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Destiny News: Learn About the Free Items Coming to Players in 2016

The arrival of 2016 brings along with it a bundle of new items that "Destiny" players can look forward to receiving.

First off, "Destiny" players can receive some free items via the currently ongoing Iron Banner event inside the game.

There will be six new pieces of armor made available to "Destiny" players via the Iron Banner event, although not everyone will be eligible to get them as they will be coming exclusively to PlayStation 3 (PS3) and PS4 players.

The six new items can be acquired in one of two ways, according to the Daily Star UK.

The first way players can receive the new items is to get them directly from Lord Saladin. At rank three, players can get some new boots; at rank four, they will be eligible to receive new helmets and auto rifles; and at rank five, they can acquire new shotguns inside "Destiny."

Aside from getting the new items with the help of Lord Saladin, players can also acquire the PlayStation-exclusive pieces of equipment as post-game drops. At rank two, players will be able to receive new helmets; at rank three, they can get new class items as well as auto rifles; and finally, at rank four, they will be in line to acquire new shotguns.

There will also be rewards given to all "Destiny" players at the start of 2016.

According to GameSpot, beginning Jan. 7, all players will receive 15 Motes of Light and 15 Strange Coins to help get the new year off to a good start. "Destiny" players can claim these items from the Postmaster situated the Tower as soon as they become available.

Folks who will also play "Destiny" any time between Jan. 7 and Jan. 10 will also be in line to receive a new emblem. Bungie is encouraging players to take part in activities during that time frame so that they can keep tabs on who will be eligible to receive the new emblems.

Bungie has yet to reveal more details about the new emblems, but more information should be available before they are given away inside "Destiny" on Jan. 12.