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Dragon Nest Level 90 PVE Majesty Guide

This Majesty guide is not meant to be followed in toto, but it is to aid players and give them more insight. The template builds below are based more on my own gameplay and preference, whether you follow it or not it is your decision.

Skills are separated according to priority, core skills being the must max or keep at high level skills and optional skills are dependent on preference (either max learned at whatever level or just prereq your call), and finally an explanation on the skills not usually learned or used in PVE. The remaining SP you would notice if you follow the templates exactly are left to spend at your discretion, as I tend to leave it as is if there is nothing else important to learn.

Majesty Skill Build

“Harnessing the power of the gravitational forces, opponents shall bow down in disgrace and be crushed into pieces with a snap of a finger”

Majesty uses more of gravity spells to hinder her opponents, stopping them dead in their tracks before crushing them to pieces. Majesty also relies on Force Mirror and Steal Magic to empower her spell craft.

The template focuses on the dark skills more for damage, The only skill from the laser tree that is really needed is Force Mirror, the remaining SP would be spent on either getting other fillers

Sorceress Passives
Usually just all maxed out, but the critical passives there would be the increase max HP passive and the MP recovery passive. The increase max MP passive would be optional.

Core Skills:

Force Mirror 
Your main debuff spell. Keep it up at all times.The debuff lasts for 20 sec approximately, since the debuff is applied per wave and lasts 10 sec.

Beyond Time 
The main reason why Force Users have pretty high damage output, though the Majesty way of using BT is to spam Class Mastery II trigger.

Gravity Switch 
The fastest casting magic spell of majesty, not as strong as it used to be, but still good for mob clears and on bosses, still wait for the 3rd hit before activating the left or right click button (either wouldnt matter) unless the situation calls otherwise.

Steal Magic 
Used to raise dark atk by 20%. The buff copying would just be an added bonus, and there’s barely any buff to copy actually.

Gravity Ascension 
Does decent damage but used to induce -20% elemental resist on the target, the debuff applies already at the first hit, so no need to worry about waiting, also refreshes per pulse hit of the skill.

Class Mastery I 
Aka previously as Gravity Controller. Works 100% on bosses even if they are liftable, on other mobs it will vary on their SA bar, but will work if target is frozen.

Triple Orbs
The most spammed spell of Majesty, especially this also bears the Instant passive. Getting a skill accessory plus a skill +1 heraldry plate would be good, also not that easy to get full hits from this spell unless they eat all 3 orbs.

Class Mastery II
Aka Triple Orbs Instant, casts Triple Orbs EX in a triangular fashion (not present yet), which makes it easier for smaller targets to get full hits, triggered by Gravity Spark, but shares CD with the normal spell. Best to use Triple Orbs first before triggering this passive, also note Gravity Spark has to hit a target to get the reset.

Optional Skills:

Void Blast
Filler spell, one of your primary options since this does pretty good damage, if not then go for Poison Missile since this also has good damage.

Gravity Spark
Trigger for Triple Orbs Instant, no need to max as the damage is very low.

Mostly as an escape spell, and for faster travel time, maxing this is optional plus plate for more mobility and I-frame.

Time Dodge 
Another utility spell to un-flinch yourself, or keeping yourself from getting floored, however if you are flipped in air or already kissing the ground this cannot be used.

Gravity Blast
Decent filler skill with low cd, usually used a lot so most would prefer maxing this out anyway.

Black Hole
Does pretty good damage with wide AOE and a decent mob killer, but still optional due to the high CD and long casting time.

Optional if you want a long range SA breaking skill for utility or get higher levels for damage, the long casting time and long cd puts it at a disadvantage.

Linear Ray, Force Shield, Ninetail Laser
prereq for Force Mirror.

Time Stop and Gravity trap
The disabling capability of these spells are limited, as bosses are usually immune, but great for mob control so they dont interrupt you casting skills. Usually Time Stop is preferred as a disabling spell if needed.

Meteor Storm
Mostly used for clearing mobs, pretty much a suicide skill on bosses due to the lengthy channeling phase.

Force Wave and Spectrum Shower 
Not so impressive spells on a majesty, usually left out, Spectrum Shower’s casting time is too slow to be used on mob clearing, usually you’d get interrupted before it does any damage.

Gameplay Overview

Majesty can also stay at any range due to the varying skill ranges, but also close to her target to get the most out of triple orbs. And her Beyond Time combo after using Gravity Ascension and Force Mirror is spamming her EX instant like no tomorrow. Since most of her spells have similar damages, she can rotate them outside of the BT buff.

Gear Suggestions

Skill Plates
  • Gravity Blast (damage plate)
  • Triple Orbs (damage Plate)
  • Summon Comet (damage plate)
  • Teleport (cooldown plate)
  • Gravity Switch (damage plate)
  • Gravity Ascension (damage plate)
  • Beyond Time (cooldown plate)

Stat Enhancement Plates
  • Intellect, Wind, Magician, Health, Life Vitality, Fatal as main options
  • Ultimate if you have a bit of FD
  • Iron Wall and Tent for added survivability
  • 3rd stat will depend on how you build your char, Int 3rd stat will provide good balance of matk, mdef and more mp, Vit for more hp and def, or just go plain def. FD if you have lots of money.

Talisman Options
  • Intellect and Magician is best for the 200% slot (or Ultimate if you want), then your choice with Fatal, Wind, Health, Life Vitality, Iron Wall and/or Tent with where you want to place them.

Armor, Earring and Necklace Stat Jade Choices:
  • Focus on int jades, secondary stats would either be vit/hp for more survivability or critical/critical damage for more output.

Weapon and Ring Jade Choice:
  • Dark Jades for higher dark attack, its the only good jade for majesty.

Skill Charts for Force User

I have used base matk of 50k, base elem atk 30%, steal magic buff added, Class Mastery I passive added at coefficient

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Credits: Special thanks to Vahneon for this guide