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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 The Giants Guide- All Secrets, Eastereggs and More

This guide will show you everything you have to know about 'The Giant'. 
Basics, Secrets, Eastereggs and MORE.


Turning on the power
First of all you'll need to turn the power on.
Every next step is based on electricity.

Two doors are leading from the Mainframe to the rest of the map.
You have two possibilities to choose, but for both ways you'll need 2500 points to open up the doors

When the power is on every Perk-Machine and the Pack-A-Punch will be available.

Linking the Teleporters

After turning on the power you are able to link each teleporter to the mainframe.
This has to be done three times in total.

Stand inside the teleporter and press the activate botton (on PC: F).

Now you have 30 seconds to head back to the mainframe and confirm the link.
On the upper left corner of your HUD you see the current time left.

To get a quick overview which teleporter is already activated you can have a look at the lightboards hanging around the teleporters.
If you linked the teleporter the lightbulb will turn from red in green light.

Each time you link a teleporter or teleport yourself a random PowerUp will spawn in the starting area.

Fly Trap (Annihilator)

Now I show you how to get the Annihilator as a specialist weapon.

First of all you'll need a eapon out of the Pack-A-Punch machine.

Then you need to shoot a panel with this weapon and after that you have to find three teddy bears and shoot them, too.

Stand besinde the Pack-A-Punch machine (1) and shoot the panel (yellow cross)

You will hear a voice and see green subjects flying out of there.

Now find the three teddy bears and shoot them with any weapon.




Now you are able to pick the Annihilator out of the furnace.

Press Q to activate your specialist weapon, the Annihilator.

The Annihilator has a limited ammount of munition.
You have to make kills to refill it...a MaxAmmo PowerUp won't work.

Beauty of Annihilation (Musical Easteregg)

In the following you will see how to activate the remixed version of the 'Beauty of Annihilation'-Song from the original 'Der Riese'.

Three liquid pods are spread over the map.

Step close to the pods and hold the activate button (on PC: F).

1 Here you have to jump and hold midair the activate button.

Once you activated all the pods the song 'Beauty of Annihilation' will start to play.

Secret Perk

Juggernog, Quick Revive, Speed Cola, Double Tap Root Beer and Mule Kick aren't the only perks on The Giant.
There's also Steamin Up and/or Deadshot Daiquiri.
Here you see how to get them.

For this secret perk you will first need the 'Monkey Bomb' out of the 'Mystery Box'.

Then you have to throw a Monkey Bomb into each teleporter and you have to teleport the bomb and yourself to the mainfram.
Do this with every teleporter, a total of three times.
You will need 4500 points for this step.

After completing this you will see three green lights shining and one red light blinking on the panel next to the Pack-A-Punch machine.

Step towards the panel and press the activate button (on PC: F).
A laser get shot out of the panel, reflecting on the sign and th laser will melt down a pile of snow.

Under this pile of snow is a Perk-A-Cola machine, either the Steamin Up or the Deadshot Daiquiri.

Radio Messages

There're eight radios around the map, five of the messages from Maxis are addressed to the four characters and three specially to Richtofen. The last three message are addressed to the other characters.

Step close to the pods and hold the activate button (on PC: F).


Whoever you are, wherever you are, I have one message. One message that must be remembered at all costs. The child must be protected.


She may have been returned to me, but I fear she is not as she was... In recent months, she has barely said a word. When she did, it was only to cry out for him; to call his name. What have I done.


In these dark days, I find myself clinging to the belief that there may still be a way to set things right. Though my understanding of the ethereal realm remains limited, I am convinced that the manipulation of the energy fields within all matter is vital to uncovering the dimensional gateway itself. It is my sincerest hope that somewhere in the realm beyond my beloved Samantha still lives. I can only pray that Edward will have the courage to fulfill the vow he made all those years ago.


Day 66. The children are gone and the house still feels empty. I miss their laughter, their games. The sirens have not sounded for several months. I do believe that we may have turned the tide on the battle, but at what cost? The radiation levels from the fallout remain dangerously high. I can only pray I live long enough to confirm that my plan was indeed successful and the dark presence that has haunted our dreams, that infected every facet of our existence, has finally been vanquished.


Though our matter transference tests at the new site have been largely unsuccessful, the teleporters malfunction has nonetheless yielded some interesting data. The fact that the test subjects depart from their original point of origin is undeniable; what is uncertain is what became of them. Richtofen is insistent in his belief that they have been transported not through space, but through time. In the absence of empirical evidence, I myself cannot entertain such... madness. I fear Richtofen's irrationality may soon prove a liability to our endeavors.


While playing as Edward Richthofen: Look around you Edward, the giant sleeps. This facility was once alive with activity, now it is a graveyard. Group 935 are no more. What remains of their work has been scattered to the four winds, only echoes and shadows remain. The test subject can never be allowed to awaken, the havoc that could be wrecked upon the future by such simple-minded individuals would be catastrophic. Heed my warning.
While playing as Nikolai Belinski: It's not all bad news, Nikolai. We may have failed in our mission, but at least there is one less Richtofen to deal with. If it is any consolation, tell him that the first one was the hardest. I should know, I've killed at least three Richtofen's. There was the one in the fire, the one with the boat hook, and the one - what? No one told me. Sorry, forget what I just said. Everything will be fine.


While playing as Edward Richthofen: Remember what I told you Edward, the scars left by Samantha's past actions allow us to communicate across the rift. Follow my words: I will find you. When you release the beacon, I will secure your extraction and destroy the site. Remember, the burden is yours to carry Edward. The others must never know the truth.
While playing as Tank Dempsey: Hey other me, if you're hearing this, then it means something's gone fubar. We're going to Plan B. Stick to that kraut ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ like glue. We need to find out what the hell he has been doing, what he's going to do. We may be able to get a fix on your location if you can trigger one of the paradox visualizations. Good luck, we're all counting on you. Oh, wait, what ever you do, don't get too close to the radioactive beacon. Makes your hair fall out.


While playing as Edward Richthofen: I thank you for your sacrifice Edward. Your courageous actions have opened new avenues of opportunity. It is my dearest hope that we may some day set things right and prevent these terrible events from ever unfolding.
While playing as Takeo Masaki: Takeo.. Takeo.. Brave upholder of the dying samurai spirit. It feels almost as though I am speaking to my ancestors; instead, I speak to a reflection of myself. The man in the mirror, in another place, another time, our allies are filled with confidence and bravado. But I am troubled. My dreams are haunted by a man in shadow. I fear this vision may be important of our destruction.

Mini Secrets

Treyarch did very well on this map and added some tiny secrets to make you think or grin.
I give my best to explain theese hints, when I'm wrong improve me in the comments.

The Icarus - Mob of the Dead
On the top of this building the rest of the Icarus can be seen.
This was the plane, which helped the prisoners to escape from Alcatraz.
Mob of the Dead (Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Uprising DLC)

The Giant Robot's head
Behind the starting area is a crane holding a giant robot head.
The Giant Robot's head first appeart on the Excavation Site 64, where three giant robots were walking over the map with this head on their top.
Origins (Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Apocalypse DLC)

L. Maxis M.D. Office
If you go down the stairs in the starting area and look threw the barricades you can see a sign with the inscription 'L. Maxis M.D. Office'. This referes to Dr. Ludvig Maxis, a german scientist working in this 'Waffenfabrik' together with Dr. Edward Richthofen, bevor they got enemies.

Teddy Bear
Behind some barricades in the starting area you can see the shadow of a teddy bear. Maybe this is a toy from Samantha which she forgot there when she visited her dad Dr. Maxis in this manufactory.

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Credits: Special thanks to Phil for this helpful guide.