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Destiny Might Get A New Crucible Mode Called "Crimson Doubles"

There’s some speculation afoot. We already know that Bungie plans to ditch major expansions in favor of smaller, free events over the course of Destiny’s second year, but we’re in the dark as to what they’re going to be. The first of those events — the Sparrow Racing League — was a nice little surprise, and a welcome change of pace from the rest of the game. Perhaps the next one will deal in PvP as well? A NeoGAF user noticed Bungie designer Lars Bakken playing an unknown crucible mode called “Crimson Doubles,” and it’s fired up people’s imaginations.

Given the name, it’s not a massive leap to assume that Crimson Doubles would be some sort of 2v2 mode along the lines of “Double Skirmish,” which operated similarly to its 3v3 mode, just with two less people around. The crimson thing is anyone’s guess. It’s a color, so… Splatoon? Get some Guardians firing paint all over the place and doing their best to emulate a quirky Nintendo shooter?

Sparrow Racing League had its critics, but many loved it. It was a far cry from some sort of full-fledged racing game, but there’s something eminently satisfying about an FPS and a racer existing in the same framework and working towards the same character development goals. It made me excited to see where they go next: Sparrow racing may have been a long time coming, but it was still a radical departure for the development team. If that’s where they’re at, it bodes well for the rest of what promises to be sort of strange year for what remains one of the strangest, most captivating games on the market.

We’ll find out soon, regardless. February’s event is on the horizon, and with it we’ll get to see if this game can hold my attention long enough for a smooth transition into Destiny 2.

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