able to move fast travel point, remeber that!)

Bonus informations about custom companions

1. You can use traders as companions. Just select "talk" while being close and talking to him.
2. If your companion has a problem with an limb, open console, select him and type "resurrect". This SHOULD fix the problem
3. You can spawn your wife/husband and use him/her as a companion. Just type "Help Nora 4" to get your wife's ID or, if you are a female, type "Help Nate 4" to find your husband's ID.

Known Issues

Your character might react to your companion as he (your companion) would be a Dogmeat. That's becuse Dogmeat alias was used to make him follow you.

(Not Verified) Sometimes when using a settler as a companion might make him scream as he would be hurt.

If you will have any issues with your companions created that way, tell me what are those and how you got them, and i will write them down here and try to find solutions for them.

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Credits: Special thanks to Pieniadz and Vadnais for this guide.