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Destiny News: Player Just Solo-ed and Beat Crota Under 9 Minutes

Destiny‘s second raid, Crota’s End, has been beaten solo for the first time in under nine minutes, a task that at one time took an entire team of players hours to complete.

Destiny is currently in a content gap, where no new meaningful experiences have been added since the release of The Taken King this past September. So many Destiny fans have started challenging themselves in new ways, one of them being going back to tackle old raids in speed runs or by using interesting methods.

One player, Sean Gallagher, who goes by the screen name Gladd, has set a new time record for defeating the Crota’s End raid, coming in at just under nine minutes at 8:59. Here’s his run:

To accomplish his sub-nine minute run, Gallagher employs a mix of old and new mechanics. Also helping him is the fact that he, like most players, is so overleveled for this Level 30 Normal Mode version of Crota’s End. That allows him to deal much more damage and take less from enemies.

He starts his run with the MIDA Multi-Tool, a popular choice for the Abyss because it increases a player’s agility. On the other hand, a bit unconventionally, he uses Blink in this portion (most use double or triple jump, sometimes even with Bones of Eao to gain an extra jump), but he makes the well-known trick jump at the second lamp to shortcut most of the Abyss. Once reaching the plate at the top of the Abyss, he uses Arc Blade to get across the bridge.

At the Bridge section, he uses the tried and true sword glide technique to get across the bridge without forming it. Once across, the advantage of his 313 Light Level and new The Taken King weapons can be seen. His Imago Loop, 1000-Yard Stare, and Elulim’s Frenzy make quick work of the Ogres and other Hive.

He quickly makes his run into Crota’s room to start the Deathsinger encounter. The new Nightstalker Hunter subclass and the exotic Raze-Lighter are invaluable here. He’s able to take down major adds using the Nightstalker’s super Shadowshot with the Blood Bound perk which allows him to deal massive damage to entire groups of major Knights. He’s then able to take down Ir Yut in just three swings of his sword.

Finally, to take down Crota, Gallagher switches back to Bladedancer to use the common swordbearer set up that allows him to cloak. He skips over all the enemies in the crystal room, one-shots the Gatekeeper with his exotic sword and then is able to take Crota down to his knee using Raze-Lighter again. It only takes him one turn of the sword to take down Crota.

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SOURCE: Sean Gallagher