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Dragon Nest Future Update: Smasher to Get Light Element, Gear Master New Instant and More

Preliminary info on latest skill changes have been found in the uistring of Dragon Nest CN client v252. Among them, Light elemental will be added to Smasher’s skills, Gear Master gains new INS skill etc. Take note that these are preliminary information; the original update might differ.

No skill names are provided for the skill descriptions, but you can probably guess the skills which the texts are referring to. The Changes are highlighted in red color.

(Arcane?) – Grant all elemental attack buff x% to yourself and surrounding party members, duration x sec.
(Linear Ray?) – Shoot intense laser to the front, Light elemental.
(Spectrum Shower?) – Generate a light ball on top, which draws a circle on the ground, dealing damage to enemies. Light elemental.
(Eraser?) – Shoot lasers at AOE in front while protecting yourself with a barrier. Light elemental.
(9-tail laser?) – Unleash 9 laser beams. Light elemental.
(Laser Cutter?) – Summon a laser beam from the sky which will move forward slowly and explode when it touches any obstacles, dealing additional 50% damage. Light elemental.
(Force Mirror EX?) – Force Mirror can be summoned quickly and gain offensive ability. Increase the debuff AOE. Each hit deals x% Light elemental damage.

?? – When casting Mechanic Mode, increase movement speed by x%, duration x%, all tower skills CD are reduced by x%
(Demolition?) – Shoot continuously with a strong cannon. Press left-click to launch explosive attack, press right-click to launch piercing attack and cancel the stance. Right-click grants i-frame. Consume x bullets.
(Reload EX?) – The CD of Cannon Blaster is changed to x sec after using Reload. All shooting skills damage increase x%, duration x sec. Generate additional x bullet.

Shooting Star
(Class Mastery II?) – After using Chemical Grenade, Reload EX generates additional bullets.  Increase your attack by x%. Reload EX and Reload INS do not share CD. Increase all tower skill CD by x sec. 
(Splash EX?) – Strengthen Splash; increase shots fired. Increase all tower skill CD by x sec. 
(Class Mastery I?) – Increase your attack by x% and Alfredo’s HP by x%. When Reload hits, Chemical Grenade CD is reduced by x sec. Generate 1 bullet every x second. Increase all tower skill CD by x sec. 

Gearing Master
?? – When summoning tower, movement speed is increased by x %, duration x sec. All tower skill CD are reduced by x%
(Class Mastery II?) – After using Rocket Jump, Big Mecha Bomber EX is changed to Big Mecha Bomber INS skill and can be cast instantly. Big Mecha Bomber EX and INS share CD. Increase your attack by x%.

(Magma Wall EX?) – Increase the number of magma pillar and deal more damage when they explode. Reduce the CD of Magma Wall EX.  
(Magma Wave EX?) – The heat from the AOE continues to damage nearby enemies. Reduce the CD of Magma Wave EX. 

(Class Mastery II?) – Gain additional x bubble after using Poison Charging. Poison Break EX is changed to Poison Break INS skill and can be cast instantly. Poison Break EX and INS does not share CD.  Increase your attack by x%.

(Consecration EX?)- Strengthen Consecration. Rays of light coming from the AOE deal damage to nearby enemies before Consecration ends. The caster gains movement speed of x% when he is in the AOE.

(Mist Step?) – Dash forward at great speed, confusing enemies. Press Jump to activate this skill when using Spinning Step. Press left click …. right click …. CD is recovered by x % when it hits. Induce 20% damage increase debuff on targets, duration 10 sec.
Refreshing Screw – damage debuff is removed.

Light Fury
(Class Mastery I?) – Increase x % light elemental attack. Gain x% attack buff when using Outbreak and Chakra of Miracle, duration x sec. Reduce the CD of Sunshine  Spark by x sec when Outbreak hits. 
(Outbreak EX?) – Increase the damage of Outbreak last hit. ……… Reduce the CD of Outbreak by x sec. 

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