New contents and updates will be applied to Blade & Soul KR in Jan 2016, including the release of Infinity Tower, and skill changes to Kungfu Master, Assassin, Blade Master, Destroyer, Soul Fighter etc. The following updates are translated based on the test server update note (dated 20th Jan); the official update contents might differ.

Infinity Tower

Infinity Tower is a solo PVE instance, similar to Mushin Tower, with 100 floor.

Entry requirement: Level 50
Required item: Entry ticket of Infinity Tower

The enemy you encounter at each floor is randomly generated. They are actual playable classes which are controlled by AI. The AI for Floor 30 and below are weaker, but it gets increasingly harder for higher floors.

Before you start, the system will allow you to pick one of the 3 special skills to be used during the battle ahead. The skills include inducing stun, CD reset or skill increase etc (see picture below). You can also start without picking any skill by choosing the last option.

All the skills available are shown in the image below:

Similar to Mushin Tower, each enemy has to be killed within a certain time, before the enrage timer runs out.

Skill Changes
The skill names are based on bnstree (since i can’t find a proper official English skill simulator yet), except for destroyer skill name (which i am familiar with).


Boost (crit buff from Kungfu master & Assassin)
– the duration of buff resistance is adjusted from 60 sec to 45 sec

Blade Master

Dragon Cleave (RB)
– increase damage
– CD is changed from 1.2 sec to 2.5 sec
– add effect: recover 8 Focus over 4 sec
– add effect: gain max speed for Stab (RB), Heaven Sunder (RB) for 4 sec.

Stab (RB)
– increase damage of Tier 2/3/5 Stage 1, Tier 5 Stage 2
– change to Fire elemental
– Tier 5 Stage 2: the effect of “recover 2 % HP on crit” is changed to “convert 5% of damage to HP recovery on hit” 

Heaven Sunder (RB)
– change to Lightning elemental

Full Moon Slash (TAB)
– Tier 2 Stage 1: Focus recovery is increased from 3 to 4
– Tier 2 Stage 1: the effect of “gain max speed for Stab (RB), Heaven Sunder (RB) when dealing critical damage under Blade Stance” is changed to “gain max speed for Stab (RB), Heaven Sunder (RB) when you hit under Blade Stance”

Draw (LB)
– Tier 4 Stage 3: the damage increase effect is maintained for a certain period, even after casting this skill. 

Front Kick (X)
– the effect of “Induce Stun on casting target” is removed
– Tier 2 Stage 2: add effect – “Induce 2 sec Stun”  and “Stack 1 Bleed”

Full Moon Slash (TAB)
– change to Fire elemental.

Kungfu Master

Iron Mountain (F)
– Stage 1, 2, 3 is changed to Wind elemental
– increase the damage of Stage 2,4
– Tier 3 Stage 2, Tier 4 Stage 2: add effect – reduce Pressure Point CD by 4sec
– Tier 4 Stage 2: reduce the CD of Landslide (V) by 3 sec
– New Stage 4 tree: Fire elemental skill, recover 3 Focus on cast
– Tier 3 Stage 4: trigger Roundhouse Kick (4)
– Tier 4 Stage 4: reduce Landslide (V) CD by 3 sec
– Tier 5 Stage 4: reset CD upon crit

Firestorm Kick (RB)
– Increase the damage of Tier 2 Stage 2

Falling Star (LB)
– reduce Focus consumption from 3 to 1.

Cyclone Kick (F)
– Tier 2/3 Stage 2:  increase damage
– Tier 3 Stage 2: add effect – deal additional damage with Pressure Point status

Shin Kick (3)
– Tier 3 Stage 2: add effect – deal additional damage to Grabbed, Force Gripped target.

Tiger Strike (2)
– increase the damage of Stage 4
– Tier 5 Stage 4: increase the additional damage from Searing Palm status
– Tier 3 Stage 3: add effect – deal additional damage to Grabbed, Force Gripped target

Landslide (V)
– Tier 4 Stage 2/3: increase the damage of Tiger Strike (2) Stage 4, Cyclone Kick Stage 2 by 20% within the AOE
– Stage 2/3: become instant cast. 

 Suppress (TAB)
– Remove Tier 4/5 Stage 1
– Move Tier 4/5 Stage 2 to Tier 4/5 Stage 1

Cold Surge (TAB)
– Move Tier 3/4/5 Stage 3 to Tier 3/4/5 Stage 2

Spirit Burst (TAB)
– Move Tier 4/5 Stage 4 to Stage 4/5 Stage 3
– Tier 4/5 Stage 3: the effect of “reduce the CD of Shattering Fist (4) by 4 sec when party members attack” is changed to “reduce CD by 5 sec”
– Tier 4/5 Stage 3: AOE is changed to 50m

Spirit Focus (TAB)
– A new skill tree added to Suppress: Tier 4/5 Stage 4
– Tier 4/5 Stage 4: self buff, recover 100% Focus, increase 100% crit damage, deal HP leech damage equal to 70% of attack; reset the CD of Shattering Fist (4) Stage 3 every 2 sec.
– Spirit Focus buff share the resist status with Spirit Buff (Boost buff)

Smite (F)
– Stage 4: CD is changed from 18 sec to 12 sec

Guiding Fist (RB)
– Tier 1 Stage 1: CD is changed from 9 sec to 12 sec; Aggro 150% increase duration is reduced from 15 sec to 10 sec

Avenging Fist (RB)
– change to Fire elemental
– Stage 3: trigger condition is changed to “on successful Parry; after using Elbow Strike (1)”

Palm Strike (X)
– change to Fire elemental

Flying Slam (TAB)
– Tier 4/5 Stage 3: change to Wind elemental
– Tier 3/4/5 Stage 1: add effect – increase 150% aggro for 10 sec.

Searing Palm (X)
– Unleash Flow status grant additional effect: increase 10% crit damage.

Rising Dragon (Z)
– add new tree: Tier 5 Stage 3 – add effect “pull enemies” and “induce 2 sec Daze”. 

Searing Kick (F)
– Tier 3 Stage 3: reduce the additional damage to Grabbed, Force Gripped target. 


Typhoon (Q)
– The CD of Stage 1 cannot be reset
– The duration of Spirit buff is refreshed when Execute (X) last hit lands.

Wrath (LB)
– Increase the damage of Stage 2
– Increase the damage of Stage 2 Awakened Wrath

Galeforce (F)
– the effect of “recover 50 Focus upon crit” is changed to “recover 120 Focus over 4 sec upon crit”


Acrid Star (X)
– trigger condition is changed to: successful resist with Decoy (2), resist with Lotus Fury (C), resist with Shadowstance (Q) or Left Sidestep (Q), resist with Shunpo (E) or Right Sidestep (E), resist with Lotus of Escape (V),  resist with Backstep (SS)
– Focus recovered is increased from 1 to 4.

Mist Slash (LB)
– change to Shadow elemental

Lightning Rod (4)
– Stage 2: CD is changed from 12 sec to 24 sec
– Tier 2 Stage 2: the effect of “Recover 3 Focus” is changed to “Recover 20 Focus in 5 sec”
– Stage 3: increase damage
– other skills can be quickly chained into this skill
– add effect: deal additional damage of Poisoned target
– CD reduction on hitting target with 5 stacks of Poison is increased from 5 sec to 6 sec

(Awakened) Lightning Pierce / Dark Strike (F)
– Stack 1 Bleed; convert 5% of damage dealt to HP

Awakened Lightning Pierce (F)
– CD reduction of Lightning Rod (4) is increased from 5 sec to 6 sec

Shadow Dash / Sidewinder (1)
– Become invisible for 6 sec when using it on grabbed, force gripped target

Poison Breath (4)
– Tier 2/3 Stage 1: increase damage
– Tier 3 Stage 1: add effect – reduce Time Bomb (2) CD by 10 sec when Choke Bomb (4), Plague Mist (4) hits for the 1st time.

Plague Mist (4)
– increase damage

Heart Stab (RB)
– Tier 4 Stage 1: deal additional damage to targets with 5 stacks of Poison

Lotus of Escape (V)
– Tier 2 Stage 1: the effect is moved to Base skill
– Tier 5 Stage 1: the effect is moved to Tier 1 Stage 1
– Move the effect of Tier 2/3/4 Stage 2 to Tier 3/4/5 Stage 1 respectively.

Lotus of Poison (V)
– Move Tier 2/3/4 Stage 3 to Tier 3/4/5 Stage 2.

Lotus of Escape (V)
– add new tree for Stage 3
– Tier 4 Stage 3: Invisible for 3 sec for all moving party members
– Tier 5 Stage 3: resist 1 x damage and status effect in 3 sec after moving.

Spirit Burst (V)
– add new tree for Stage 4
– Tier 4 Stage 4: reset the CD of Poison Breath, Venom Swarm, Choke Bomb, Plague Mist (4) upon cast
– Tier 5 Stage 4: for 10 sec, deal additional damage equal to 100% of attack when hitting with Lightning Pierce (F), Dark Strike (F) and Lightning Rod (4); for 10sec, reduce the CD of Lightning Rod (4) by 6 sec when Lightning Pierce hit.

Decoy (2)
– Stage 2: AOE is changed to 50m


Dandelion Protect (F)
– AOE is changed to 50m

Blade Dancer

Guardian Tempest (Z)
– Stage 2: AOE is changed to 50m

Maelstrom (TAB)
– Tier 5 Stage 2: AOE is changed to 50m


Rupture (F)
– Tier 2 Stage 1: add effect – Reduce CD by 1 sec when Dimensional Bullet (RB) deals crit damage.

Bounded Field (2)
– Tier 3 Stage 4: Reduce the CD of Raging Spirit (4) by 3 sec upon hit. Reduce the CD of Darkflare Dragon (4) by 1 sec upon hit.

Spiritualize (TAB)
– AOE is changed to 50m. 

Soul Fighter

[ won’t be translated since it is not even released outside of KR yet ]

More info shall be added as soon as they are available.

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