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Fallout 4 Concord City Loot Location Guide (14 Spot You Should Look For Loot)

Concord, the first big location to visit and to loot in Fallout 4. 
it is a big city, and a safe city too, if we skip the main quest plot. 
It's not mandatory to enter in any fights to just loot Concord City (except the interior of the Museum building). 

The guide, like every game guide, has some SPOILERs. 

Technically, Concord covers two maps:

- Concord City, very big open area with +30 buidings/houses and three independent map/cell areas (sewers, speakeasy, workhouse).

- Museum of Freedom, a building with its own and unique map/cell. 

Observe that the roof of the Museum of Freedom is part of the big Concord City map. This can have some importance as explained at the end of the guide. 

1. HOUSE 1
First building at the right you find, when coming from Red Rocket.
- Advanced Lock.
- Nuka Cola Quantum in the fridge.
- Some average loot.

2. HOUSE 2
If we turn left when entering in Concord, we find this one. A ruined blue van is in front of the house.
- Beginner Lock.
- Some average loot.

3. HOUSE 3
The house further east in Concord.
- Raider corpse on the second floor. 
- Sniper Rifle (pipe), next to the corpse.

4. HOUSE 4
The house is locked (not lootable).
- Minutemen corpse outside, in the garden with the fences, the table, the chair... The outfit of the corpse varies, but sometimes we can get one of the appreciated minutemen outfits here.
- 15 cells, next to the corpse.

In one corner of the main street of Concord.
- Expert Lock.
- Three containers with loot, ammo mostly.

In front of the drugs shop.
- Average loot.

In the main street, at the corner in front of the Museum.
ATTENTION! When entering in this shop, Preston will notice us, and the main quest line will advance...
- Some average loot inside, nothing impresive.

On the outskirts of Concord, at the south.
Different NPCs may show in the place.
- Sometimes friendly named NPCs.
- Sometimes raiders (3).
- Sometime gunners (3, one of them, high-level)
- Sometimes just corpses....
What is always there:
- Corpses (2/5)
- Average loot.
- Usable cooking station.

The building has two floor entrances.
- Advanced lock.
- Green military bag.
- Average loot.

In the main street of Concord.
- Advanced lock on the first floor.
- Advanced lock on the second floor. 
- Lunchbox
- Two units of X-Cell
- Two units of Day Tripper
These two drugs are very rare to find, and good to own soon, especially to boost +5 our Charisma. They are compatible with Grape Mentats, (+5 CH too). Joining these three drugs with one beer and some common CH bonus clothes we can pass from CH 1 to CH 16... to absolutely improve (x8 value) our buy/sell prices in a big trade session.

The area has three entrances:
- A floor-door Behind the Pulowski Preservation Shelter. (in map and picture)
- A floor-door In a small passage.
- A hole In the Deathclaw's entrance (only available after the event).
The place has multiple spots with small loot. Some notable:
- Raider corpse with caps and five drugs close to it.
- Fusion Core.
- Lunchboxes (2).
- Taboo Tattoos magazine, next to four containers with loot.

This area should be accessed via the door in the Museum when following the main quest plot, but it can be reached from the church's roof too. 
- power-armor
- minigun/ammo
- holotape
Note: to have a fusion core in the inventory is needed to take the power-armor.

Next to the Museum of Freedom.
The most relevant thing here is that you can reach the roof of the Museum from the roof of the church, jumping on the crashed vertibird structure to take the power-armor and the mini-gun with no need to receive the Museum of Freedom landmark, no need to interact with Preston Garvey and no need to activate the main quest line.
Loot in the church:
- Sniper Rifle.
- Expert Lock.

We don't need to talk to Preston Garvey, in order to take the cool loot in the Museum. We can enter in the Museum, to deal with a few raiders there (like 8) to go upstairs, to take the bobblehead, the mag, the power-armor, the minigun... and to leave, not saying a word.
Following this "independent" path we will skip the second wave of raiders and the Deathclaw. 
In any case, Preston Garvey and his group will stay in the Museum for ever waiting for us, in case we change our mind later.
I say this because a lot of users (like me) got tired of this Preston guy in our first playrun, his annoying friends, the infinite minutemen quests... other ways are viable! 
- Perception Bobblehead.
- Fusion Core (basement).
- Robco-Fun Magazine (on the table with the terminal).
- Laser Musket (in front of the museum door).
- One/two minutemen corpse/s and plenty of raider's corpses all over the area.

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Credits: Special thanks to B.O.S for this really helpful guide.