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Com2uS Releases Info About the New “Summoners War” Update “Rift of Worlds”

On Nov. 21st, Com2uS held an off line event, inviting a selective number of Summoners War users to the 2015 Summoners War Invitational, to announce news about the new “Rift of Worlds” update. For the first time, information about the new update was released through a presentation, and various off line events were held to entertain the visitors. Also, the developers had a Q&A session to communicate with the users.

The “Rift of Worlds” major update contains 4 new major contents. The first one is the World Boss which allows all users in the server to send a legion of Monsters into battle against a single universal boss. The second is the Raid content, in which a party of 3 users will be fighting against a devastating boss using a new battle mechanic. The third content is Rune Enchantment, which allows users to customize their Rune properties to some extent. Finally, there’s the Transmogrification, which is a cosmetic content which allows users to change the looks of their Monsters.

Com2uS plans to use this major update as a chance to regain its popularity among the users. The update is planned to be released during December, and more contents related to the “Rift of Worlds” is planned to be updated throughout 2016.

Reaching 50 million downloads, the game that has been globally released in June 2014 is said to be a game title that is rewriting the history of Korean mobile games. 

Com2uS is thanking its users for the support and promises to continue adding interesting contents to the game.Summoners War Version is now available for download on App Store and Google Play