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Dragon Nest Level 90 PVE Smasher Build Guide

This Smasher guide is not meant to be followed in thoroughly, but it is to aid players and give them more insight. The template builds below are based more on my own gameplay and preference, whether you follow it or not it is your decision.

Skills are separated according to priority, core skills being the must max or keep at high level skills and optional skills are dependent on preference (either max learned at whatever level or just prereq your call), and finally an explanation on the skills not usually learned or used in PVE. The remaining SP you would notice if you follow the templates exactly are left to spend at your discretion, as I tend to leave it as is if there is nothing else important to learn.


” Condensing the energy of light, transforming it into a deadly weapon, destroying targets with utmost precision”

Smasher is the neutral longer ranged sub-specialization of the force user. Smasher still bears the disabling capability, but now she concentrates on using the power of the laser tree to deal damage, with both Force Mirror and Arcane to boost her damage output.

The template focuses on the neutral skills more for damage, the dark skills learned are more of fillers or utility, the remaining sp would either be spent on sorc passives or getting more filler dark skills

Sorceress Passives

Usually just all maxed out, but the critical passives there would be the increase max HP passive and the MP recovery passive. The increase max MP passive would be optional.

Core Skills:

Nine-Tail Laser 
One of Smasher’s usually used spells. Its fast casting time and low cd makes it good to be used under BT buff. Needs positioning to get full hits unless your target is large.

Force Mirror 
Although this skill actually damages now with the EX passive, its main use is still to apply the magic damage increase debuff on surrounding targets. This spell must be used as much as possible. The debuff lasts for approximately 20 secs if the target gets hit by all waves, since the debuff is applied per wave and lasts 10 sec.

Spectrum Shower 
The number 1 mainly spammed spell of the Smashers, its fast casting, medium high output, and wide AOE, plus the Instant trigger will make you use this skill all the time.

Beyond Time 
Another reason why Force Users are pretty powerful, makes boss clearing faster when all CD is reduced by 80% for the time being. Your main offense buff, but has quite long cd so timing this skill is crucial.

To raise your magic attack stat further, with the cost of more mp consumption, the consumption does not hurt much.

Laser Cutter 
The high damage and fast casting nature makes it a must use skill under the BT combo, downside of the skill is the time needed to complete the board damage, which usually the target would already be out of the aoe before the second laser begins to come back. Achieving the explosion hit is also quite difficult especially on mobile bosses, so just cast away, making sure that your target’s position will get the explosion hit and wish it stays there for a while.

Class Mastery I
Aka previously as Time Controller. Reduces 10% cooldown of all skills under the laser tree with the inclusion of Gravity Trap (Eraser not included). Although the effect is not much noticeable with short CD skills, this passive gives smasher a slightly better skill rotation capability especially under BT.

Class Mastery II
Aka Spectrum Shower EX Instant. Triggered by 2 spells, Spectrum Shower and Force Wave, although Spectrum Shower can reset the CD. So usually you would use Force Wave first before using Spectrum Shower. Double trigger is very possible for this skill, though unsure if this is more of a bug or not as usually casting it twice in a row wont make it deal any damage.

Optional Skills:

Mostly as an escape spell, and for faster travel time, maxing this is optional plus plate for more mobility and I-frame.

Force Wave
For triggering Spectrum Shower Instant, but no need for maxing out.

Wheeling Staff
This is also a viable choice over Poison Missile or Void Blast, as this is neutral, with quite higher board damage. Since poison missile/void blast is dark, wheeling staff would be the better option more so if you are going for elemental conversion except if you are going Dark, then its still Void Blast/Poison Missile

Void Blast
Filler spell, your primary option if you would be using dark conversion, with its fast casting time, also for stalling enemies, can change to Void Blast if PM is not into your liking, since Void Blast actually does more but less utility.

Time Dodge
Another utility spell to un-flinch yourself, or keeping yourself from getting floored, however if you are flipped in air or already kissing the ground this cannot be used.

Triple Orbs, Gravity Blast, Blackhole 
Mostly as filler spells, Triple Orbs usually being the most preferred to max from the dark tree if you want a decent filler.

If you want a long range SA breaking skill for utility, the long casting time and long cd puts it at a disadvantage, or another mob clearing spell.

Linear Ray
The added casting time to charge the skill can be a disadvantage, but its makes it up for the longer range with a fully charged linear ray, but you can also insta-cast it if you do not have the luxury of charging it. Does decent damage so its a pretty good filler.

Force Shield 
As tempting as the big magic damage increase and the damage reduction this spell offers, its activation rate is quite a big let down, being its too variable, and most of the time you will try not getting hit by anything. This also cancels any skill you are casting when it activates. Mostly for prereq.

Time Stop and Gravity Trap 
The disabling capabilities of these spells are limited, as bosses are usually immune, but great for mob control so they dont interrupt you casting skills especially spectrum shower. Time Stop is more preferred over Gravity Trap if you want a disabling spell.

You can use this skill to protect yourself from high damage while being able to do damage, but has low SA, can choose meteor if you want more damage or you are using dark conversion.

Gravity Ascension, Gravity Spark 
Has little useage, so left out mostly

Gameplay Overview
Smashers can stay from melee to long range, since her skill base has varying ranges, but she usually abuses Class Mastery II trigger so she stays close to her target. Mirror and Ninetail Laser are used before using her other spells. Her combo under Beyond Time varies with situation, but usually use Spectrum Shower + instant trigger, Laser Cutter, Ninetail Laser and Linear Ray in succession after applying debuffs.

Gear Suggestions

Skill Plates:

Choice of skill plates from below depending on what you usually use:

Arcane – 20% damage plate (priority plate since this will raise the matk buff of arcane)
Linear Ray – 20% damage
Nine Tail Laser – 20% damage
Spectrum Shower – 20% damage
Laser Cutter – 20% damage
Beyond Time – -20% CD
Teleport – -20% CD

Stat Enhancement Plates

Intellect, Wind, Magician, Health, Life Vitality, Fatal as main options
Ultimate if you have a bit of FD
Iron Wall and Tent for added survivability

3rd stat will depend on how you build your char, Int 3rd stat will provide good balance of matk, mdef and more mp, Vit for more hp and def, or just go plain def. FD if you have lots of money.
Talisman Options

Intellect and Magician is best for the 200% slot (or Ultimate if you want), then your choice with Fatal, Wind, Health, Life Vitality, Iron Wall and/or Tent with where you want to place them.
Gear Jade Choices:

Armor, Earring and Necklace Stat Jade Choices:
Either you focus on int jades, secondary stats would either be vit/hp for more survivability or critical/critical damage for more output.

Weapon and Ring Jade Choice:
Smasher has the option of using the Elemental Conversion Jade, which she may opt to use the Abyss Jade to change her element to dark especially if you still have tough accessories (those with +dark atk%) which even dark elemental spells would have benefits. If not then any element will do.

If you plan on staying neutral then just get magician jades.

Skill Charts for Force Users
You can place base matk of 50k,  base elem atk of 30% (smasher is neutral so its 0% for her). Arcane buff added.

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Credits: Special thanks to VaahNeon for this guide.