Best Level 90 Saint Build Guide in Dragon Nest [T5/3R]

Here's a level 90 build guide for Saints in Dragon Nest after the T5/3R patch update.

Priorities for Skill Build

1.) PVP Utilities
2.) PVP Damage
3.) PVE Utilities
4.) PVE Damage
5.) Extra SPs

Note: The green fonts indicates that the character is using a skill accessory (Also that lightning relic is supposed to be level 16).


Divine Combo has an extra effect when it comes to level 6. You can click left click after pressing the skill to push the enemies back or right click to launch them on the air. Very useful in PVP for catching enemies lying on the ground, doing air evade, or for continuing combos. Used for utility not much for damage so not maxed.

Holy kick also has an extra effect at level 6 which increases the range as far as a lightning relic. Good for people rushing towards you and enough to push back warriors running towards you. The damage for PVE in this can reach up to 200k per kick if your attack is around 80k but priorities first.

Dive kick for combo in PVP. This became very useful for me to continue my combos in PVP. It almost has the same damage as Holy kick.

Sliding knee kick just one for counter attack versus their Counter Blows. The counter blow of assassin and Kali are too quick though. It can be enhanced with an extra kick when reached level 6 but I find it not worthy.

Holy Bolt’s bind increases by .5 seconds for every 5 SPs contributed (Levels 1, 6, 11, 16, 21). In PVE, damage isn’t that great but on the other hand, a level 1 is too quick for the bind. The level 6 is already enough for me.

Block skill can only be use 5 times in PVP and 18 times in PVE which is too much. One of the things I don’t like is this PVE block. Regardless, you will find yourself being attacked in PVP no matter how good you are. that goes the same why I took Toughness and HP.

Heal really isn’t that much important for either PVE (3% of max HP) or PVP (.8% of max HP). I recommend you do not get it. Why do I have this skill? Because priority #5.

I don’t really have much problems in PVE but I use holy kick a lot of times in PVP which requires a lot of MP. But like I said in PVP, your stats go down as much as the same as others which includes HP and MP. The best option for me is how to get more MP than having more MP. This is an imaginary calculation. If you have 220k MP (With skill) in PVE, it will go down to like 22k MP. But if you have 200kMP (Without skill) in PVE, it will go down to like 20k MP but you will gain more MP because you have the MP regen skill. The MP is also priority #5 but I still chose to get heal.


Protection Shell still runs up to 180 seconds in PVP (Priority #1) as goes for the other buffs so I guess I’ll take this. The buffs in PVE became self-buff except for this skill (and Healing Aura) which runs for 20 seconds only with a CD of 60 seconds. My opinion, NNNOOOOO!!! I mean I don’t care about my teammates (just kidding) but if they kept on blaming me for not being able to heal them because of the damages, then crap. They’ll be saying like “HEY? AREN’T YOU A HEALER? WHY DIDN’T YOU HEAL ME?” then I’ll be like in my mind “Why didn’t you dodge then? All my heals are in CD!!!” Having this skill remained at 180 seconds for PVE is good to be yelled lesser.

Bind Relic‘s duration is increased by 3 seconds and the CD decreasing by 3 seconds for every level except when it hits level 6 and above where it is only a second. Priority #1 is here and not going to max it which would be priority #3 for me. It stays at level 5.

Chain Lightning can hit the enemy up to 3 times if they are alone and hit other enemies multiple times depending on how many there are. Adding a skill ring to make it 7 hits and to reach the damage which can be greatly enhanced for every 5 SPs spent. There is also a bug (I think) where if an enemy is hit and killed instantly by this skill (PVE), it can continuously hit anything else regardless of how many it is transferred as long as it’s instant-kill.

Detonate became stronger for PVE and the damage in PVP ranges from 10k-40k damage based on experience. Priority #2. This is one of the three main damages  a Priest has in PVP.

I don’t like Holy burst becoming smaller range. I had hard time in Ladder just because of that. Regardless, I think Saints “were” OP. I have a skill plate for the damage of this. Priority #2 and this is one of the three main damages of a Priest in PVP.

Heavenly Judgement… why? Because, Damage! That’s why. This is my playstyle. If you don’t like to get it, that’s up to you. I’m not talking about damage in PVE but in PVP. The damage for each hit ranges from 5k-8k (With Level 80 Unique Fighting Set) and takes up to 20 hits. That’s 100k-160k damage in just one go. Putting it to level two does no make much of a difference and it is priority #5.

In my build, I maxed Lightning Relic to level 16 because of the Class Mastery I. When you used Strikes, click the normal button and three smaller relics (mini relics) will fall near it dealing 3 times damage of all the shocks in one relic. This was priority #4 and I realized something else. Refer to the note at the bottom of this article T^T.

Around 20k per damage for Lightning Relic. Around 200k (without critical) damage per mini relic drop.


Why did they took away Holy shield‘s effect!?!?!? It’s okay to heal 90k HP (With heal buff). But in my case, Holy Shield, for me, is better as a defense mechanism. Some people would know what this skill is and if Saints use it, they have a choice to or not to attack the Saints while they buff is active. Though you may not get much healing if they do not attack you but it helps you think enough for a plan before they come to you and attack unlike this new revision which is like heal meaning you have to plan the exact time in using this skill. This skill is your primary healing in PVP. The Healing Relic and Heal don’t do much but they “may” help in survival.

Shock of relic? Why not? Priority #2, one of the 3 main damages of Saints. We already know the damage when all of them are stacked but I’ll add the mini relics in this.

Mini relics are there for only a short period of time. Assuming that the damage dealt is around 800k per shock (Depending on the boss), 3 times because of the Ex, that’s already 2.4m damage. With the mini relics, that’s 4x will become 9.6m damage (LR relic + 3 mini relics). Those are just level 80 unique equipment. In PVP, the damage can reach from 9k-50k per tick. How did I reach 50k on an enemy? Debuffs and buffs, and also their weak defenses/resist.

Though some remain the same and some worsened like the heals, holy burst and bind relic range, there are some that improved such as the Cure relic for PVE. Cure relic does not give any attack buff but now works not just buff removal but also as a wax, as in make your teammates faster by 15% (Cure Relic EX).


Charged Bolt is a good damaging skill for PVE but like I said, priority #2.

This skill takes 10 sp and I wouldn’t have trouble getting it but somehow I did. Back at my previous level 80, I had First Aid and it came very useful since I only needed it to be level 1. Still I can max it if it wasn’t for a sworn enemy… the engineers which I don’t really much win in PVP next would be the Screamers and then Bringers (Much but that doesn’t mean I don’t win against them). Engineers summon a lot in PVP and with a level 3 (my initial plan) chain lightning only transfers 3 times which is not enough for all their summons. So I put it to level 11 to stand a chance against engineers. Moving to the bringers and screamers, I really needed luck XD. And then I realized something… you can actually get lightning relic ex without having lightning relic to level 6 O_O. I only put it to level 16 because I don’t want that skill to go waste assuming it’s a Saint’s ex skill XD. My mistake. At least lightning relic can deal damage at 8k per tick in PVP.

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Credits: Special thanks to JOHALE for this guide.

CD Projekt’s Hints About Future Sequel "The Witcher 4"

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt developer CD Projekt’s CEO Adam Kicinski has dropped The Witcher 4 hints in a Polish TV show that seem to be a subtle hint at a future sequel!

On Polish TV station “TVN24 BiS” Adam Kicinski was quoted as saying:

“We work within this universe for over a dozen years now and I don’t think it’s going to be the end of it.” -Adam Kicinski

“It’s too early to talk about it, but it’s not like we’re forgetting about this brand – that’s understandable. (…) It wouldn’t be fair towards the fans. We work within this universe for over a dozen years now and I don’t think it’s going to be the end of it.”

Before the developer can get started on The Witcher 4, they first need to get their next game — titled — out the door, presumably in 2017. Here’s what he said about it:

“The project is even more ambitious than we first planned (…) we need to create a game that will be even more successful. (…) We have a long way ahead of us to reach the biggest commercial successes in the world. Sure, many people consider The Witcher 3 to be the best game in the world this year, but this is not a game that broke any sales record.”

Although one of The Witcher 3 endings players could achieve, might suggest a sequel could include the adventures of Geralt and his adoptive daughter Ciri…

Yet CD Projekt’s original 2002 demo concept for The Witcher series involved the main hero not being Geralt from the book series its based on, but instead a witcher created by the player! This initial concept for the games could return in future installments.

Not sure what to think of playing as your own witcher? Take a look at this proof of concept video:

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Dragomon Hunter Advanced Breeding and Feeding Guide

Breeding in Dragomon Hunter is one of the most important and valuable things you can do in the game. It provides mount enhancements (speed and design), skill glyphs, achievement points and Hunter Archive material. This guide is a more advanced approach that’s going to look at how to get the most out of your materials and time breeding. 

So before we start, let me define a few phrases I’ll be using: 

Family: Overall groups of Dragomon, such as Aeromon, Drakemon, Beastmon, etc. 
Species: The groups within the families, such as Pincerpod (Shellomon) or Rhinosker (Beastomon) 
Sub-species: The mounts that are produced from breeding, which all belong to an original member of a species. For instance, Pincerpod can produce Swift Pincerpod, Moss Pincerpod, etc. 
GroupID: A number attached to every Dragomon that is used for the purposes of calculating breeding success rate probability 
Disposition: An attribute that each Dragomon in the ranch has attached to it (we will go into this later). 

Now that we have defined a few terms, let’s talk about how breeding in Dragomon Hunter works. 

So as things currently stand, there are a total of 88 species that can be put into the ranch. These 88 species can then be bred – each one making available 4 sub-species – to bring us to a total of 440 possible breedable Dragomon. This means that in theory, there are 193,600 possible combinations of Dragomon that can be inserted into the breeding tab. However, let’s not also forget that there are 5 dispositions (Ornery, Timid, Normal, Fierce and Docile) that can also be applied to any Dragomon, which means that there are 25 possible scenarios in those 193,600 pairs. This brings us to a total of 4.8 million unique combinations of breeding. 

The good news is that breeding is predictable! You don’t have to guess, or just hope you get lucky: you can plan your breeding to make sure that you’ll get the best bang for your buck, and I’m going to teach you how. 

Now, here are a few things to keep in mind: 
1. The levels of Dragomon do not make a difference to the breeding success rate 
2. All 5 members of the same species share the same breeding rates with other Dragomon 
3. Dispositions affect breeding probabilities in a predictable fashion 

Now let’s take a look at base success rates. 

Base Success Rates 

Although there are 88 Dragomon that can be bred together, the probabilities of these Dragomon successfully breeding all come from a set of 30 GroupIDs. Put simply, Dragomon are put together in various groups – typically with 3 in each group – that are then used to calculate breeding success rates. This means that if you take any Dragomon in the game and breed it with any species or sub-species in the same GroupID, you will always have the same base success rate. 

So while there are 193,600 possible base pairs, there are really only 900 for the purposes of breeding success rate probability. This makes it a lot easier for us to work out what those base success rates are! 

Here are the probabilities: 

It may look confusing at first, but I promise you it’s easy to understand. On the X and Y axis, we have the full list of 30 GroupIDs. On the right-hand side, you’ll see the names of various Dragomon: these are put next to their GroupID. So Pincerpod and Abyssal Crab have the GroupID 1, Marsh Crocoturtle GroupID 2, and so on. 

In order to see what the success rate of breeding one Dragomon with another is, find their Group IDs using the table and then search for the intersecting cell. As an example, let’s find what the success rate of breeding a Pantherus with a Spyrosaur is. 

Pantherus is GroupID 30, Spyrosaur is GroupID 20, these line up to show a base success rate of 65% - not bad! 

As you can see, this table can be used to find out which Dragomon are best bred with each other in order to have a high probability of success. I’m currently going through and filling out all of the data and while I appreciate there are some missing squares, the quick and dirty hack below should help you maximize your gains. 

Breeding the same GroupIDs together 

Because there are 88 Dragomon and 30 GroupIDs, in all cases but 1 (GroupID 24), multiple Dragomon are given the same GroupID. I encourage you to breed together Dragomon in the same GroupID as typically, they have a high success rate (80%) - it also comes with the added benefit of them eating the same foods. Update: it has come to my attention that the previous claim suggested by Pinkiss that you are required to breed Dragomon within the same family (that is, Drakemon with Drakemon, Beastmon with Beastmon, etc.) in order to get the rarest sub-species mount is most likely false. I have not been able to independently verify this, but three different people have told me that they have managed to breed Dragomon that are not from the same family and gotten the rarest mount. I'm inclined to believe them, but won't make this concrete until I have confirmed it myself. 

Note that while in most cases, Dragomon in the same GroupID respond the same way to food, it is a little choppy and sometimes, certain Dragomon ignore certain food that others in their GroupID have eaten. 

I have absolutely no idea why this happens and will try to mark the spreadsheet with situations where people might reasonably be affected by this. 


When Dragomons are put into the Ranch, they are given a Disposition. There are five in total: Ornery, Timid, Normal, Fierce and Docile. These modify the base success rates of breeding as outlined in the spreadsheet in a predictable fashion. A simple, easy to follow multiplier is applied, ranging from 0.6 through to 1.4. 

Here’s what it looks like: 

As you can see, Timid and Docile are good dispositions to have whereas Ornery and Fierce aren’t. 

The application of the modifier is simple. Suppose we were breeding two Timid versions of a Banebill Platypus and a Clamcrack Otter together: they have a base success rate of 35, so this would be increased to 49. As another example, if we took a Fierce Carnivine and bred it with an Ornery Rhinosker (base success rate 35%), we’d have a 0.7 multiplier, bringing our success rate down to 24.5 (or 24 as the game would display). Note that the game seems to round up with a positive disposition multiplier and down with a negative disposition multiplier, which would suggest that the rates may actually be 1.41, 1.31, etc.. It’s useless information, but I thought I’d mention it. 


As mentioned earlier, all research I’ve conducted so far points toward Dragomon of the same GroupID having the exact same gains when eating certain foods, except in cases where some Dragomon of the same GroupID will ignore foods that others have eaten. Note that I am less sure of this than I am breeding, so I urge anyone with information that counters this claim let me know immediately – I’m trying to be scientific with my process and falsifying my claims is something I encourage. 

The spreadsheet has another tab for food, but this requires a lot more research and I don’t think it’s all that important right now. 

How to use this information 

Most people breed because they want to get the rarest sub-species of a particular mount. Using this as a guideline to get there is useful, as it’ll allow you to track down what to feed to what and what Dragomon breed well together. 

The Lightning Chameleoid (the rarest subspecies of the Forest Chameleoid) is a popular mount because of its glyph and using this guide, you’ll see that breeding it with Deadeye Moombas or Ironfang Jackals will yield a 60% success rate (same Group ID, same family, same food desires) with them. However, you may want to consider breeding it with Chillizards: I happen to know that both of them respond well to Braised Fish and because one of the materials in the crafting of this food is a fish, it’s a lot easier to craft than other foods. They also share a base success rate of 80%. 

The Swift Sunrise Hawkagon (the rarest subspecies of the Hawkagon) is a popular mount as well as it has the best glyphs in the game. In order to breed this, I suggest you pick up Toxavian or Primal Strigida (same GroupID) / Megadactyl, Crystalline Cardinal or Hybrid Harrier. The last three are in a different GroupID that has a base 70% success rate (compared to the 80%) but they also eat Fiber Rich Veggies (87 XP compared to the other GroupID which gives 100 XP) and are really easy to craft. 

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Credits: Special thanks to rickyinyer for this guide

Dragomon Hunter: A Guide to Dragocite and Outfits for Newbies

Hands Dragocite 

Stoneray's Dragocite - Meteor Proc 
This is, by far, the best dragocite that exists in the game for the hands slot. There is no alternative and that's why I have it listed first. It triggers the Meteor proc which deals heavy Physical damage (so it avoids all elemental resistances) and triggers often. This makes it ideal for both PvE and PvP situations. Note that this is a level 20 dragocite, so it can be useful early on. Get it as soon as possible. Windblade and Poison DoT do not produce as much damage output at higher levels, tested and proven. 

Obtained: Dropped by Mantagonist in either the lvl 28 Hoppadrome, the world boss at Marsh Abyss, or from the boss in the lv28 Hunt "Killing me Blaidely". It can also be purchased for 1000 Dragomon Points via the Loot tab. 

Chest Dragocite 

Primordiant's Dragocite - Shield 50% Proc 
Again, this is arguably the best dragocite available for the Chest slot. It procs a defensive shield that reduces all incoming damage by 50% and procs often. This should speak for itself. Effective in both PvE and PvP situations. Level 40 Dragocite. 

Obtained: Dropped by Primordiant at Ventari Hill or purchasable for 800 Dragomon Points via the Loot tab. 

Level 10 alternative: Fellswine's Dragocite - Shield ??% Proc 
As you develop your character, you can use this as a temporary dragocite until you reach level 45. It is dropped by Fellswine at Cain's Glade or purchasable for 100 Dragomon Points. I believe the shield that this one spawns blocks 25% incoming damage but don't quote me on that. 

Head Dragocite 

Cullcry Dragocite - Crit Dmg 50% Proc 
This dragocite has the chance to raise Crit Damage by 50% for all surrounding allies (including yourself) for 5 seconds and procs relatively often. Extremely useful for PvE and somewhat useful in PvP. Since Crit damage is the main source of offensive power in this game, a boost of 50% makes a huge difference in damage output, and not to mention it boosts your entire party so in groups it helps even that much more. Highly recommended. 

Obtained: It can drop from monsters in the Seasnail Grotto dungeon (lv48) however the drop rate is very low so I suggest purchasing it from the Loot tab for 1200 Dragomon Points. 

Level 20 alternative: Killcry Dragocite - Crit Dmg 25% Proc 
The same as Cullcry but raises Crit Damage by 25%. Still extremely useful for PvE and character development. Highly recommended for developing characters between the levels of 25 and 45. Obtainable as either a very rare drop in Marna Heights dungeon or purchased via the Loot tab for 600 Dragomon Points. 

Shielded Styracosaur's Dragocite - Heal 40% of Attack Proc 
As an alternative to Cullcry, this dragocite can heal the Player for 40% of their attack stat when they land a Critical hit. This does not mean that it heals for 40% of the damage inflicted, that would be a huge difference. This also means that the proc rate is partially dependant on the Player's crit rate, but even with a very high crit rate, it does not proc often. Perhaps 1 in every 10-15 hits. Still, the "life-leech" quality to it can be useful in some cases, mostly if the Player has a very fast attack speed or if other party members are already using the Cullcry dragocite. Another reason to possibly use this dragocite would be if your follower has Cullcry equipped. Since Cullcry cannot stack, your Follower using it allows you to make use of this dragocite instead, but that will be explained further in the Follower section of this guide. Level 40 dragocite. 

Obtained: Dropped by Warley in either the lvl 38 Hoppadrome, the world boss at Ventari Fields, or from the boss in the lv44 Hunt "Did Ya Put Yah Nam.e". It can also be purchased for 1000 Dragomon Points via the Loot tab. 

Funny bug with this forum... If i try to put the words "Yah Nam.e" without the period between the 'm' and 'e' ... it completely breaks the forum and doesn't let me edit this post. UM WHAT? o.O 

Waist Dragocite 

Stegodile's Dragocite - Crit Dmg 25% 
Crit damage +25% ... need I say more? There are plenty of other waist dragocites that raise stats but your alternatives are 4% to attack (which overall adds less damage), 4% to pen (meh) or other even less useful options. If you are going for damage output, this is definitely the dragocite for you. The only other somewhat reasonable alternative is listed below. Also, this is a level 20 dragocite so you can get it early. Please note that there is an upgrade to this dragocite purchasable from the Falcon Quartermaster Lulu which adds 30% to crit damage but it requires 15,000 influence so for a while this will be your best option. 

Obtained: Dropped by Blaidely in either the lvl 28 Hoppadrome, the world boss at Marsh Abyss, or from the boss in the lv28 Hunt "Killing me Blaidely". It can also be purchased for 800 Dragomon Points via the Loot tab. 

Crocosaur's Dragocite - Max HP 8% 
As mentioned, there is one reasonable alternative to the Stegodile dragocite and this is it. This dragocite adds 8% to max HP. Obviously, if you are going for damage output, then this is not what you want however if you are headed for a more tank build or you want to try and survive better in the Arena, then it may be good to have one of these on-hand, at least as a swap-out option for when you need it. Level 40 dragocite. 

Obtained: Dropped by Jojo in either the lvl 48 Hoppadrome, the world boss at Everfrost Berg, or from the boss in the lv49 Hunt "Trust Nobody". It can also be purchased for 600 Dragomon Points via the Loot tab. 

Feet Dragocite 

Feet dragocite are a bit more difficult to explain but when it really comes down to it, there are 2 possible approaches. Either you stack elemental damage, or you stack buffs/debuffs. In either case, the dragocite you choose for this slot will be dependant on what you select as your Weapon dragocite, as well as your equipped Outfits. 

Dracopard's Dragocite - Target Lightning Res -30% Proc 
This dragocite has the chance to reduce the target's Lightning resistance by 30% and procs very often. I personally use this option and against bosses it's active almost the the whole time. Obviously, this should only be your option if you plan to stack Lightning damage through Chain Lightning, Lightning Shield, or if you are a Mage that makes good use of your Lightning damage skills. 

Obtained: Dropped by Dracopard at Everfrost Berg or purchasable from the Loot tab for 400 Dragomon Points. 

Arcane Damage alternative: Nautilubus's Dragocite - Target Arcane Res -30% Proc 
This would be the option if you are stacking Arcane damage (Arcane Missile or various mage skills). There are dragocites that lower Ice and Fire resistances but they are not as commonly used as there aren't many dragocites that proc decent skills of these elements. 

Obtained: Dropped by Nautilubus at Everfrost Berg or purchasable from the Loot tab for 400 Dragomon Points. 

Horrorbloom's Dragocite - Attack 7% Proc 
As mentioned, the alternative to stacking elemental damage is to stack buffs/debuffs. This dragocite has the chance to raise your Attack by 7% for 5 seconds whenever a Crit lands and procs relatively often. Arguably better than the elemental options since this is a 7% buff to all damage and not just the damage of your selected element, but that's for you to decide. Level 20 dragocite.

Obtained: Dropped by Krellborn in either the lvl 38 Hoppadrome, the world boss at Sporefall Core, or from the boss in the lv29 Hunt "KB Noise". It can also be purchased for 800 Dragomon Points via the Loot tab. 

Debuff alternative: Broot's Lustrious Dragocite - Target Attack -7% Proc 
As a more defensive option, this dragocite has the chance to lower the target's Attack stat by 7% and procs relatively often. 

Obtained: Dropped by Broot in the lv38 Hallowshrowd Tree dungeon or purchasable from the Loot tab for 500 Dragomon Points. 

Weapon Dragocite 

Blazing Leo's Dragocite - Arcane Missile Proc 
There's a reason why so many of these are cluttering up the auction house and that reason is that this is the highest damaging weapon dragocite available for now. It triggers Arcane Missile which is a single-target burst damage attack similar to firebolt. It also cannot miss its target, which is very nice in PvP. It should be evident that the damage type is Arcane, which is its only downfall; it is therefore susceptible to arcane resistance. Still, its damage output is very high and it procs often. Please note that Arcane Missile can hit multiple targets if they are very close together (practically on top of eachother). Level 40 dragocite. 

Obtained: Dropped by Simmbal in either the lvl 38 Hoppadrome, the world boss at Ventari Hill, or from the boss in the lv47 Hunt "Dragomon Music Video". It can also be purchased for 900 Dragomon Points via the Loot tab. 

Torrkus' Radiant Dragocite - Chain Lightning Proc 
A Lightning element alternative to Arcane Missile, this dragocite triggers Chain Lightning which is a reasonably damaging skill, and procs often. If you are stacking Lightning damage, then this may be a better option than Leo's dragocite, but that's for you to decide and test yourself. Note that Chain Lightning hits multiple targets so if engaging multiple enemies, it may produce higher damage output than Arcane Missile, however this will never be true for single target damage where resistances are equal. Level 30 dragocite. 

Obtained: Dropped by Torrkus in the lv38 Prison of Ancients dungeon or purchasable from the Loot tab for 700 Dragomon Points. 

Bladed Hornoceros' Dragocite - Light Flash Proc 
If you really want to avoid elemental damage entirely, this dragocite triggers Light Flash, a physical damage, single target skill. It also cannot miss its target which is nice for PvP. The end result damage, however, will be lower than the two alternatives that I already mentioned but the fact that it is physical damage rather than elemental makes it worth considering in some cases. Level 30 dragocite. 

Obtained: Dropped by Maverick in either the lvl 28 Hoppadrome, the world boss at Viridian Forest, or from the boss in the lv34 Hunt "I Feel the Need". It can also be purchased for 800 Dragomon Points via the Loot tab. 

Follower Dragocites 

First of all, if you expect your Follower to do any significant amount of actual damage, then get that idea out of your head and move on. Followers just simply cannot dish out damage anywhere near comparable to the player, so for this reason it's best to focus their dragocites on buffing/debuffing. 

Head Dragocite 

Cullcry - Crit Dmg 50% Proc 
Yes it's Cullcry again, but only use this dragocite on your follower if you do not use it on your main character. This is a popular option since it frees up your character's head slot to put Shielded Styracosaur's dragocite for Crit heals. Just remember that if your follower has slow attack speed or dies a lot, then Cullcry will trigger less often and therefore less damage output. 

Warcry - Attack 5% Proc 
If you use the Cullcry on your character, then this is a good option as it buffs the party with 5% to Attack and procs often. Available for purchase via the Loot tab for 600 Dragomon Points. 

Chest Dragocite 

Torrkus' Lustrious Dragocite - Stun on Defend Proc 
An excellent way to make good use of your follower is to have it stun your opponent and this dragocite has a chance to trigger stun when your follower is hit. It has a pretty good proc rate also. Dropped by Torrkus in the lv38 dungeon Prison of the Ancients or purchasable from the Loot Tab for 600 Dragomon Points. 

Kragg's Radiant Dragocite - Transmogrify on Attack Proc 
Similar to stunning your enemy, this dragocite has a chance to turn your opponent into a Fungus for a short time (3 seconds I believe). The duration is longer than stun, but keep in mind that this does not work on Bosses so it's mostly reserved for PvP. Dropped by Kragg in the lv48 dungeon Seasnail Grotto or purchasable from the Loot Tab for 1000 Dragomon Points. 

Primordiant's Dragocite - Shield 50% Proc 
Same as the dragocite listed as the common option for Players' chest slot, it can also do well at keeping your Follower alive but keep in mind that since your follower's damage is basically irrelevant, keeping them alive doesn't serve much purpose if they aren't buffing/debuffing/stunning your opponent. 

Waist Dragocite 

Crocosaur's Dragocite - HP 8% 
There aren't many great options for your Follower's waist dragocite so 8% to HP is about the best you can get. Drop details listed in the Player section. 

Darkslate Reptillion's Dragocite - Shield 50% on Attack Proc 
A similar dragocite to Primordiant's dragocite, this dragocite has the chance to spawn a shield that blocks 50% damage but triggers on attack rather than on defense. I would personally just go for Crocosaur but this is another option. Drops from Darkslate in any of the lv40+ material hunts or puchasable for 600 Dragomon Points via the Loot tab. 

Weapon Dragocite 

Blazing Leo's Dragocite - Arcane Missile Proc 
Or any level 40 Dragocite. 
There's really not great option for the weapon slot as all weapon dragocites just proc an offensive skill and your Follower's damage is so low that it really doesn't do much. When it really comes down to it, just get a bunch of level 40 dragocites and pick the one that has the best Transform stats (HP, Defense and Attack). 

Feet Dragocite 

See Player section - Feet Dragocite - The options for your Follower's Feet dragocite are essentially the same as for your Player so whatever route you choose to go for (Elemental Stacking or Buffs/Debuffs), you just want to make sure that you choose a different dragocite for your Follower than the one for your Player. So if you're going with 7% Attack Proc on your Player, then go for the -7% Target Attack Proc on your Follower. If you're going for Elemental damage and only have 1 element to stack, then go for a Buff on your Follower rather than trying to stack the same Elemental dragocite. This is because the same buff or debuff cannot stack so having it on both your Character and Follower is a waste. 

Hands Dragocite 

Glacial Tyrant's Dragocite - Poison Physical DoT Proc 
Or any level 40 hands dragocite. 
Since the damage output of your Follower is irrelevant, and since all Hands dragocites are attack Procs, your only focus for this slot should be to make sure that it's a level 40 dragocite (to maximize potential for Transform stats). Glacial Tyrant's dragocite would be ideal in this case but really it doesn't matter, any level 40 dragocite will do. 

Head Outfits 

Body Outfits 

Honorable Mentions 

Crocargot's Dragocite - Healing 15% (Healers) 

Glacial Tyrant's Dragocite - Poison DoT (PvP) 

Masterstrike - Recover 20SP on Attack (Healers, Mages, PvP) 

Sabertooth Dragon's Dragocite - Knockback (PvP) 

Rockmane Raptor's Dragocite - Free Jumping (O.O) 

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Credits: Special thanks to TrueUltima for this guide.

Fallout 4: 12 Useful Items to Grab in Sanctuary Hill Area

Guide oriented for those players who already started a playrun and they don't want to miss a thing in future playruns and/or for those methodical players starting to play FO4 who want to be sure to grab all the early important items. 
The guide is also focused on combat-oriented and challenging playruns (survival, no saves, bans...) 

Of course, everything here is 100% legit. 

Cheating, exploits, tricks, console use, mods... ignored. Guide for real players only. 


1. S.P.E.C.I.A.L. BOOK
Sanctuary Hills, in our post-war house, in the baby bedroom.
It's like a joker bobble-head, the book gives any +1 in any S.P.E.C.I.A.L.
Easy to get. One of the best items in FO4.
Most players already know it, but it is my duty to inform. It would be a terrible disgrace to miss this one...

2. GOLD (1.350 caps)
Sanctuary Hills, in the basement of the house of our neighbor. Look for the door on the floor, behind the house.
There is some useful loot in that basement too: ammo, chems, adhesive, locked items... being the 
most notable the three gold bars. 
In FO4 there are almost infinite legit ways to make infinite money, with more or less effort, but to start the game with 1.350 caps of value, almost weightless, is a nice help.
There is an usable bed in the basement, the only one in Sanctuary Hills. There is also some loot on the roof of the house.

Sanctuary Hills, West. In a mini-island in the middle of the river, close to a military vehicle.
We must grab this helmet and to wear it asap.
It's just very good, believe me. 
+10 DR (Damage Resistance) for free is a huge help at the beginning of the game. Observe that the effect is the same that the popular (and good) perk Toughness gives: +10 DR, but with no need to wait or to waste a perk... 
The helmet is also compatible with the +1PER glasses that we should be wearing from the Vault.

4. .44 PISTOL
Sanctuary Hills, South-East. Follow the river, pass a small dock, and you will find a water-device. Follow the pipe, at the end you will find a skeleton with the .44 pistol, five rounds and some loot.
This pistol is stronger than any other of the guns we will find at level one, like the 10mm. or the pipe pistol, but the .44 ammo is too hard to find until level 8-10. Even with the five bullets, it's a good thing to have it in our inventory for an emergency, or to deal with an early OP enemy. 
(SPOILER) Tip: activate the water device and three boxes with caps will be available in the yellow deposit. Be cautious. in the area the visibility is low (trees, weeds...) and diverse enemies patrol the zone: mole rats, hounds, raiders... 

Vault 111, West. Between the big power poles. A small minefield with eight fragmentation mines that can be easily deactivated (vatscouting) and taken.
It is allways nice to have some of this, just in case... 
Note: sometimes the mines don't show. I think this happens when the player kills "too early" the four raiders camping in the area (not confirmed yet). 

Ranger Cabin. Inside the shack, on the table, next to the bed.
The closest landmark from Sanctuary Hills and a safe place, so it's a good plan to grab this mag soon.
We listen "melee damage" and a luckless raider with a pool cue or a poor supermutant with a board come to mind, but it is more than it. Hounds, mole rats, bugs, insects, mirelurks, ghouls... do melee attacks too! This magazine protects us from almost any non-ranged weapon attacks... and for free!

Sunshine Tidings Co-op. Easy to handle settlement. It can be cleared by the player with no need of any faction or settler gives us a quest. 
The book is inside the shack close to the high deposits. 
This magazine is incredible! I didn't appreciate it until I got it. 
I don't use to care about "greedy" perks, but omg, this one is just too good! 
In a long playrun, this mag will give us an immense amount of extra free resources. We wil loot hundreds (maybe thousands) of dead animals, from radroachs to deathclaws... and this means that we will get thousands of extra meat pieces, caps and freebies!
It is totally worth it to make an effort to get this magazine asap to get bonuses from all those mole rats, bugs, radroaches, hounds... that will be killing 24/7 out there... 

One issue in Sanctuary Hills, in our post-war house, on the kitchen table.
One issue in Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup, Soth of Sanctuary Hills. 
The +5% critical bonus mags are just ok imo, even for their especific builds, but freebies are freebies, we can't complain... let's just grab them all! 
(SPOILER) Tip: It's possible and very funny to clear the area with no need to spend a bullet, a hit or any resources at all. Take Dogmeat with you, sneak to the terminal, activate the protectron, jump to a high place (trucks, roofs..), grab some popcorn and watch the show! You will have to "awake" some ghouls and to make them to run into the protectron/Dogmeat alliance...

Lonely Chapel. The book is in the Federal Ration Stockpile basement, on the table of a raider named Red Tourette. In the early game is more safe to enter in the basement using the secret door in the Chapel. This way we will have to deal with six enemies, not with +20 if we use the main door of the complex.
These COM books are really powerful when stacked. The effect of one single book is not clearly appreciable, but I joined all of them with the Sneak perks and the Sneak bobblehead in my long playrun and the effect is is really impressive. Raiders, Ghouls, Supermutants look like Stevie Wonder! 

Drumlin Dinner. Sold by Trudy in the caravan for 200 caps. 
This is the fastest way to get a silenced fire weapon in FO4.
it's also a stronger weapon than the average low level guns. it uses .308 ammo. 
Even with "Gun Nut", we can't create silenced mods before level 13 (GN#2).
Like most pipe weapons, it can be modded as a rifle or as a pistol. Gunslinger and Rifleman perks will boost it or not in each case.
Trudy also sells the unique "General Chao's Revenge" sword. It has high stats. I guess this could be a decent "level one weapon" for a melee build (or to borrow to companions), but honestly, I've not tested it myself.
(SPOILER) As you arrive to the place, a mini-quest triggers... be prepared! Tip: In my experience to shoot fast to the couple disturbing Trudy is the best option. I tried to talk to them twice and all I got is some bullets flying to my head.

Robotics Disposal Ground. 
The Fatman is on the chassis of one of the ruined cars there, close to the combat sentry.
There is a Mini-Nuke next to the big pile of tires, close to the fence.
In FO4 Bethesda placed Fatmans in the Cheetos bags... We find Fatmans everywhere! They are easy to grab and they respawn in some places! In any case, it's not a bad thing to have at least one Fatman stocked in our base, just in case we need something fat to solve a fat problem...
There is a Hot Rodder magazine in the cabin, on the table, next to the terminal, that gives us +1 AG when applied to ur power-armor. 
(SPOILER) Mini-Nukes for the Fatman become much more easy to get after level 10-12 when suicide supermutants show...

Unmarked location: Crashed Vertibird field.
Apart from the famous power-armor in Concord, there is another one very close to Sanctuary Hills, in an open field with a crashed Vertibird, at the East of the Robotics Disposal Ground. This power-armor comes with no fusion core, so be prepared if you decide to go for it.
Available fusion cores in the Sanctuary Hills area:
- One in the Red Rocket Truck Stop, in the subterranean cave. 
- One in the Robotics Disposal Ground, in the military box. close to the combat sentry 
- (SPOILER) Two inside the combat sentry if we make it to autodestruct via holotape/terminal.
- One in the Concord Museum of Freedom basement.
- One in the sewers of Concord. 
There is also a Power Armor (with Fusion Core) at the South of the Drumlin Dinner, in a cell on a train wagon, but the Hacker level 1 perk is needed to open the magnetic door with a terminal.

I tried to skip Concord because I am preparing a specific guide for it.
No copy-paste here. All this content (map, text, pictures...) is original, and everything was experienced by myself. Feel free to ask me anything.
I've played Fallout games for more than 2.000 hours. I play in survival with handicaps and zero saves. If I do something stupid and I die, I begin a new playrun from the Vault. For this reason I end knowing very well the early areas of these games...

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Credits: Special thanks to B.O.S for this tip.

Destiny: Bungie Might Raise Up the Difficulty of Golgoroth Challenge in the Future

Bungie suggests that Destiny’s Golgoroth raid challenge is going to be far from a pushover in future, with the developer hinting that it will ‘ramp up’ the difficulty.

Since its release, Destiny has managed to maintain a very dedicated fanbase, with the average player clocking in at 3 hours a day. Because of this, the hardcore Destiny user may have grown accustomed to the title’s gameplay, making the multiplayer shooter less of a challenge. According to developer Bungie, however, that is going to change – at least when it comes to the Golgoroth raid.

During the recent Bungie Weekly Update, the developer’s community manager DeeJ left a cryptic message for players unfazed by the challenge. “For those wondering if the challenge will ramp up at Golgoroth, let us know what you think next week,” hinted DeeJ in the post. From the looks of it, Destiny players will not have long to wait to see exactly what Bungie has in store for them.

The post also discussed what rewards are on offer as part of the King’s Fall raid. Players can unlock the Worm God’s Servant emblem by defeating the Warpriest under “specific circumstances.” Success in a boss challenge also delivers extra top-tier loot – 310 Light in King’s Fall Normal, or 320 in King’s Fall Hard. The raid rewards aren’t over yet, either, with one of three different optional challenges set to appear each week.

Destiny players are certainly of the type that crave a difficult time of things, and since the game’s launch there have been plenty of impressive self-made challenges. Most recently, an intrepid user spent over 20 hours attempting to beat Crota whilst wearing a blindfold, resorting to memorizing gameplay and waiting for audio and vibration cues. Meanwhile, other players have tested their mettle in other ways, including beating the Crota’s End raid without firing a single round of ammo.

Hopefully, this tweak to Golgoroth will add another level of difficulty to keep fans happy. However, there are hints that there will be more changes afoot to keep players interested in Destiny, beyond simply ramping up the difficulty. The Taken King creative director Luke Smith has admitted that the title misses out on long-term goals for users to remain interested in the game, suggesting Bungie may have something else in store.

An increased difficulty is not the only immediate Destiny change afoot, either. Bungie has also revealed that the game’s December update will nerf the controversial and overpowered Sunbreaker Titan subclass, whilst buffing some other subclasses that The Taken King has offered. Let’s see what else Bungie plans to change with the game in future.

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SOURCE: Bungie

Destiny Rumors: Sniper Rifles Might Get Realistic Sniping Tweak in the Future

"Destiny" players are still largely unaware of what kind of changes might be coming to the game next year, although it certainly seems that the sniper rifle might soon be altered in one way or another.

According to Softpedia, more and more "Destiny" players are voicing concerns over how sniper rifles work inside the game. More specifically, they are complaining about how they are not very realistic.

A Bungie community manager even recently brought up the topic of sniper rifles in the game, wondering if making them more realistic would be ideal inside a game that is not fundamentally set in a world like the one people live in.

Bungie has yet to comment on whether or not they will be making changes to the sniper rifles in the game, although it seems like the developer will react one way or another if the discussion continues into next year.

While players wait for possible changes being made to some of the weapons inside "Destiny," they can also enjoy the free items they will be getting early on in the new year.

Starting Jan. 7, 2016, "Destiny" players will be eligible to receive 15 Strange Coins and 15 Motes of Light for free. All players have to do is to claim the free items from the Postmaster when they become available.

Aside from the free items, some "Destiny" players may also receive a new emblem in the game. According to Express UK, all players have to do is to play "Destiny" any time between Jan. 7 and Jan. 10 to receive the new emblem, although it's still unclear what purpose the mysterious item serves.

The last few days of December will also be bringing something back inside "Destiny."

Iron Banner is now live again inside the game, taking the place of the Sparrow Racing League, so "Destiny" players will have something to tide themselves over as they wait for the arrival of the new content in 2016.

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Summoners War Showing Presence in Rank Charts with “Rift of Worlds” Update

Summoners War has been climbing back up the rankings in the major markets since it has released the Rift of Worlds update. The Rift of Worlds update, which was simultaneously released to 160 countries on Dec. 10th, introduced new systems such as the Raid, World Boss, and Transmogrification and has helped Summoners War regain its popularity.

After the update, Summoners War has proven its popularity by entering top 10 in the US, Korean, and Japanese App Store rankings. Also, since Dec. 26th the game is ranked 6th in the US Google Play game grossing rankings and 11th in the Japanese App Store game grossing rankings.  
Moreover, on the 26th, Summoners War has climbing up the charts all around the world, entering the top 10 game grossing rankings in 54 countries for Google Play and 25 countries for the App Store. According to the App Store game chart, Summoners War has climbed 18 steps in Japan, ranking 11th, and 10 steps in Taiwan, ranking 4th, after the update. The game is also showing strong presence in Europe App Store, being 5th in Germany, 6th in Austria, and 7th in France. 
According to the Google Play game chart, Summoners War is currently 2nd in game grossing for Germany and France, and is within the top 10 in 17 other European countries. Also thanks to the brand promotion Com2uS has been carrying out before and after the update, Summoners War is proving to be successful in the rising markets ranking 2nd in Singapore, 3rd in Philippines, 4th in Vietnam, 2nd in Costa Rica, 3rd in Chile, 3rd in Argentina, and 3rd in Brazil.  
Com2uS says that the update has been very successful around the world and that it plans to do its best to meet the expectations of the users in the future as well..

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Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Tip: Take advantage of the Half-stamina / Double XP Now (Must Read)

Take advantage of the half-stamina / double XP promotion for the main storyline:

Why: If you did the tournament, you discovered how important stamina is. With this event you can dramatically increase your rank in order to use LESS DragonStones (DS) the next time a Tournament happens. Less DS used translates into more pulls.
  • Collect the new sets of Dragonballs that came out a few weeks ago
  • Level up your teams
  • Collect Dragonstones for the 20 DS summon event
  • Take advantage of the Goku event update:
Why: If you are not at the endgame stage (you still have story stones to farm), this event is probably the only event you can farm at Z-Hard right now. The payoff is worth it. Farming is pointless at anything under Z-Hard difficulty. To do so, you need good cards. This event allows you to obtain a solid UR and an underrated SSR, both at SA 10 very quickly and kickstart your Z-hard farming career. You should prioritize this event.

Get yourself a UR TEQ SSJ Goku, a SSR AGL Goku and a SR TEQ Goku with each a SA (special attack level) 10.

Warning: With this event, like other events (Frieza), people tend to get the final card and stop farming the event. Don't do that! SSR AGL Goku is worth farming again. In the case of the Frieza event, Golden Frieza links VERY well with Mecha Frieza. Yet a lot of people turned their Mech into a Golden and did not bother farming themselves another Mecha at SA 10. If your an optimist, you should do that with medals too. My own TEQ SSJ Goku took zero medal farming because I had a bunch of Goku medals left over. If for whatever reasons you have a card that you can bump right away, farm its medals and do it later.

Ahhhh I don't know who to awaken, where to spend my medals, what to do with my box!

The general rule is that "natural" SSRs should be prioritized as they are the most powerful cards in the game since they awaken to UR.

Okay, I have a full SSR/UR team that has good links and solid mono-teams. Everyone is at Super or Extreme. What next?

Do the Bojack event! This is the perfect event to go collect that SSR PHY Gohan with a shiny SA 10. He is easy to farm and the payoff is tremendous. He is easily the best SR card you can get at this point on Global.

Also, events with strong farmable INT cards are VERY common (Mecha Frieza). A good PHY card will make your life much easier.

In general, farming events is kind of like dominos, you need to build yourself a strong mono team to farm the event from the weak colour so that you can build yourself a strong mono team of that colour. Then, using this new team, you go after the next colour. Rinse and repeat and boom, you have a solid foundation of cards with SA10, often +3 ki leaders, that can host whatever cards you draw.

I'm running out of medals and zeni! What should I do!

The last stage of the Bojack event and the week-end event are Mister Satan levels with lots of Zeni. Farm those.

For medals, do the daily events like crazy. Level up those mono teams and rotate the characters to level everyone in your box.

How do I get great cards/build myself a box without purchasing DS all the time. On what should I spend my DS?

In order:

1 - Summon Events with either better rates/guaranteed SSRs or some kind of bonus (like a multi for 20 stones). Obviously you'll want to do a multipull.

2 - Friend pulls (single or multi).

3 - Multi normal event pulls.

4 - Single normal event pulls.

Warning: Take note that some R cards are dramatically better than others if you are starting off. When you are starting off and your mono teams are weak, a leveled up R card with the Perfect Guard is no joke. Search the subreddit using the search bar for posts on these golden nuggets.

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