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Destiny To Get Privacy Control Feature Which Will Hide You From Third Party Apps

Destiny players who really don’t want anyone to know that they haven’t bothered to get Touch of Malice yet can soon rest easy.

Changes to Destiny: The Taken King community network Bungie.net will soon offer more options to third-party app developers – while giving players the option to keep their secrets.

According to a post on the Bungie.net forums, Bungie is planning to add privacy options in the next platform update. Nobody need ever know you’re what people with 500 hours or more of playtime consider a filthy casual.

“Once we deploy this build, users will be able to go to their Settings -> Privacy page and toggle whether they want their non-equipped Inventory (private by default), historical stats (public by default), and advisor data (public by default) to be visible by other users or anonymously,” Bungie’s Alex Loret de Mola wrote.

What this means is that if you opt out, randos on the Internet won’t be able to plug your console ID into tools like Destiny Tracker and ogle your stuff.

With the same build, which is expected this week, Bungie will add new capacities for third-party apps. App developers will be able to show you which calcified fragments you’ve retrieved on each character, for example.

Bungie.net is getting better and better, but there’s no denying fans are producing really excellent add-ons in advance of Bungie’s own tools (group finder The 100 is a good example). Bungie has always said the fans would do a better job than it could in terms of supporting the community, and it’s great to see the developer communicating with and supporting those doing the work.

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