Order & Chaos 2: Redemption Ranger Build Guide for Newbies

Abbreviations used in this guide:

PvP = player vs player
PvE= player vs environment
DoT= damage over time (skills that damage opponent for a time limit, e.g., poison)
dmg = damage
inscript= inscription (the skill modifiers that each skill has 3 avaible of)
lvl= level
b/c= because
wep= weapon

This build will make you a crafty sniper in the game, both PVE and PVP. If you are a player that likes maintaining DOT at a steady stream of damage in long range, then this build is probably for you. And lastly, if you love the art of kiting, then this hunter class build is perfectly for you.

Choosing a Class:
You can choose elf for your ranger b/c that's what just seems natural. Pointy ears and pointy arrows...a match made in heaven. Need more of a reason? Fine... They get a 2% critical dmg bonus and critical dmg will be your best friend as a hunter. So that made me choose the elf.

However, you may want defense so you're not a glass-cannon or something else.

Human - 2% Defences
Mendel - 3% Resists
Elf - 2% Critical Damage
Orc - 2% Physical Damage
Kratan - 3% Armor

The build goes like this:

Red= Skill names
Green color= Inscript names

-Triple Strike with Delay inscript
-Passive skill "Thin the Herd" for extra dmg on slowed enemies
-Deadly Trap (planning on using Toxic Trap inscript for DoT)
-Scatter Shot with Blizzard inscript (to have another stun skill)
-Stunning Shot (planning on Eagle Eye inscript for 20% crit chance)

Distance is your friend. so keeping them stunned is an obvious choice (hence Blizzard inscript on Scatter Shot)

Why the Slow Down Inscription?
Been seeing some people take the 30% extra fire dmg inscript (Wildfire) b/c the 15% passive dmg thing seems too little of a reward and by shear numbers 30% dmg> 15% dmg so it totally makes sense...BUT

Two usual things happen in PvP: (1) you begin to win the battle, the opponent sees that and runs, or (2) you start to lose that battle and run.

Case1: rangers can shoot AND run just this alone makes the inscription completely worth it. You are maybe mad that some guy just came by and started attacking you...you want vengeance! You will make him pay in blood! Well, as he runs (even outside the pvp zone) there is a 5 minute cool down for them to be "out of pvp" completely...this means you get 5 mins to continue chasing if you wish. Guess what? This inscript keeps them slower than you the WHOLE time b/c the cool down on Triple Strike is next to nothing. Add your passive (Thin the Herd) onto that and now you're doing bonus dmg the WHOLE time.

Case2: It is still unknown if you can use the teleporting system in the middle of pvp yet (meaning, open map, click a corridor and just go), but never seen one do it so far . There are certain scenarios that you will encounter very strong opponents...but you can hit them with your stun skill (Stunning Shot), slow them down, and run...at higher lvls you have a trap (Deadly Trap) which you can be setting as you run away as a means to "put obstacles" in their path that they will either avoid or take dmg from. In any case, they give up since you have these crafty skills and you are annoying to kill.

This skill is also quite amazing against monsters...kiting is very easy to do when they are slow. They never get near you and you always have bonus dmg on them (yes at the beginning, the bonus dmg may not be much but we are hoping that at higher lvls, that percent dmg will mean A LOT more).

The Triple Strike keeps them always slow and with passive combined, you can do extra dmg. You can also add the Blizzard inscript to the Scatter Shot skill to pin them even longer. In addition, you can also add up poison dmg (Toxic Trap) to your trap (Deadly Trap) to have DoT. So In case you are running away/ kiting, they will at least always be taking dmg from my shots AND poison. Having two skills that can stun/freeze will be useful in continuing to keep the enemy frozen in their tracks and all the while those skills are on cooldown, Triple Strike is slowing them down for you in between the time you can use stun skills again (Scatter Shot with Blizzard and Stunning Shot).

Just a helpful hint on your weapon and item drops from monsters:
As per items and upgrading...stick to your heritage and upgrade that. It is important to keep that thing upgraded to do optimal dmg. Keep all weps that drop from monsters strictly for upgrading your heritage bow. If the wep happens to be something worthwhile, then you can auction it off to make money to fuel upgrading. Everything else  you can get from monster is an instant sell for money to fuel upgrading. With this process, you won't be needing Red Oxide... by the time you have enough of the "aero powder" needed for upgrading to next lvl, your wep has already reached the cap by only using weps  you find. Save all Red Oxide for anything unpredictable in the future that may cause me to really need it.

[NOTICE]: Many rumors says that maybe in the end, it doesn't really matter how you spend skill points b/c they are "farmable"...meaning you will be able to get every single skill with all inscripts... 

What Others have said/suggested:
Member Belukang has nicely put up an alternative build. The one listed above is more of a "defensive" build and his/her build is a "High dmg output" build and looks like this:

Critical chance:
- Elf racial bonus, 2% crit chance
- 15% crit chance from starfire longbow
- stunning shot with eagle eye (20% crit chance for 7 sec)

- triple strike with wildfire (+30% dmg)
- marked man (+20% dmg)
- passive, no mercy (+5% dmg stackable up to 4x after u landed a crit hit)

and don't forget the powerful sniper skill."

-Triple Strike with Delay inscript (great for kiting, pvp, killing in general)
-Stunning Shot (haven't unlocked inscripts yet, planning on using Eagle Eye)
-Scatter Shot with Blizzard inscript
-Deadly Trap (planning on putting poison damage inscript (called Toxic Trap) on it)

-Distance and DoT (damage over time) are your best friends as a ranged class. Two skills that stun (Stunning Shot and Scatter Shot with Blizzard inscript) makes it so you can cycle them with slowing them down (Delay inscript on Triple Strike) in between using those two. Thus opponent is always either stunned or slowed down. Trap with poison (instead of stun) to have a DoT skill to be doing dmg as you kite and shoot.

-Enemy should theoretically always be taking dmg from your DoT (if it hits) and from your ranged attacks (b/c rangers can run AND shoot at the same time). AND enemy should theoretically always be slowed (and taking bonus dmg b/c of passive skill) or stunned.

Source: http://orderandchaos2forum.com/threads/ranger-build-guide-for-beginners.236/

Order & Chaos 2: Redemption Leveling Guide for All Classes

wew Here's a leveling guide for all classes in Order and Chaos 2: Redemption. In addition, you will also learn in this page few quests that many people didn't know about.

Levels 1-12: There is a quest chain that starts at level 1 and ends at level 12.

Levels 12-13: You will need to do instant quests until you reach level 13. Instant quests are located on your map, and reset daily, so if you run out of instant quests to do, come back tomorrow.

Levels 13-14: You will be able to receive your next quests at Stone's Throw in Dawnwatch.

Levels 14-15: Instant quests again.

Levels 15-18: Quests start at the beginning of Whitepeak map, in the port.

Levels 18-20: Instant quests yet again, you should get used to them as they are the slowest and most annoying part in leveling here in OAC2.

Levels 20-21: One quest chain can be found in Holy Tree. Note: there is a quest that gives 6000 xp, however after you complete the Holy Tree quest chain the village will change and the quest cannot be completed. I will upload a picture with the location of the quest soon.

Levels 21-23: Instant quests.

Levels 23-24: Right where you remained, in Howling Tundra. It will lead you to Thawton Town, where you have a bunch of quests, but dont get too excited as they wont help you level up quicker than before.

Levels 24-25: Instant quests.

Still working on it. Next quest chain is in Trim Steppes, at level 26.

Bugged quests (cant be completed):

Note: This might get patched in the future.

- "Barrier quest", in the Imperial Outpost, barriers cannot be repaired. (Fixed on windows platform)
- "Elementals quest", in Armistice Crater, looking at the elementals makes the game freeze. (Only on some devices)
- "Book quest": The quest listed above, that gives 6000 xp, after you finish the Holy Tree quest chain the last page cannot be found.

"Secret" quests: Earthen Ruin, left of the portal to the Clay Temple dungeon, a mob will give a quest worth 6000 xp and a skill book. Behind him is a temple-like building (without a roof). Follow the stairs to the left or right until you reach the top of the hill. On your side should be a red building, inside is a ghostly figure and a chest. The chest gives a very easy quest worth 13000 xp and a skill manual.

The book quest (listed above).

Important Note: This leveling guide is still a work-in-progress. If new leveling guide that will be much easier than mentioned above, then this page will be updated without further notice.

Destiny: The Taken King Armsday Week 4 Weapon Stats and Review (by kyt_kutcha)

The week 4 armsday is finally upon us Guardians! And, of course, it's time to know all the weapons better by taking a look at their stats and reviewing them and at the end, concluding which is the best weapon at Armsday 4 in Destiny: The Taken King.


Auto Rifles

Hakke Arminius-D

RoF- 100
Impact- 2
Range- 13
Stability- 42
Reload- 76
Mag- 40-48

This is the only max RoF TTK Legendary Auto Rifle in the Armory, which may be the only reason to buy it. It has the range and stability of a shotgun, without the advantage of getting a kill when you pull the trigger. The upside is, you’ll never run out of ammo (because you’re dead, not because your mag is enormous).

Hakke Zarinaea-D

RoF- 88
Impact- 8
Range- 25
Stability- 60
Reload- 65
Mag- 24-30

With the best range in its class and moderate stability, this gun is not a terrible choice, but the lackluster mag will disappoint in all game modes. It is overshadowed in every way (except range) by the Paleocontact JPK-43, available from your local Dead Orbit arms dealer. 


RoF- 88
Impact- 8
Range- 17
Stability- 68
Reload- 54
Mag- 23-38

The ARI-41 hopes that its respectable stability will land you enough headshots (at close range, mind you) to nab a kill or two before you have to reload. Compare it the the Zarinaea-D, above, and decide if you what more Range or more Stability.


RoF- 77
Impact- 28
Range- 48
Stability- 44
Mag- 25

This is the Auto Rifle to buy on Armsday, if you’re going to buy any of them. Compare it to the famous Regime, and note that it has double the Range of the Year 2 Exotic while remaining nearly identical in other stats. The Mag is a lie, though - it says 50 online, but only has 25 in actual play. At least the slow RoF stretches the rounds you do get.

Auto Rifle Perk Recommendations

With the Zarinaea-D, you should look for Range, Aim, and Stability boosts first. Focused Fire could also work out well for you. The ARI-45, on the other hand, would benefit most from a combination of stability (Smallbore could work, but Handlaid Stock and Injection Mold are my picks) and Glass Half Full - that huge magazine makes this a must-have.

Hand Cannons

Hakke Gaheris-D

RoF- 22
Impact- 81
Range- 23
Stability- 56
Reload- 41
Mag- 6-7

This is like a close range Ace of Spaces, or Hawkmoon, with better stability and half the magazine size. Due to the new damage dropoff for Hand Cannons, that means it is probably not worth your time.

Hakke-Judith D

RoF- 15
Impact- 94
Range- 41
Stability- 17
Reload- 26
Mag- 6-7

The only legendary hand cannon in its class (in the Armory), the Judith-D is your huckleberry. What this beast lacks in magazine size, it makes up for in stopping power and range - it is best-in-class in both when compared to other TTK hand cannons. You’ll need to learn to control the recoil, though. Compare to The First Curse for an exotic version.

Omolon Kumakatok HC4

RoF- 32
Impact- 74
Range- 15
Stability- 60
Reload- 48
Mag- 7-11

A great example of corporate espionage, this gun is nearly identical to the Down and Doubt 00-0, and both are outliers in terms of Impact for this RoF. This gun carries an extra round though, making it a slightly more reliable choice. The range is brutally short, but perks could mitigate that.

Omolon Uffern HC4

RoF- 22
Impact- 87
Range- 24
Stability- 70
Reload- 43
Mag- 5-9

Another outlier from Omolon, the Uffern is an ultra-stable close range weapon that hits like a brick. While it has more impact than any other hand cannon in its class (it’s a The Vanity clone with one less round), need testing if it will pan out in practice. Compare also to Year 2 Hawkmoon and similarly statted guns.

Perk Recommendations
Hand Cannons have been hit pretty hard by recent nerfs, with reductions to range and magazine size and increases in damage dropoffs, so anything that adds range or rounds is going to be good here. Reload is also a problem for these weapons, making Outlaw and Reactive Reload your best friends. The Judith-D would also benefit from anything that increases stability or reduces recoil, although Hakke provides limited options in that direction.

Pulse Rifles

Hakke Herja-D

RoF- 66
Impact- 14
Range- 33
Stability- 72
Reload- 68
Mag- 33

The very stable Herja-D makes headshots a breeze, and the rounding of per-round damage (say what?) should make 2 burst kills a possibility for talented guardians. This is a close-to-mid-range gun and range is its only limitation. It’s an extra stable Legendary Red Death, folks. Respect it.

Hakke Lyudmila-D

RoF- 59
Impact- 30
Range- 63
Stability- 54
Mag- 33

A Messenger-Class Pulse Rifle with an extra-large mag, everyone who got this with Auto Fire and extra Stability last week already knows its power. In PVP, it can two burst kill without hitting all headshots, and in PVE it deals serious sustained damage. This is my current default primary.


RoF- 66
Impact- 14
Range- 48
Stability- 68
Reload- 62
Mag- 18-33

Another Red Death look-alike, the Suros model drops a bit of stability and clip size for a lot of extra range. If these stats hold up in practice, that range might just be worth it, too. Pulse Rifles like this are versatile.


RoF- 73
Impact- 7
Range- 22
Stability- 75
Reload- 90
Mag- 18-33

The rock-solid stability and near-instant reload speed on this gun might change my mind. The short range could be a real problem though, because this gun is going to take 3-4 bursts to kill.

Perk Recommendations
The Hakke Pulse Rifles fire 4 rounds instead of 3, so if you can find one with Headseeker, BUY IT. Combo that with Stability enhancements, and you’re all set. Suros offers a wide variety of primary perks, many of which are good, and some of which are new and could be good. In general though, that Headseeker is a reliable first choice.

Scout Rifles

Omolon Cocytus SR4

RoF- 27
Impact- 61
Range- 64
Stability- 44
Reload- 59
Mag- 9-17

This Omolon Scout Rifle hits hard at range. It shares an archetype with Gheleon’s Demise, but has much better stability. With the right perks I think this gun can be good, but the small mag, slow RoF, and poor stability mean it’s not my first choice.

Omolon Tuonela SR4

RoF- 37
Impact- 48
Range- 62
Stability- 69
Reload- 62
Mag- 9-17

This weapon has a lot of competition in its RoF subtype, but best-in-class stability makes it a strong choice. As with the Cocytus, though, it is hurt by the small mag. 


RoF- 37
Impact- 48
Range- 77
Stability- 48
Reload- 45
Mag- 13-23

This Scout has crazy range and an impressive magazine size, but its stability needs heavy compensation. Fortunately, there are a lot of perks that can help with that, making this a great choice for cautious players, especially in the expansive patrol environments.

Perk Recommendations
The Omolon weapons here should really shine when combining Perks like Triple Tap, Replenish, and Rescue Mag with extra stability from Hand-laid Stock / Smallbore and fun perks like Firefly and Third Eye. On the other hand, Casket Mag or Extended Mag could also help to balance out their low mag sizes. The Suros SR’s have a number of interesting primary perk options, as well as several choices for increasing stability. With no re-rolls.


Fusion Rifles

Omolon Thesan FR4

CR- 18
Impact- 94
Range- 38
Stability- 81
Reload- 68
Mag- 4-6

With the Stability of Telesto and more Impact than Plan C, you really can’t go wrong here - if you like Fusion Rifles, buy this gun!

Perk Recommendations
This gun is darn close to perfect already. Look for perks like Accelerated Coils, Quickdraw, Hot Swap or Grenadier, and it is worth to see how Eye of the Storm works out.


Hakke Jingukogo-D

RoF- 23
Impact- 52
Range- 12
Stability- 56
Reload- 35
Mag- 3

The small mag makes this gun practically unusable. It’s worthless for DPS in PVE, and you’ll he to constantly reload in PVP - a death knell for a mid-impact shotgun. Nothing here impresses.

Hakke Strongbow-D

RoF- 23
Impact- 52
Range- 10
Stability- 56
Reload- 33
Mag- 5

With decent perks, this gun’s RoF and stability could make it a respectable choice for PVE DPS. Low Range and Impact make it hard to recommend this in PVP, though.

Perk Recommendations
Focus on PVE perks, if you decide you want one of these. Army of One, Full Auto, and Relentless Tracker all bring something useful to the table.

Sniper Rifles

Hakke Aoife Rua-D

RoF- 26
Impact- 22
Range- 78
Stability- 34
Reload- 68
Mag- 4-5

This sniper is unfortunately of the mid-range type, meaning that it is neither powerful enough to take down reviving characters, nor fast and stable enough to reliably two-shot enemies. On the bright side, the gun’s range is near the top for TTK snipers, so maybe you can run to the edge of the map and hide from people with better weapons?

Hakke Tamar-D

RoF- 26
Impact- 22
Range- 78
Stability- 36
Reload- 66
Mag- 4-5

The same as Aoife. Two extra points of stability does not justify this gun’s manufacture. Don’t buy it. Don’t buy the Aoife. Unless you want the Marks. Hakke should stick to making Pulse Rifles.

Omolon Eirene RR4

RoF- 19
Impact- 34
Range- 76
Stability- 44
Reload- 57
Mag- 4-5

Among TTK Legendary Snipers, this gun has the best Impact in the game. Unfortunately, it only take 31 Impact to revive-kill, which means this weapon is overshadowed by more stable Snipers like 1000 Yard Stare. Maybe Trials will make that extra damage matter, but right now this is not a top tier choice

Omolon Uzume RR4

RoF- 40
Impact- 13
Range- 72
Stability- 58
Reload- 75
Mag- 5-6

This is as stable as a Sniper Rifle gets these days, but the high RoF subtype has fallen out of favor in comparison to weapons like Stillpiercer and 1000 Yard Stare, which are just as stable but OHK on revives and against supers.

Perk Recommendations
Anything that boosts Stability and Aim is going to be a good choice here. The Hakke guns have the new Take a Knee perk, which looks interesting. The Omolon weapons have Firefly, which most of us see on the Uzume today. Unflinching is always a good choice, too.


None... Yet!

Rocket Launchers


RoF- 4
Blast- 84
Velocity- 74
Stability- 44
Reload- 51
Mag- 2

This Suros RL hits hard, fast, and holds 2 in the mag, all excellent traits following the Proximity Detonation nerf. There are rockets out there with more blast radius or velocity, but this is a good mix of the two.

Perk Recommendations
Obviously you want Grenades and Horseshoes or Tracking if you aren’t just making your own fireworks show, but Cluster Bombs is great if you can aim your own rockets, and Tripod gives you even more bang for your buck. 



How to Get "First Curse" in Destiny: The Taken King


From : quest called "imprecations" after reaching RANK 5 on Gunsmith / Banshee.

Special Note:
- You can get a one time +500 rep to Gunsmith by finishing Shaxx's crucible quest.
- You DO NOT get rep from the weapon/extra bounties they crucible offers AFTER completing said quest.

The Basics: DestinyDB Quest info

Step 1: Get Hand Cannon kills with a Primary or Hand Cannon Telemetry active. After, speak to Banshee at the tower.

TIP: Do this at seige of the warmind, or patrol, etc. Pretty quick.

Step 2: Wait for Tex Mechanica's next Armsday delivery. Armsday occurs every Wednesday. After, speak to Banshee at the tower.

Step 3: Infuse the weapon, get kill sprees, and go on a precision kill spree in the Crucible.

Infuse the Weapon

Seven Kill Sprees (7x "3 kill sprees") of any type

>> This is defined as 3 kills of X type within a life**. Example: 3 headshot spree within a life, machine gun spree, shotgun spree, etc.

Seven "Precision" Kill Sprees (7x "3 headshot kill" sprees).
>> The is defined as 3 kills with precision damage as the fatal shot within a life. I don't believe they have to be sequential.

Tips: Similar to doing the Chaperone quest, play smart. Don't rush. Ranged weapons are probably better. Try a sniper! :) Control is a better game type to play. When complete, go speak to Banshee.
Step 4: Wait for Tex Mechanica's next Armsday delivery. Armsday occurs every Wednesday. Talk about time gates?

Step 5: Go talk to Banshee, money! Gun should drop here. :)

For Comparison:

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DestinyTheGame/comments/3mz3ah/how_to_get_the_first_curse/

Credits: Guide by icevenom

Clash of Kings Forge Guide

Here is my attempt to explain how the forge works.... hope it helps


To forge you need material, steel, and an extra equipment. Level one does not need the equipment.

Colors are levels they are important 

To upgrade the color for material you need 4 of the same material and color.

To upgrade the color on equipment you must start with level one equipment forging the color wanted upgrade accordingly. 

See the rest of the guide for more info.


There are a few parts of Forging


The equipment you get by forging, there are 5 different types BOOT, PANTS, SHIRTS, HELMETS , AND RINGS, each have 5 different levels one, five, ten, fifteen, and twenty. Each level has 1 to 3 types that give different buffs. They also have 6 colors that make them stronger.


There are many types of Material from crystals, garnet to fur and herbs and more in between. Each give different buffs to the equipment you can find this information in the storage box by clicking the material.
You get materials several ways, Gifts from the port, Killing monsters and farming. You need them to forge equipment.


There are 6 different colors from lowest to highest: white, green, blue, violet, orange and gold, the better the color the better the Equipment. 
Click image for larger version. 

When you get Material the color is white or green. In order to upgrade the color you need four of the same kind and color in order to upgrade to the next level. This is done going to storage box in the blacksmith click on any material that have four or more. Then synthesize. You’ll receive one of the same materials of the next color. In order to get to the highest color you will need to synthesize each level of color. Four green make one blue, four blue make one violet, four violet make one orange and four orange make one gold. 


In order to forge Equipment you will need to have the material, the steel for level 1, for levels 5 and higher you will also need equipment of the same level or one lower. You do not lose the equipment used to forge only it's color. 


It is the best to forge when you have the material and the equipment all the same color and the higher the color the better. This gives you a 100% chance on getting that color.

An example is forging a Thick leather boots level 10. You need 17.400 of steel, garnet, jade, fur and any Equipment level 5 or 10. You have white jade, green garnet, blue fur, and a green armor (equipment). There is an 18.18% chance that the boots will be white, 72.72% chance that they will be green and a 9.09% chance they will be blue. You can find the percent just above the material in the forge room. If you diced to forge, you will gamble on the color it could very well turn out white. There is a little possibility that my boot will be blue. So it's better to wait for those level 10 boot and forge them when you have everything blue or even a higher color.

In order to have gold equipment you need to start with gold equipment level one and upgrade always with gold. 


When you collect your forged equipment it will give you the option to change the equipment.
It is advisable to check and see what buffs you have and change the equipment as often as needed. For example The Elemental Ring level 20 is for building however if I am going to attack the Serpent´s Eye ring level 20 is better. Having both allows me to change as needed. Make sure to forge the ones you need many are very similar.

Destiny: The Taken King Detailed Black Spindle Guide

Hey there, Guardians. Lost to Light is back so it’s time to seize your Black Spindles.

Note: If you've already done the mission, you can run it again for a chance of getting the ship.

Those who missed out a few days ago are now likely chomping at the bit to get your Black Hammer 2.0 from today’s Daily Heroic mission. However this mission comes with its own challenges. So here’s a little guide I wrote up to hopefully help a few of you get your new Exotic Sniper.

Part 1: Make it to the Ketch
Use whatever loadout you want for this mission, but I found that Swords work well at clearing large swathes of enemies quickly. If you have any King’s Fall weapons, use them as they deal extra damage against the Taken.

Most of the mission is fairly self-explanatory, make it to where you shattered Crota’s crystal and kill the Ogre.

Once the Ogre is dead you’ll want to hightail it out as quickly as possible, take too long and the door to the Ketch will shut. But be careful not to wipe as this will also cause the door to shut.

After you pass the room where 2 relics are needed to open the door, you’re almost at the Ketch. The lift into the Ketch is located across the room where three 3 relics are required to open the door. Ignore the relics and get to the lift. If the door is shut and Ghost offers to scan it, you’ll know you took too long, reset the mission and start again.

Part 2: Breach and Clear
Once you’re on the Ketch and reach the first room, the timer will start. You’ve got 10 minutes to clear the Ketch of all Taken and kill the boss at the end.

The first room is simple as it contains the least amount of enemies and should only take you 45-60 seconds to clear.

An Arc-shield Centurion spawns up the back, and Solar-shield Knights are littered in the room. Take out the Blight Orbs as soon as you enter to prevent excess enemies spawning. You should be waiting for the back door to open at roughly 9:15 remaining on the clock.

Part 3: Tunnel
Six enemies spawn here, three left and three right, one Taken Captain on each side with two Vandals. Shotguns and swords for a quick kill.

Kill the Blight Orbs. Always kill the Blight Orbs.

Send one person left to quickly kill one of the Wizards, they continually spawn Shadow Thrall which add to the chaos. The other two players split and take down as many enemies as quickly as possible.

Dealing damage to the Snipers can force them to use their bubble move, alleviating some of the pressure. Send one person along the perimeter to take them out, using the outcroppings as shields. There are three snipers up the back and one on the left hiding above the side-tunnel.

If you can clear this room with more than 7 minute remaining on the clock, you’re doing well.

The winding tunnel between you and the boss room contains a two Phalanx, a Captain, and two Knights. Dispatch them without impunity. The boss room is where the proverbial shit hits the roof.

One person should stay in the entrance tunnel and should be continually dealing damage to the boss. Two people should be sent left to draw the aggro from the enemies sideways and away from the entrance.

Again, kill the Blight Orbs as soon as possible, the less enemies in the room the easier this is going to be.

The two people on the left can retreat to the entrance if things turn south quickly, but it’s important for them to push their way back out. Keeping everyone at the entrance only focuses the fire of the enemies and causes all the Captains, and the boss, to send the Blinding Orbs at the entrance.

While killing enemies, the two on the left should also damage the boss wherever possible, especially if it’s down on the floor as this location is difficult for the entrance-person to reach.

At a few minute remaining, a Blight Orb will spawn near the entrance window; it will prevent the main damage dealer from healing. Kill it.

Aim to have the boss dead at 1:30 – 1:00 remaining, this will ensure you have plenty of time to clean up the remaining enemies. They stop spawning once the boss is dead. Whip out the sword, pop Supers, and go completely ham. Slay everything in your path.

Once everything is dead, the mission will end and you’ll receive your Black Spindle. If your inventory is full, it will be delivered to the Postmaster.

Here’s a video on how they did it:

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DestinyTheGame/comments/3my5f8/black_spindle_a_video_and_text_guide/

Credits: Guide by SerfaBoy

Destiny: The Taken King Armsday Week 4 Report (September 30, 2015)

  • Do not consume your Armsday orders for today from your inventory. This deletes them, just bring them to the Gunsmith.
  • Do your field test weapons before picking up your orders. If you earn a new Gunsmith rank, you should have an extra pickup option for each of your orders. This works up to Gunsmith Level 3.
  • However, make sure to pick them up before Sunday, when Xur leaves the tower. Gunsmith orders end then.
Lots of Venus themed weapons this week, and lucky for us again, we've got no heavy weapons and no crucible.

Also, sorry for my lack of Imgur screenshots this week, gotta rush this one a little bit more than usual!

Omolon Test FR1 - Fusion Rifle

Use Against Vex Minotaurs

The fusion rifle makes a return to the lineup this week. This is the fusion rifle from Week 1, which I still really love the sound of. Patrolling Venus is going to be pretty central to all of today's weapons, so get comfy riding over orange soda for a bit.

Omolon Test HC1 - Hand Cannon

Use Against Vex

Ah the little little Lawgiver wannabe is back. It's got Surrounded on it this week, so try to get yourself in the middle of a group of Goblins for the extra damage.

Suros TSP-10 - Pulse Rifle

Use Against Hive

The only weapon this week that can't be done on Venus. Extended mag is helpful with these weaker test weapons, you may find yourself thinking they pack a harder punch than they actually do thanks to us all being comfortable now with higher light damage levels. Do this one either on the Dreadnaught because let's face it, you're going to the Dreadnaught at some point today, or make a quick trip back down to Siege of the Warmind to take out a few waves of Thrall.

Omolon Test RR1 - Sniper Rifle

Use Against Fallen Captains

Just to clarify, yellow-heath enemies for some reason do not count towards your kill total for these kinds of field test goals. So don't just go farm the one at the upper cave that heads towards the Skiff, he doesn't count.

Häkke Test-A - Sniper Rifle

Get Double Kills

I would pair this one up with whenever you do the quests for the HC1 or the TSP-10 this week, double kills happen in tight groups so Goblins or Thrall will be easy pickings.
For purchase this week, sadly we have no heavies, but the selection is ok:
  • Suros ARI-45 - Auto Rifle
  • Suros DIS-47 - Scout Rifle *Note that the weapon logo says Omolon, but this is a Suros
  • Omolon Tesan FR4 - Fusion Rifle
  • Häkke Aoife Rua-D - Sniper Rifle
  • Omolon Eirene RR4 - Sniper Rifle
FAQs -

Where do I pick up the field-test weapons?

At the Gunsmith in the Tower, his stock will refresh once weekly.

When is the weekly refresh?

Wednesdays at 5AM ET/2AM PT, now deemed Armsday.

How does placing orders work?

Every Armsday (Wednesday), a new set of legendary level weapons will be available for you to place orders on. They are available at the Gunsmith at the tower, and these weapons change each week. For every level you have reached with the Gunsmith, you may order one weapon. The weapon will be delivered the next Armsday, until which the order package will appear as an unequipable weapon in your inventory.

How long do I have to place orders before the next Armsday?

As of Week 2, the cutoff appears to be when Xûr leaves the tower on Sunday.

How do I get my ordered weapons?

The orders that sit in your inventory will be openable on Armsday by bringing them to the gunsmith. You will have an option to pick one of three variations of the weapon, with different perks and possible elemental choices.

How do we turn in the quests when we are done with the weapon?

You don’t. As soon as the weapon signifies to you that you have finished its field test, you are automatically rewarded with the XP towards your Gunsmith rank.

How much XP do you earn per weapon?

250 XP. Each Gunsmith level appears to be 1500 XP, meaning it would take you six weapons to level up.

Can’t I just give these weapons all to one character across my whole account for 3x the XP?

No. Gunsmith field test weapons cannot be put into the vault. Each character you have can only use these guns once each towards Gunsmith XP.

What do I do with the guns once finished?

Whatever you want. There is no need to hold on to them once completed.

How many Crucible kills do I need to finish [Insert Weapon]?

Ten kills in total, with the weapon itself, not just with it equipped. Assists count as a kill.

Kills against [Insert Enemy] aren’t counting, why?

Unless the field test specifies that kills are to be done against elite enemies (yellow heath), always do your kills against normal red-health enemies. For example, if your goal is to kill Fallen Captains, the Elite Captain at the cave on Venus leading towards the Ketch will not count.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DestinyTheGame/comments/3my28z/armsday_week_4/

Credits: Armsday Report created by GLHFScan

Clash of Clans TH9/TH10 Trophy Rush (Trap Troll) Base

Note: Click Images if you want to see the larger version of it

Town Hall 10 Version: http://i.imgur.com/K6S9KfJ.jpg 
Town Hall 9 Version: http://i.imgur.com/xMLZzJR.jpg

Test in Titan League:


Hey guys it's Ash and I've been getting a lot of requests to build a trophy base that would allow TH9 players to push to Masters and Champs with ease. Now it's pretty difficult for a TH9 player to defend against TH10 attacks, so I decided to create a troll base instead because I believed that to be the best chance for TH9s to win defenses. Many TH9s have tried the base and made it as far as Champions with it. I have also recently built a TH10 version of the base and have tested it in Titan League. The results were quite positive and I have managed to win defenses! So if you guys are looking for a quick way to push higher in the leagues on defense, give this base a shot.

Base Concepts:

* Extremely Well-Guarded Town Hall

Town Hall is guarded by: 4 Teslas, lots of traps, 2 Cannons, 2 Archer Towers, 2 Single Target Infernos, 2 Wizard Towers, 2 Mortars, 3 X-bows set to Ground, 2 Air Sweepers blowing south, Clan Castle that activates once troops get close to Town Hall.
Single Target Inferno + Wizard Tower combination - Single Target Infernos quickly take out tanks such as Golems and Heroes. Wizard Towers quickly take out small hordes, along with the Mortars behind them.
Heroes will also distract troops along with Clan Castle troops when troops are close to Town Hall or jump over the floating walls.
All X-bows are set to Ground, 14 tile range allows the X-bows to target Heroes close to Town Hall.

* Anti-Archer Queen

Archer Queen is unable to target Town Hall over the walls. She will walk around the walls.
If Archer Queen jumps inside with a Jump Spell, Clan Castle, Heroes, and all the defenses around the Town Hall will overwhelm her.

* Anti-Golems/Giants/Balloons

Golems, Giants, and Balloons will funnel around the base along the path of externalized defenses.
Teslas are very well spaced so as to not be triggered by Golems or Giants or Balloons traveling around.

* Anti-Wall Breakers

Wall Breakers will circle around the floating walls guarding the Town Hall and be either taken out by Spring Traps or the Wizard Towers (and multiple other defenses)
Large number of T-junctions around the base, making it very difficult for attacker to open up multiple compartments.

* Anti-Air

Both Air Sweepers pointing south providing a excellent protection against air attackers trying to attack from south to quickly take Town Hall.
Wizard Towers and Air Defenses well placed and angled to prevent Lava Hounds from distracting them.
Wizard Towers + Air Sweeper combo at south provides excellent coverage against mass Balloons. While Single Infernos + Air Sweepers provide excellent coverage against Mass Dragons.

* Anti-2 Star

The base is strongest from the south side. However, it isn't very difficult to 1 star the base from any other side, but is very difficult to 2 star the base because of how far the Town Hall is if attacked from the North, East, or West side.

Source: http://forum.supercell.net/showthread.php/839193-Themis-TH9-and-TH10-Trophy-Trap-Troll-Base

How to Level Your Alchemy From 1-50 in Less Than 20mins. on Elder Scrolls online

Potions last a whopping 31 seconds when you use them. The cooldown on potions is 45 seconds. That leaves a long time where things can go bad.

Maxxed alchemy will allow you to spend 3 points into Medicinal Use. This skill increases the duration of your potions from 31 seconds to 42.5 seconds. This allows you to have a potion active almost all of the time!!

Here's what you need:

250 Blessed Thistle
250 Dragonthorn
20 Clear Water (level 10 water)
40 Pristine Water (level 20 water)
45 Cleansed Water (level 30 water)
60 Filtered Water (level 40 water)
80 Purified Water (level 50 water)

For much faster results you will need the Multicraft Addon.

How to do this (if your alchemy is level 1):

1. Make 20 potions using the level 10 water

2. Put a skill point into Solvent Proficiency

3. Make 40 potions using the level 20 water

4. Put a skill point into Solvent Proficiency

5. Make 45 potions using the level 30 water

6. Put a skill point into Solvent Proficiency

7. Make 60 potions using the level 40 water

8. Put a skill point into Solvent Proficiency

9. Make 80 potions using the level 50 water

Congratulations on becoming an ALCHEMIST MASTER!!

Destiny: The Taken King Daily Bounty Guide [2015-09-29]

wew Vanguard Bounties

Crucible Bounties

Destiny: The Taken King HD Oryx Bossfight Map & Diagram

Still can't beat Oryx? Well here's another guide from our fellow Guardian to help you out in kicking Oryx's fat big behind.

This time, Taux will show us a Bossfight map and diagram which cover the events that occur during the battle so that players can plan accordingly. In addition, he added some general tips than can drastically impact team performance.

Each phase of the boss fight is listed below.

Note: Click the image to see the larger version of it.

Phase 0 - Preparation: 

Phase 1 - Starting the Battle:

Phase 2 - Platforms and Damaging Oryx:

Phase 3 - Running from Explosions: 

Phase 4 - Arena Bubble and Teleporting: 

Also, here's a Blank Map" in a higher resolution for anyone who wants it for personal use, or wishes to create their own diagrams.

7 Tips to Efficiently Farm the Materials Needed for All Three Exotic Swords in Destiny: The Taken King

Are you tired and frustrated of farming those needed materials for all three exotic swords? Well, here's some tips on how to farm those materials without experiencing some anger management issues :)

Note: For those who are unaware, you should always use a ghost shell that gives you the location of the material you are farming and a sniper rifle. This combo will highlight the nodes across the entire zone by using your scope.

1. Look for empty zones. If you arrive in a zone and find that there are no guardians and no material spawns up, WAIT! This means that the zone has been empty and the materials will begin to spawn within 1-2 minutes. These are the best places to farm because you can generally get between 5-8 materials. Also, because they are spawning as you are gathering they tend to be very easy to find and farm quickly. The best zones that for this are Mothyards, Hellmouth and Buried City. These zones are the best for two reasons. First, they are large zones with a good number of material spawns. Second and more importantly, they are almost always empty. Some zones have spawn points for particular quests and strikes that result in them having guardians entering and exiting regularly (Forgotten Shore and Hollows for example). These zones tend to have material nodes that have already spawned when you enter and you will usually see other guardians farming here. The same goes for starting patrol zones.

2. Stick and Move. Speed is king when trying to complete this process quickly. If you spawn into a zone that has three nodes available, grab those three and move on. Don't wait around for more nodes to spawn.

3. Don't be afraid to reset. If you started a patrol on the Moon and found that there were three guardians running around Archers Line, you should check the spawns, grab what you can grab, and restart the patrol. Most of the time, you will found that when you left a crowded instance and restarted your patrol, you would end up on an empty planet.

4. Take time to enjoy the game. Getting tired of farming? Stop and do a public or taken event. Spend 2-3 minutes instead, to do a Warsat or Taken Zealot could be very refreshing. Shooting monsters is fun.

5. If you find a good node, abuse it! You can open the same node multiple times by grabbing a material, leaving the zone and then coming back. A particular node at Anchor of Light on the Moon comes to mind. When you see those node up, grab it and make it back from the Hellmouth 3-4 times before it would disappear. If you are paying attention, there are plenty of opportunities to grab a good node multiple times. Take advantage!

6. Remember the spawns. As you make your way around a planet multiple times, you will become familiar with where the common material spawns are located. By the third time around a planet, mostly you will never use your sniper rifle to locate nodes. Instead, you should blast around a zone on your sparrow checking the spots where you knew they had spawned previously. This allowed me to avoid pulling out my sniper rifle after each node to check locations and definitely saved lots time.

7. Give yourself time limits. In most cases, try to limit yourself within 30 minutes or an hour to farm for materials and regardless of how many you found, try to pause and have a break. This helped to break up the monotony and helped to speed up your farming. As the clock ran down, you will almost always moved faster in an effort to get one more material before you ran out of time.

Good luck to all the guardians searching for that last node. Now the wait for Armsday begins!

Extra: Look for empty zones, don't wait around, leave a crowded instance, stop and shoot the monsters, abuse good spawns, use your brains, and race against the clock.

Bonus Tip: It is possible to complete the quest for all three swords on the same character. You can also skip parts of the quest (Crucible portion and Regicide mission) on your 2nd and 3rd swords.

Clash of Kings Castle Cost & Time of Completion Guide

wew Here's a guide on Clash of Kings which will basically show you the cost of Level 1 to Level 30 Castles and also, the time it will be completed.

Credits: Guide by Cassanova

Clash of Kings Hive Placement Guide

This guide contains specific hive placements which will help you better protect your alliance members against multiple incursions from your enemies.

As you will notice with the different formats each is designed towards improving hive security for your main accounts or farm accounts or even both.

Choose wisely and cooperate with your alliance members, placing them to exact positions will be neccessary. All it takes is one member to port where he shouldnt and you'll start losing valuable spots.

Note - Do not always include alliance turets in your plans. Use them to fill up gaps when my members port out of hive very effective and doesnt allow enemies to port in their spot and wreak havoc and destruction.


Effective against solo hitters who are constantly harrasing your farm accounts . Having them inside your hive will give them more security and time for your alliance members to react. Game wasnt designed to protect farm accounts so we work with what we have. Placing Farm Alliance Towers also inside your hive increases their farming efficiency too. 

Anyone porting near your main castles with purpose of hitting your farms will have to travel..leave his castle exposed. Thats when you have choices to make either destroy your invader or deny him his prise...hit the farm he is attacking together with your alliance members and take those resources first.


This version is a bit more complicate in order to fit your castles you must start placement form near tower last castle will be only half in tower influence area.You will basically need to fit 3 castles in every direction of the tower.

90 castles in Influence range of main alliance towers and 38 farms inside, rest of the farm accounts will be placed outside your hive surrounding your main castles. They will act as shield and protect anyone from porting near your main castles. Farms inside will be most secured so it is reccomended reserving those spots for alliance farms (used to help everyone grow faster).


For those who unlocked tier 5 science (120 members)

It's designed as a stronghold no weak spots anyone being hit by rally or solo hits can quickly receive reinforcments. Farms act as shield to prevent anyone porting to close to main castles. Room for 120 castles.

Include farm accounts in your designs because everyone uses them, they are vital for the growth of your alliance members. Its up to you to decide which requires more protection if you are a very strong alliance but having problems with some small guys who keep porting in and harrasing your farm accounts you might wanna consider one of these layouts so you can better protect them.

Many kingdoms Top Rank alliances placing their hive in lvl 7 plot areas so they can be closer to the throne which is a mistake. Resources plots once your alliance has 90 + castles and about 200+ farm accounts become very scarce. Which is why it is recommended moving your alliance into level 6 area this way you can profit the most from level 7 plots.