How to Adds App Shortcuts to Your iPhone's Keyboard

Here's an app which adds app shortcuts to your iPhone's keyboard quickly and easily...

ReBoard is a new keyboard that takes a different approach. The keyboard features a ton of links to other services like Wunderlist, your calendar, Dropbox, and more so you can easily send data from one app to another.

ReBoard’s main appeal is its “command” function. Tap the Command button, and you instantly get access to a menu to search the internet, perform basic calculations, perform translations, search the map, your music library, and more. Since it’s a keyboard, it works in any app. Beyond that, you can also instantly add calendar events from any app, search and link to Dropbox files, add tasks to Wunderlist, and more. Unfortunately, you have to pay to add some third-party services to mix, but the core group of apps is enough for most people. As an actual keyboard, it’s not particularly exciting, but as a means to quickly access other apps, it does its job.

iTunes App Store App Description


Do everything within the keyboard without switching apps!

TechCrunch: “With ReBoard, tasks like these can easily be completed from within the keyboard window itself without switching apps"

TheNextWeb: "ReBoard is great as a time saver. With ReBoard, the same action took 20 seconds rather than 2 minutes."

RedmondPie: "miniature app-like functions"

If you are in WhatsApp, how do you schedule a calendar appointment? By switching to Calendar app. Right?

What if you could schedule an appointment from within WhatsApp itself? Wouldn't it save you lots of time?

Meet ReBoard - The Revolutionary Keyboard. Its a system wide keyboard which lets you do lots of such tasks from within the keyboard window.

You can schedule a calendar appointment using natural language input without leaving WhatsApp or any other app you are using.

a. Press the command key.
b. Type what you want to search for.
c. Tap an action (eg: search icon).

That action takes what you typed as input and presents the results within the keyboard area.

ReBoard has 18 powerful & easy-to-use actions (like: Calendar, Dropbox, Image search, Calculator etc.) embedded in the keyboard itself.

Every action lets you do more with the results like: copying link, downloading image, inserting link into the app you are using and lots more.

Using Calendar action, you can create appointments using natural language input and from any app!
1. Project meeting tomorrow 4pm
2. House party next Saturday
3. Call David in 2hrs

Search your Dropbox files and share files' links with others.

Search, preview, download images to your Camera Roll and share them.

Search & Post messages to your Slack groups and channels directly from within the keyboard.

Add tasks to any list without leaving the app you are using.

Search local places, view/share their addresses, call them directly, view their maps within the keyboard or open the location in Google Maps app.

Search your local music library including songs from Apple Music that you have added in your collection. Generate their iTunes links and share with friends.

1. Calendar
2. Dropbox
3. Translate
4. Image search
5. Web search
6. Calculator
7. Reminders
8. Unit converter
9. Wunderlist
10. Slack
11. eBay
12. YouTube
13. Wikipedia
14. Google local search with maps
15. News lookup
16. Local music search
17. Dictionary
18. Social sharing and save to Pocket
More coming soon...

No need to search for the right emoji. Just type your message and open emoji panel. ReBoard will show you the most relevant emojis to what you just typed.

Spice up your ReBoard with 11 colourful themes or load a random theme every time ReBoard appears.

Swipe up on alphabetic keys to type numbers & punctuation. Swipe up on delete key to delete by word. Swipe up on emoji key to type a quick smiley.





Double tap a suggested word which has a dot beneath it to view its variants. eg: complete word shows completion, completed, completing as its variations.

Swipe down anywhere on the keyboard to close it.

When you don't provide any input to an action, text on your clipboard is taken as input.

1. Please update to latest iOS version for the best user experience.
2. Currently only English language is supported. More coming soon.
3. Some actions/themes require in-app purchase to unlock.

Download Link: ReBoard ($1.99) | iTunes App Store

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Cheats, Tips, Tricks and Unlockables for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 & PC

In this page you will learn all the available cheats, tips, tricks and unlockables on Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Cheats

Unlockable Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain DLC
Future DLC #1: Future unlockable DLC for the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain includes content carried over from Ground Zeroes, such as: Bonus resources for the “Mother Base”, your HQ that “plays a pivotal role” in The Phantom Pain and is introduced in Ground Zeroes, carries over to The Phantom Pain. – This will give you: Extra Mother Base staff, the ability to transfer POWs and VIPs rescued during Ground Zeroes’ campaign to the Mother Base, and character skins will also be carried across.

If you perform a save file Data Transfer on the same system account from Ground Zeroes to The Phantom Pain, here’s what items carry over to the main game.

• Ground Zeroes’ Sneaking Suit becomes a wearable item in The Phantom Pain.
• Ground Zeroes’ Mother Base Staff members become available. Both prisoners and unique characters that you rescued can be used as Mother Base Staff in The Phantom Pain.

Future DLC #2: Register your purchase of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes on the Konami Core Vault website to be rewarded with future unlockable DLC for the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain game. After registration, this will be confirmed with the following message: “Come back in 2015 to claim your Downloadable Content!”

How To Get Extra Ammo
Here’s a handy Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain tip if you’re not going for an S-Rank in the mission you’re on. In that case feel free to reload a Checkpoint to get extra ammo!

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Tips and Tricks 

Take a look at the Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain guided tour. They give you voice-over gameplay tips and tricks straight from the source, Konami HQ.

In this video guide players get lessons on how to use the following:

• #1. An introduction to how the general Mission gameplay of Big Boss AKA Punished “Venom” Snake works. With a gameplay tutorial set in the “Episode 3: A Hero’s Way” Mission that goes through all Equipment, Buddy, Vehicle, Character and Support options.

• #2. Mother Base tour that shows all features. Followed by how to do Platform expansions, since outside of the Command Center hub, you can build the R&D, Base Development, Support Team & Combat Unit platforms. And a show & tell of the online Forward Operating Bases (FOB Missions) function.

• #3. The various play mechanics in an open world you can fully explore. Dive into the “Rescue Kazuhira Miller” Mission to learn even more before you set out on your own adventure.

Source: Guide by Konami and MilanRE

OS X El Capitan Developer Beta 8 & Public Beta 6 Has Just Been Released by Apple

Apple has released two new beta builds of OS X El Capitan, Developer Beta 8 for those registered in the official Mac Developer Program, and Public Beta 6 for Mac users in the Public Beta test program. The new builds arrive as 15A279b and 15A279d, respectively.

The update likely focuses on bug fixes and refinements, though no specific changes are mentioned in the App Store release notes, simply noting the update is recommended for all Mac users running the prior El Capitan versions.

Mac users who are participating in the beta programs for OS X 10.11 can find the latest updates available now from the Software Update mechanism of the Mac App Store.

If the Updates tab does not show the latest beta version, simply refresh it with Command+R shortcut to reveal the new beta build as an update.

The updates weigh in around 2.5GB and require a reboot to complete installation. As usual, it’s a good idea to back up a Mac before installing system software updates, particularly good practice for betas.

Development of the first public release of OS X El Capitan is likely close to wrapping up as the fall release schedule nears. Apple typically releases multiple betas before a final version, and often announces the availability date of new system software alongside the release of new iPhones. In this case, the iPhone 6s is expected to debut at an Apple event on September 9.

OS X El Capitan aims to improve the stability and performance of Mac system software, while simultaneously including a variety of new features and refinements.


How to Enable Screen Mirroring on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + and Connect with SmartTV

wew How To Enable screen mirroring on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +:

1. Go to quick setting.

2. Tap on Screen mirroring icon and enable it.

Now in the following steps you’ll find out how you can enable screen mirroring with AllShare Cast Wireless Hub, HomeSync, Miracast and HDMI Cable.

How To share the screen and data between your PC and mobile device:

1. First of all download SideSync on your Windows/Mac and mobile device. You can download SideSync from Google Play on your device.

2. Once SideSync is installed on your PC and mobile device, connect your device with PC using USB cable or WiFi.

3. If you have Samsung Smart TV then you can connect your device using WiFi, but if you don’t have Samsung SmatTV then you have buy a AllShare cast hub in order to connect with TV.

How to screen mirror from Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + to a TV using AllShare Cast:

1. Turn on your television.

2. Power on your AllShare Cast though charger.

3. Connect your TV with AllShare Cast with HDMI Cable.

4. Kindly properly put HDMI Cable in the right port.

5. Now wait for the light to get blue from red on your AllShare Cast device.

6. Your TV is connected with AllShare Cast.

7. Now go to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + quick setting and tap on screen mirroring and first turn off then turn on it again.

8. After turning on Screen mirroring you will get a list of available devices. Select AllShare Cast’s dongle and enter the PIN as showed on TV.

9. Your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + is connected with your TV through AllShare Cast.

How to screen mirror from Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + to a Samsung Smart TV:

1. Press Input from your Samsung SmartTV remote.

2. Select Screen Mirroring from your Smart Tv screen.

3. Now go to your Galaxy S6 Edge + quick setting tap on Screen Mirroring.

4. Your Phone will list all the available device available for Screen Mirroring.

5. Select Samsung Smart TV.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Cheats, Tips, Tricks and Unlockables for PC, PS Vita, PS3 & PS4 (Cheat Engine for PC Included)

In this page, you will learn all the available cheats, tips, tricks and unlockables on One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 for PC, PS Vita, PS3 and PS4.

Note: This guide also includes the available cheat engine for One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 on PC. Once you've used cheat engine on One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 for PC, you will then have full power, max set score, full health and pointers.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Cheats

How To Unlock Nightmare Dream Log?
Beat the last island in Dream Log, then in the main menu when you pick Dream Log again a bottom option will show up and that will lead you to a new Dream Log where every island is level 100.

How To Unlock All Puzzle Pieces per Stage in Story Mode?
To get each Puzzle Piece you must generally complete these requirements:

– Complete the Stage.
– Get an S rank for the amount of enemies defeated.
– Get an S Rank in the amount of Kizuna Rush Enemies.
– Get an S Rank on Clear Time.
– Gain an Overall S Rank (Time, Kills, Kizuna Rush kill must all be S Ranks).
– Complete all Treasure Events (Noted as a “?” on the stage).
– Complete the level on Hard.
– Defeat the stage boss with a Kizuna rush Super attack.
– Keep all allies alive.

How To Level Break Characters?
To level break a character, each character has a specific set of gold coins that need to be collected in order to level break that character. They can be gotten in four ways:

1. You must get them from Story Mode by meeting and S ranking certain requirements.
2. You beat a wandering NPC in Dream Log that will drop a random gold coin.
3. You beat the boss characters standing on the islands in Dream Log (Represented by Playable Characters, they DO NOT MOVE)
These enemies drop the ‘Face’ Coins needed for a lot of level breaks.
4.S Rank all the dream log stages. In this process you earn some Gold Coins needed for some characters.

Once you get a gold coin, you do not need to get it again for other characters, it can be used throughout them all if they share requirements. You can also view how to get the coins in the gallery.

Tip: This will also help you get extra combos! Once you level break a character you will learn additional moves past level 50, until you reach level 63. – Note that these moves can be used in Kizuna rush even when not level broken.

How To Access The DLC Challenge Maps?
In the Nightmare version of Dream Log on the starting island there will be some extra branches you can follow that will take you to your maps.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Cheat Engine for PC (Max Power, Health, Set Score and Pointers)

Step 1: Download One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Cheat table here.

Step 2: Open Cheat Engine.

Step 3: Open One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 then go to story mode.

Step 4: Open Pirate Warriors 3 Cheat table with cheat Engine.

Step 5: Check Full Power, Set Score, Enable Player Cheats and Gold.

Note: In Gold, you must edit the address to 999999 or to how much gold you like to have in-game.

Madden NFL 16 Cheats, Tips, Tricks and Unlockables for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 & PS4

In this page, you will learn all of the available cheats, tips, tricks and unlockables for Madden NFL 16 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4.

Madden NFL 16 Cheats

How To Do User Celebrations?
Who says you can’t score with some style? Learn how to showboat your way into the endzone in Madden 16!

Watch the Madden 16 “How to Celebrate” Tutorial with button combinations mentioned for all game systems.

Tips To Build The Ultimate Team In Madden NFL 16
Let’s build an Ultimate Team in Madden NFL 16. Watch the Madden 16 Ultimate Team (MUT 16) gameplay from EA Sports! During this, one of the game’s biggest fans does a Pro Pack Opening with multiple packs, show some gameplay in a solo challenge, and explains details regarding Madden Ultimate Team in Madden NFL 16!

How to Draft the Best Team for Earning Madden Ultimate Team 16 Rewards
Time to go go through a full Draft Champions Draft in Madden 16 and share some tips on how to get the best possible team! With this great squad, you can win titles and earn Draft Champions Badges in MUT 16 to earn rewards!

What’s In The Box? MUT Mystery Boxes Collectibles Revealed
Here’s a Madden 16 Ultimate Team Mystery Box Pack opening! MUT 16 Legends Packs? The first MUT 16 mystery boxes were just revealed, and LaDainian Tomlinson is one of them! We show off the weekend’s new content here in Madden 16 Ultimate Team and go through some Veteran, Pro, and Journey Packs ourselves!

Best Settings For Gameplay
Learn which difficulty and settings gamers use when playing Madden 16 and make sure to check out all the new sliders!

The Top 3 Best Running Plays
Find out how to run the ball in Madden 16 with these quick tips and great running plays!

How To Stop The Run
Learn how play winning run defense in Madden 16 with one of our favorite plays to get tackles in the backfield.

How To Throw New Touch Pass
Learn passing tips in Madden 16 like the brand new touch pass which allows you to drop it over the head of a defender by double tapping the receiver icon!

How To Playmaker A WR
Next you’ll be taught how to Playmaker your receiver in Madden 16 by controlling the WR while you are playing as the QB! This is an advanced tips that will help you win more games. Button combinations are listed as it gets explained.

How To Read Coverages
Learn how to read the defense and throw less interceptions in Madden 16 when passing the ball! This will help you win more games and find winning plays and concepts.

How To Kick Return For Touchdowns
What follows is a lesson on how to return more kick returns for TD’s in Madden 16!

How To Stop The Run
Learn how play winning run defense in Madden 16 with one of our favorite plays to get tackles in the backfield.

How To Use New Quick Adjustments On Defense
Up next, you learn about new defensive controls in Madden 16 that will help you get more sacks and interceptions on defense! Quick Adjustments are new and will help you not get quick snapped.

3 Ways To Stop Mobile QB’s
Still getting beat by mobile QB’s? Learn how to stop mobile QB’s in Madden 16 with QB Contain and New QB Spy Controls!

How To Stop Aggressive Catching
Learn how to stop aggressive catching in Madden 16 with these 5 counters.

How To Win With Marcus Mariota
Learn great passing plays to win with Marcus Mariota and the Titans offense in Madden 16! This 1st round pick is fast and has great speed for your offense.

How To Win With Jameis Winston
Learn how to win in Madden 16 with Rookie QB Jameis Winston! Get passing tips and great plays to run with the Bucs QB.

Credits: Guide by PeterJaguars, MELOZADA55 and Zfarls.

How to Unlock All Characters in One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 for PS3, PS4, PS Vita & PC (Guide)

Here's a guide on how to unlock all One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 characters for PS3, PS4, PS Vita and PC.

How To Unlock All One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Characters
At the game’s Western launch on August 25th, 2015, 37 characters will be available in the roster; many of which you’ll have to unlock by playing the game. Here’s how to get them all…

• Play Dream Log: Most characters can be unlocked by beating their island in Dream Log. Simply complete the island missions that connect to the the character you want to unlock to play as.

– They include Ace, Magellan, Whitebeard, Double Power Blackbeard, Fujitora, Doflamingo, Moria, Mihawk, Kizaru, Akainu, Kuma (not visible until you beat Akainu), Eneru, Kuzan (Aokiji), and Shanks.

• Play Story Mode: The rest of the characters like Lucci, Ceasar, Sabo, and Nami get unlocked in Story Mode.

– Nami will be unlocked on the battle at Alubarna (Alabasta Arc), which is when she first uses her Clima-Tact (against Miss Doublefinger);
– Lucci is unlocked by beating the CP9 stage;
– And Caesar is unlocked simply by beating the Punk Hazard stage.

You’ll know you’ve succeeded in unlocking everyone when you unlock this Silver Trophy:
“Lay your life on the line and come with me! — Unlock all Characters.”

This One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 video shows all playable characters in action:

Character’s Appearance Timeline:
1. 00:00 Monkey D. Luffy
2. 00:32 Roronoa Zoro
3. 01:10 Sanji
4. 01:41 Nami
5. 02:14 Usopp
6. 02:47 Tony Tony Chopper
7. 03:23 Nico Robin
8. 03:59 Brook
9. 04:26 Franky
10. 05:07 Sabo
11. 05:35 Portgas D. Ace
12. 05:55 Whitebeard (Edward Newgate)
13. 06:29 Marco the Phoenix
14. 06:55 Knight of the Sea Jinbe
15. 07:18 Boa Hancock
16. 07:51 Dracule Mihawk
17. 08:17 Trafalgar Law
18. 08:41 Crocodile
19. 09:09 Bartholomew Kuma
20. 09:32 Buggy
21. 10:03 Donquixote Doflamingo
22. 10:30 Caesar Clown
23. 11:03 Gekko Moriah
24. 11:35 Ghost Princess Perona
25. 12:02 God Enel
26. 12:29 Blackbeard (Marshall D. Teach)
27. 12:52 Smoker the White Hunter
28. 13:19 Tashigi
29. 13:52 Magellan
30. 14:13 Rob Lucci
31. 14:50 Fujitora (Issho)
32. 15:23 Akainu (Sakazuki)
33. 15:49 Aokiji (Kuzan)
34. 16:13 Kizaru (Boslino)
35. 16:41 Monkey D. Garp
36. 17:01 Emporio Ivankov
37. 17:22 Red-Haired Shanks

Note: There are 27 support-only characters that are non-playable. They are Morgan, Kuro, Arlong, Don Krieg, Alvida, Daz Bones, Mr.2, Mr.3, Monet, Hody, Vergo, Bellamy, Kaku, Jyabura, Pacifista, Blueno, Sentomaru, Jozu, Vista, Burgess, Wapol, Wiper, Hachi, Lapahn,Hannybal, Minotaur, and Coby.

Source: Guide by AnimeGamesOnline

How to Fix your Oneplus One Mic Problem

How to Fix your Oneplus One Mic Issue [ Guide ]:

1. First go to your Phone Dialer and open settings. If you are using third party app then go to app drawer and open phone dialer from there.

2. Now that dailer is opened tap on 3 dots > Settings.

3. In settings menu tap on other settings > Open TTY Mode.

4. Disable the Open TTY Mode by tapping on TTY Off.

All Done ! Now plugin your headset and Your Oneplus One MIC will work while talking.

How to Fix your Oneplus One Mic Issue [ OS Oxygen ]:

1. Open Dialer and the tap on 3 dots, select Settings.

2. Now select Call Settings for the list.

3. Tap on TTY Mode.

4. Tap on TTY OFF.

How to Disable Auto-Play Video on Twitter for iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

Disabling Twitter Auto-Play Video in iOS

You can completely disable autoplay of video, or you can select to only autoplay video on wi-fi. This applies to all modern versions of the iOS Twitter app which default to automatically playing video, older versions of the app do not behave this way:

1. Open Twitter in iOS and tap on the “Me” tab in the lower right corner – if you have or use multiple Twitter accounts logged in you can apply this change to one and it will carry over to all Twitter accounts in iOS

2. Tap on the gear icon, it’s a button but doesn’t really look like one

3. Tap on “Settings” from the pop-up menu that shows up

4. Under the ‘General’ settings, tap on “Video Autoplay”

5. Choose “Never play videos automatically” and tap back out of the Twitter app settings (alternatively, if you simply want to save cellular data, choose the “Use Wi-Fi Only” option to prevent videos automatically playing when you’re on a cellular network)

Note this has no effect on the ability to play videos you want to see in a Twitter stream. You can still play any video on Twitter, you just have to tap on it to load and start the video – probably as it should be.

What is the advantage of Disabling Auto-Play Video on Twitter?

Reduce Cellular Data Usage- videos take up notably more bandwidth than static images and text, and automatically downloading a video can unintentionally lead to hefty data usage on a cell plan.

Increase Battery Life- playing video requires more device resources, which means battery life can take a hit as the iPhone (or iPad) starts loading and playing videos without your permission.

Filtering and Censoring Explicit Videos- this is perhaps the most unwelcome aspect of auto-playing video… there is no filtering or censoring, any video is played automatically regardless of its content. Essentially this means that any video retweeted or tweeted by any of who you follow will start playing before your eyes, or if you’re browsing through someone elses feed, whatever they tweet is played. That means in some particularly dreadful situations, a user of various social media services may be subjected to an automatically playing video of something awful that really nobody should see.


How to Set Apache to Start Automatically on Boot in Mac OS X

Note: This assumes you have already configured and setup Apache on the Mac, if you have not done so already you should start there, otherwise you’re auto-loading Apache without much configuration.

Set Apache to Start Automatically on Boot in Mac OS X

From the Terminal, enter the following command:
sudo launchctl load -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/org.apache.httpd.plist
Hit return and enter the admin password as requested to complete the job.

Now when the Mac is booted or rebooted, Apache will start automatically, which is easily verified by going to any browser and entering “localhost” as the URL.

You’ll see the familiar “It Works!” message at localhost and those core files are located in:
Going further, you can also enable the user level Sites option for localhost/~User.

Stop Apache from Loading on Boot in Mac OS X

To stop Apache from starting itself automatically upon system start, you simply need to remove the agent from launchd as with any other daemon, like so:
sudo launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/org.apache.httpd.plist
Again you will need to enter the admin password to confirm the change.

Determine if Apache is Loaded or Unloaded in launchd

If you’re not sure whether you have set Apache to load automatically or not, you can query launchd for apache like so:
launchctl list|grep apache
Don’t see apache.httpd returned? Then the daemon is not loaded, and it will not automatically start. Apache can still be used and started manually, but it won’t start itself with a reboot or boot, pretty simple.


How to Remove Facebook Birthdays from “My Calendars” in Your Android Device

How to remove Facebook birthdays from “My Calendars” in Your Android Device

Method #1:

Open Facebook and go to your Events page.

Now at the top the page you see settings click on Export Events.

You’ll get a popup windows with a Url, copy the Url.

Now go to your Google Calendar and at the bottom of the page you’ll see other calendars and a Add button, click on Add Button.

Now paste the Url you have copied before and tap on ok. Now refresh the page and you’ll see only Facebook events.

Method #2: Open Calendar on your Android device, click on 3 line located on the top left corner. You’ll see you Gmail accounts, Events, Birthdays and Holidays. Tap on birthdays and then tap on the Facebook account, you’ll see a pop-up with three options Tap on “Do not Include birthdays”.

Method #3: Goto your Android device settings->Accounts->Google->Tap on the email id-> Unsync the Calendar.

For HTC User’s try this:

Go into Accounts and sync in Settings and remove Facebook HTC Sense and your calendar will be back to normal.


Marvel Heroes 2015 Ultimate Leveling Guide (Story Mode)

Now that Story Mode is viable, you can get a max level character with all the bonus Power Points, Health and Spirit; and all bonus items collected (Boosts, Matrixes of Unbinding, etc.) at the fastest possible way. Legendary Quests are optional though suggested at certain levels.

Tips and observations!
Have this guide open in another device, like a laptop or tablet, it will save you several minutes of alt-tabbing/alt-shifting! Have a Level 25 Uru-Forged item ready (any type, it doesn't matter) and use Bridgand's Fortune on it when you reach Level 25, great buff to Spirit.
Try and get some Jewels of Yggdrasil ready since they're cheap and easy to stock. They're available in the Asgardian vendor after completing the Defend the Door event on Chapter 9's Lower Asgard.
Get one Mkraan Crystal Legendary and switch it to every new hero, more so if you're going to prestige several times.
Regardless of how you level, you should really do all the chapter 8 and 9 quests, they give a ton of extra XP that's good for omegas.

Achievement Tips
Enter to all the Treasure Rooms (Golden Portals) and open the chest, important for the Tomb Raider achievement.

Prologue (Optional)
This chapter is located in New York City.

1. Complete "Trouble at the Raft" quest
Go to the [RAFT - CELL BLOCK ALPHA] waypoint.
Complete the quest.
Notes: Grab the Living Laser Medal (+Spirit) since it's a great help for new heroes.

2. (Optional) Complete "Finishing up the job" quest for a little extra XP.

Chapter 1 (Level Range 1-10)
This chapter is located in Hell's Kitchen.

1. Complete "Tablet of Life and Time" quest (+Health)
Go to the [BLOOD ROSE NIGHTCLUB] waypoint.
Defeat Doctor Octopus and complete the quest.
Notes: As you might notice, I've skipped several quests since they're not worth the time for the little XP they give at starter levels. This is normal and will happen in several chapters, it's generally to save time.

Chapter 2 (Level Range 10-15)
This chapter is located in New Jersey.

1. Complete "The Taskmaster's Lesson" quest (+Rarity Boosts)
Go to the [TASKMASTER INSTITUTE] waypoint.
Defeat Taskmaster and complete the quest.
Reach Level 15 any way you want.
Notes: I suggest doing this chapter Side Quests since they give a guaranteed extra Eternity Splinter.

3. Complete "Pursuing the Hood" quest (+Power Points)
Go to the [CARGO FREIGHTER] waypoint.
Defeat The Hood and complete the quest.

Chapter 3 (Level Range 15-23)
This chapter is located in Madripoor.

1. Complete "The Eyes of S.H.I.E.L.D." quest
Go to [LOWTOWN] waypoint.
Speak with Yukio to get "The Muramasa Blade" quest and grab
the Muramasa part near her.
Complete the quest.
2. Complete "The Muramasa Blade" quest
Grab the other part of the Muramasa.
Complete the quest.
3. Complete "Snakes in the Grass" quest (+Spirit)
Go to the [BAMBOO FOREST] waypoint.
Search for "Poison Glade" portal, it's located to the East of the map.
Enter and complete the quest
Reach Level 23 any way you want.

Chapter 4 (Level Range 23-28)
This chapter is located in New York City.

1. Complete "Corruption in Blue" quest (3x Matrices of Unbinding)
Go to the [UPPER EAST SIDE] waypoint.
Near the waypoint (to the North West) locate the "Police Rooftop" portal and go there.
Defeat Bullseye and complete the quest.
Reach Level 28 any way you want.
Notes: Since you unlocked Legendary Quests, you may do those for faster leveling. Also, you can go the other chapter waypoints and do Side Quests for some bonus Eternity Shards.

3. Complete "The Kingpin Falls" quest (+Health)
Go to the [FISK TOWER] waypoint
Defeat Kingpin and complete the quest.

Chapter 5 (Level Range 28-33)
This chapter is located in Mutant Town and New York City.

Reach Level 33 any way you want.
* Notes: Remember to distribute your Omega points at Level 30.

2. Complete "Purification Crusade" quest
Go to the [MORLOCK UNDERGROUND] waypoint.
Go to the [OLD TRAINYARD] waypoint.
Defeat Juggernaut and complete the quest.

Chapter 6 (Level Range 33-38)
This chapter is located at Upstate New York.

Level any way you want until Level 38.
Notes: It's time to choose a Medallion now: Either Magneto Medallion (-20 Spirit Cost) or Mole Man Medallion (+2 Intelligence and 10% bonus XP) are both good for leveling. You can get a Magneto Medallion in the next step, and Mole Man Medallion in Midtown Patrol challenge.

2. Complete the quest "Stryker Under Siege" (+Spirit)
Go to the [COMMAND BUNKER] waypoint.
Defeat Magneto and complete the quest.

Chapter 7 (Level Range 38-46*)
This chapter is located in Savage Land.

1. Complete the "Infestation Most Vile" quest (+Power Points)
Go to the [S.H.I.E.L.D. SCIENCE STATION] waypoint.
Enter in the "S.H.I.E.L.D. Science Station" portal and complete
the quest. 2. Complete the "Mutate Genesis" quest (+Health)
Go to the [MUTATE MARSH] waypoint.
Locate "Evolution Facility" portal (it might take a while) and enter.
Complete the quest.

3. FREE TIME! (kinda)
Read the notes and reach Level 46.
Notes: Ok, this chapter is terrible in many ways and we're too far from the next one. Story artifacts are useless, except maybe Maht's Arrowhead if you're still lacking in Spirit.
Best thing you can do here is go to Industry City Patrol and farm items along with Legendary Quests. This way you will level up, and probably get some much needed Cosmic and Unique Items.
If you have a teleporter, feel free to do the other Story Mode quests, but don't try it if you don't.

4. Complete the "A Sinister's Plan" quest (+Spirit)
Go to the [SINISTER LAB] waypoint.
Defeat Mr. Sinister complete the quest.
* This chapter is badly tuned. Leveling is recommended until level 46 and then change to a new chapter.

Chapter 8 (Level Range 46-52*)
This chapter is located in Eastern Europe (including Latveria).

1. Complete all the Story quests in order
Complete "Starktech on the Loose" quest.
Complete "Defeat the Intelligencia" quest.
Complete "Smash HYDRA!" quest (+Spirit).
Complete "Victory Lap" quest.
Complete "Hulkbuster Armory" quest.
Complete "Poisoned Brew" quest.
Enter Castle Doom and complete "Doom's Lethal Legion" quest.
Reach Level 52 before the Doctor Doom fight.
Complete "A Doomed World" quest.
Notes: Important! Before going against Doctor Doom, make sure you level until at least level 52 - this will give you the Ultimate power you need to try and get the "X vs Doctor Doom" achievement.
This chapter is also the best time to pop any XP boosts since for an hour you will get tons of XP.

* Max level reached should be level 52-55, before switching to the next chapter.

Chapter 9 (Level Range 52-57*)
This chapter is located in Asgard.

1. Complete all the Story Quests in order
Go to the [FJORDS OF NORWAY] waypoint.
Locate the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent that starts the
"Mysterious Readings" quest.
Complete "Mysterious Readings" quest.
Go to the [ANCIENT RUIN SITE] waypoint.
Complete "A Frosty Reception" quest (+Power Points).
Go to the [LOWER ASGARD] waypoint.
Complete "City Under Siege" quest.
Complete "Throne of Deceit" quest (+Spirit).
Complete "Claim Your Reward" quest.
Notes: The remaining levels have to be done in any way you want - enjoy!

Chapter 10 (Level Range 57-60)
Notes: Chapter 10 has been confirmed but it's not in the game yet.


How to Change Your Wallpaper in Mac OS X Using the Command Line

Here's a fun and quick way to change your wallpaper in Mac OS X using the command line.

To change the desktop wallpaper from the command line of OS X you will use the osascript command, which is actually just the command line front end to AppleScript, as you’ll see with some basic applescript in the syntax:
osascript -e 'tell application "Finder" to set desktop picture to POSIX file "/path/to/picture.jpg"'
For example, to set a picture on the desktop called “cabo-san-lucas.jpg” as the wallpaper:
$ osascript -e 'tell application "Finder" to set desktop picture to POSIX file "~/Desktop/cabo-san-lucas.jpg"'
Note: There is no confirmation, the wallpaper will just change instantly.

Bonus Tip: For most Mac users, you’ll set wallpaper from OS X System Preferences or by right-clicking on a picture somewhere in the file system, which is undoubtedly the fastest and most efficient means of changing the Macs desktop background, but for those who like to be a bit more hands on or who need to know how to adjust desktop background pictures from the command line.


Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Complete Walkthrough Guide for Xbox One and PC

Here's a complete walkthrough guide on Gears of War: Ultimate Edition for Xbox One and PC. This guide will give you all details regarding on tips, tactics and strategies on finishing the game from beginning to end.

To start with, here's  the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition walkthrough with an introduction video!

Act 1: Ashes
Welcome to the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition walkthrough on Insane difficulty level!

Centerstrain will be your voice-over commentator showing you around the game’s war-torn areas

Act 2: Nightfall

Act 3: Belly of the Beast

Act 4: The Long Road Home

Act 5: Desperation

Credits: Video guide by Centerstrain01

Quantum Break Release Date for Xbox One Revealed

Quantum Break has a release date of April 5, 2016, exclusively for Xbox One. The long-in-making third-person action shooter is developed by Remedy, and is the follow-up to previous hits like Alan Wake & the Max Payne series that fuses a videogame with a live-action TV show whose cast has finally been revealed.

Check out this “Time Is Power” trailer for Quantum Break, which shows off both gameplay & live-action footage.

Quantum Break is part hard-hitting video game, part thrilling in-game live-action show. Your in-game choices will affect the outcome of the fast-paced fusion between game and show, illustrating one story perceived in many ways for a completely unique entertainment experience.

Play the game to understand the heroes… and watch the in-game show to discern the villains.

You’ll navigate epic scenes of destruction, experience time-amplified gameplay, and marvel at a top-quality show that is directly impacted by what you do.

See the above trailer to be treated to a closer look at the time-altering, mind-bending effects that players can use during combat to get the drop on enemies.

Quantum Break stars a stellar cast of talented Hollywood actors, including:

* Shawn Ashmore (“X-Men: Days of Future Past”, “Smallville”) as Jack Joyce
* Dominic Monaghan (“Lost”) as William Joyce
* Aidan Gillen (“Game of Thrones”) as Paul Serene
* Lance Reddick (“Fringe”) as Martin Hatch
* Marshall Allman (“True Blood”) as Charlie Wincott
* Patrick Heusinger (“Black Swan”) as Liam Burke
* Mimi Michaels (“The Ugly Truth”) as Fiona Miller
* Amelia Rose Blaire (“True Blood”) as Amy Ferraro
* Brooke Nevin as Emily Burke
* Courtney Hope as Beth Wilder
* Jacqueline Pinol as Sofia Amaral
* Jeannie Bolet as Kate Ogawa
* Sean Durrie as Nick Marsters

Quantum Break is filled with the vivid storytelling, rich characters, and dramatic twists that Remedy Entertainment (renowned for “Alan Wake” and Max Payne 1 & 2) is known for. And you’ll get to experience it exclusively on Xbox One starting next year!

Halo Wars 2 Announced! Debut Live Action Trailer for Xbox One & PC Revealed

Halo Wars 2 has been announced for Xbox One & PC (Windows 10). It is the RTS sequel to the award-winning Xbox 360-exclusive “Halo Wars” from 2009. While the first game was developed by veteran Age of Empires-developer “Ensemble Studios”, this next game is being tapped by “The Creative Assembly”, the award-winning developer responsible for the powerhouse RTS Total War franchise & the recent Alien: Isolation!

Check out the debut live-action cinematic trailer for Halo Wars 2.

Microsoft and Halo developer 343 Industries have been waiting for years to find the right partner to collaborate with on the next Halo Wars game, and Creative Assembly – the SEGA-owned developer behind the popular Total War series and the award-winning Alien: Isolation – is that partner. Check out our debut trailer above, and get ready for Halo Wars 2!

Halo Wars 2 is an exciting new strategy game filled with fast-paced action, massive battles, and an all-new Halo story, launching simultaneously on Xbox One and Windows 10 in fall 2016. It will continue the series’ legacy of redefining the real-time strategy genre on consoles, while debuting on Windows 10 for the first time.

Halo Wars 2 will feature a robust, story-driven campaign and plenty of multiplayer action. While we’re not talking about the game’s story (or where it takes place in the Halo timeline) just yet, we are very excited about the way it contributes to the expanding Halo universe, and we look forward to sharing more in the future.

Creative Assembly has a wealth of experience in creating high-quality real-time strategy games, making them the ideal partner to develop Halo Wars 2. We are thrilled to be working with Creative Assembly, and can’t wait for our fans to see the studio’s unique and exciting contribution to the Halo universe with Halo Wars 2.

How to Find All 33 Gears of War: Ultimate Edition COG Tags Guide on Xbox One & PC

Here's a guide on how to locate all 33 COG Tags in Gears of War: Ultimate Edition for Xbox One and PC.

Finding all 33 COG Tag locations and picking them up will help unlock the following Achievements:
* “Time to Remember” (10 Gamerscore) — Recover 11 COG tags (on any difficulty).
* “Honor-Bound” (20 Gamerscore) — Recover 22 COG tags (on any difficulty).
* “For the Fallen” (30 Gamerscore) — Recover all 33 COG tags (on any difficulty).
* Bonus: As you collect COG Tags, you’ll also receive extras like Comic Pages.

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition COG Tags

How to find missing COG Tags?: In-game the COG Tags will appear simply as silver army dog tags on a metal chain (with a white glow over their blue colored outline) that you can pick up to collect when you stand next to it. It can be confirmed as being COG Tags simply by walking up to it, as the on-screen text will then tell you can press the action button/key (X on an Xbox One controller) to “Pick Up COG Tag”.

The COG Tags are spread throughout the main story missions, so keep an eye out if you see something shiny in the distance lying on the ground.

Hint: Whenever a COG Tag is nearby you’ll see a Crimson Omen symbol near it.

Tip: You can replay missions at any point to pick up any collectibles you may have missed.

Does the game save each COG Tags you collect?: Yes, the game will automatically save the COG Tags you just collected if you picked up the COG Tag, so you don’t have to play to the end of the mission. After picking up each collectible you can safely quit the mission without losing collectibles progress.

Where to find all COG Tags in Gears of War: Ultimate Edition? The in-game collectibles locations for the COG Tags are described in this detailed video guide with handy voice-over tips by Maka.

The COG Tags are listed in the video in the order that they appear chronologically.

Timeline in minutes for the COG Tags Locations Guide:

ACT I – Ashes
• COG Tag Location #1 – 14 Years After E-Day – 0:09
• COG Tag Location #2 – 14 Years After E-Day – 0:39
• COG Tag Location #3 – 14 Years After E-Day – 1:08
• COG Tag Location #4 – Trial By Fire – 1:25
• COG Tag Location #5 – Trial By Fire – 1:45
• COG Tag Location #6 – Fish in a Barrel – 2:13
• COG Tag Location #7 – Knock Knock – 2:36
• COG Tag Location #8 – Hammer – 3:04
• COG Tag Location #9 – Hammer – 3:26
• COG Tag Location #10 – China Shop – 3:52
• COG Tag Location #11 – China Shop – 4:16
• COG Tag Location #12 – China Shop – 4:53

ACT II – Nightfall
• COG Tag Location #13 – Tick Tick Boom – 5:20
• COG Tag Location #14 – Grist – 5:48
• COG Tag Location #15 – Grist – 6:39
• COG Tag Location #16 – Lethal Dusk – 7:05
• COG Tag Location #17 – Lethal Dusk – 7:36
• COG Tag Location #18 – Dark Labyrinth – 8:23

ACT III – Belly of the Beast
• COG Tag Location #19 – Downpour – 8:39
• COG Tag Location #20 – Evolution – 9:18
• COG Tag Location #21 – Evolution – 10:04
• COG Tag Location #22 – Darkest Before Dawn – 10:23
• COG Tag Location #23 – Darkest Before Dawn – 11:00
• COG Tag Location #24 – Darkest Before Dawn – 11:21

ACT IV – The Long Road Ahead
• COG Tag Location #25 – Campus Grinder – 11:43
• COG Tag Location #26 – Bad To Worse – 12:08
• COG Tag Location #27 – Imaginary Place – 12:24

ACT V – Desperation
• COG Tag Location #28 – Comedy of Errors – 12:45
• COG Tag Location #29 – Window Shopping – 13:14
• COG Tag Location #30 – Jurassic Proportions – 13:38
• COG Tag Location #31 – Train Wreck – 14:02
• COG Tag Location #32 – Train Wreck – 14:19
• COG Tag Location #33 – Train Wreck – 14:40

Credits: Guide by Maka91Productions

How to Change Your Country in Your Google Play Store Account

How to change country in Google Play Store:

The following are the instruction provided by Google Play support:

If you’re having issues viewing your intended country’s Play Store and would like to change your default payment method or update an existing billing address in Google Wallet, please use the following steps:

1) Sign into your Google Wallet account to manage your payment methods (

2) Delete all of your payment methods from Google Wallet, and only add a card to one with a billing address located inside your desired country

3) Open the Play Store and navigate to any item available for download

4) Click to begin a download until you reach the “Accept and buy” screen (no need to complete the purchase)

5) Close the Play Store and clear data for the Google Play Store application (Settings > Apps > Google Play Store > Clear Data) or clear your browser cache

6) Re-open the Play Store. You should now see the Play Store that matches your default payment instrument’s billing country.

If you haven’t yet added a payment method to your account for the first time, please add a card directly from the Play Store with a billing address that matches your intended country location. Then, follow steps 3 through 6 to show your intended country’s Play Store.

After applying the given steps above still there is no luck, then follow the instruction given below.

Step#1: Open on your browser, goto settings and change the home address. After that goto Address book tab and remove the old address.

Step#2: After removing the old address you’ll be prompted to accept the new terms and condition for the new country.

Step#3: Now open Google Play Store on your device, goto settings> Apps > Google Play Store > Clear Data.

How to Show All Possible Screen Resolutions for a Display Connected to a Mac

Reveal All Possible Screen Resolutions for a Display Connected to a Mac

This works to reveal additional screen resolution choices for any display connected to a modern Mac, it also applies to all modern versions of OS X:

1. Open System Preferences from the  Apple menu in OS X

2. Click on “Display”

3. Under the ‘Display’ tab, hold down the OPTION / ALT key while you press on the ‘Scaled’ button alongside Resolution to reveal all available screen resolution options for the display

4. Choose the resolution desired from the complete list of available screen resolutions, then close out of System Preferences as usual

You must hold the Option key when clicking on ‘Scaled’ to reveal all possible screen resolutions for the external display(s), and if you have multiple external displays in use on a Mac, you’ll want to hold the option key when choosing “Scaled” and selecting a resolution for each connected display.

For example, here’s the default selection of “Scaled” resolutions shown on a particularly 24″ external display connected to a MacBook Pro:

Now after holding down the OPTION key while clicking on the “Scaled” radio button, many additional screen resolutions are revealed as available to use: