Marvel Heroes 2015 Pirate Deadpool Team-Up Achievement Guide


Right next to the hydra outpost in buccaneer beach type /listen with Deadpool don't be in a party i did it ten times and it gave me the achievement

Go around buccaneer beach destroying everything and in time you will get an achievement "message in a bottle"


People have been telling me in game that you can party up to get this one

Achievement light will flash when complete but you will not get the achievement unlock until you go back to a hub
  • Pirates Treasure Map, Fragment 1,
  • Darkness = defeat hand ninjas anywhere in game
  • Pirates Treasure Map, Fragment 2,
  • Undertow = Thugs in hoods hideout (better chance in story mode)
  • Pirates Treasure Map, Fragment 3,
  • Boreal = kill things in norway
  • Pirates Treasure Map, Fragment 4,
  • Meteor = vibranium mines one-shot (better chance inside mines)
  • Pirates Treasure Map, Fragment 5,
  • Volcano = Mutate Marsh
upon completion of fragment 5, you will get the "buried treasure" achievement and a purple pirate Deadpool team up achievement chest will be in your inventory, when u right click on it the Deadpool team up will DROP ON THE GROUND !!

make sure you pick it up.

King's Quest 2015 Cheats, Tips, Tricks & Unlockables on PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 & Xbox One

Here's are some of the available tips, tricks, cheats and unlockables on King's Quest 2015 for PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 & Xbox One.

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King’s Quest 2015 Cheats

King’s Quest 2015 Tips and Tricks
Here you get gameplay tips from two of the game’s creators.

In this video The Odd Gentlemen founder & the game’s Creative Director Matt Korba as well as Producer Lindsey Rostal talk about the early parts of the new King’s Quest.

Next, we get more info on the first episode titled Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember. It shows why the game’s attention to detail and story got Roberta and Ken Williams’s approval.

King’s Quest 2015 Possible Codes


Remember the last King’s Quest game that had codes on PC? It was 1998’s King’s Quest 8: Mask of Eternity.

There’s no guarantee these cheat codes like god mode will work, but try them out if you’re playing on PC.

To get into the game console mode press “shift-ctrl-7″ all at the same time (or if that doesn’t work, try left & right shift keys simultaneously like how it was in the first King’s Quest game with the 0 cheat mode). You won’t be able to play the game again until you hit the same keys to exit that console commands panel.

Once you are in the codes console you’ll see a prompt asking for your password. There you can enter in all the below listed codes in lower case letters.

• god: This is the god command, it makes you practically invincible. He can still die from the River of Death and from falling great distances – mainly because it would have been a pain to program – so don’t be too confident. However, monsters can’t hurt you!
• ungod: Turns God mode off.
• bump – makes you move a little bit forward and through walls.
• teleport: Type this and your map clears completely. Click on the current world’s map and you will be teleported to that spot. Click somewhere high on the side of a mountain, though, and he could fall to his death! (This only works in the land you are in – all others go away.)
• noConCollide – clipping mode, walk-through walls, etc.
• conCollide – turns off clipping mode.
• setFirstPerson
• setThirdPerson
• give templearmor1: Best armor.
• give templesword: Best melee weapon.
• give icecrossbow: Best ranged weapon.
• exist
• listActive
• handsOff
• show
• lookup –
• mask
• console
• run
• alias
• ruth – easter egg.
• jeffo
• leslie
• welch-piel – easter egg.
• adam
• oscar – easter egg.
• rocket – easter egg.
• testCast

King's Quest 2015 Chapter 1 Complete Walkthrough Guide on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One & Xbox 360

Here's a complete walkthrough guide, which will help aid you in finishing task from beginning to end gameplay of King's Quest 2015 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One & Xbox 360.

Welcome to the King’s Quest 2015 walkthrough!

Developed by The Odd Gentlemen, King’s Quest rekindles the classic feelings of exploration, wit and wonder that have always defined this family-friendly series since its introduction over 30 years ago. – The first entry in a planned five-chapter arc, King’s Quest: A Knight to Remember sets the stage for an unforgettable journey to come with original places, puzzles and personalities to discover.

For starters, the game’s Producer Lindsey Rostal from developer The Odd Gentlemen will be your voice-over commentator, showing you around the game’s early areas with backstory and puzzle tips.

Hint: The game is all about using the environment to tell the story. Use time in different ways, and paying attention by examining all aspects; For example by observing the environment. One of the tenants of the old games was to always be able to use exploration and curiosity. So you can go out and find that story for yourself.

Part 1: Legendary Dragon Boss Fight
In the first part of the walkthrough, you will experience the first boss fight of the new King’s Quest series.

King Graham reflects on a life of adventure with his granddaughter to recover the fable mirror from the Dragon. Use your cleverness to hide from the dragon.

Part 2: Crossing The River To Daventry Challenge
We’re off to visit Daventry for the Tournament. Help the Merchant of Miracles find a wheel. Get Across the river. And search for odd Horn’s missing Mouth Piece.

Part 3: Crossing The Missing Bridge & The Chivalry Test Puzzle
Find a way across the Missing Bridge to get to the Knight Auditions. The video guide shows the Chivalry Test Puzzle being completed.

Part 4: Find The Hideous Beast Eye
Graham chose a path to pursue for the eye. Find the Hideous Beast Eye. And buy a gardening tool called the Epic Weed Whacker.

Part 5: The Dragon Water Well & Rope Puzzle
The Water Well & Rope Puzzle must be solved. Graham and Achaka the Knight team up, to face the Dragon in the Water Well. Graham uses the gardening tool to cut the Spiniferous Thornweeds.

“Achaka Affa Natta, Stalama.”

Part 6: Duel of Strength #1 & Giant Starshroom Pie Quest
Let’s continue the first King’s Quest chapter playthrough with all puzzles solved.
Time to do the Duel of Strength. As well as going on a fetch quest for Grandma’s Giant Starshroom Pie that needs you to find big Pies ingredients. And bring back a snack for the Bridge Troll Olfie. Location of Starberries discovered. Take out all the Goblins.

Part 7: Duel of Strength #2 & Scare The Pumpkin Squirrels
The Duel of Strength quest continues. Buy the Everlasting Blue Lantern and the Pumpkin Squirrels get scared away. And find a fast way to hear the Troll Password.

Part 8: Finding All Troll Horns & Duel of Strength Boss Fight
All Troll Horns get found next. The Raisins for Hypnotic Power gets located. And the Duel of Strength gets completed with a Boss Fight as well as the String Puzzle will be solved.

Part 9: The Duel of Speed & Save Triumph
Save Triumph by getting him down. The Duel of Speed Challenge gets completed. How to catch a frog. Get the free Sample Walnut Strudle and find the Bitterroot location.

Part 10: The Duel of Wits Championship & Chapter 1 Ending
The Duel of Wits Championship has arrived with Manny as the Final Boss. Use the Color Changing Potion to solve the Final Puzzle.

See The EPIC conclusion to “Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember” of King’s Quest.

To Be Continued: Chapter 2 will arrive later in 2015.

Credits: Guide by Sierra, Playstation and GamerrZombie

Life is Strange Episode 4 Complete Walkthrough Guide on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One & Xbox 360

Here's a complete walkthrough guide on the 4th episode of Life is Strange for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Life is Strange Episode 4 Walkthrough
Life Is Strange is a five part episodic game that sets out to revolutionize story based choice and consequence games by allowing the player to rewind time and affect the past, present and future.

You are Max, a photography senior who saves her old friend Chloe by discovering she can rewind time. The pair soon find themselves exposed to the darker side of Arcadia Bay as they uncover the disturbing truth behind the sudden disappearance of a fellow student.

Meanwhile, Max begins to have premonitions as she struggles to understand the implications of her power. She must quickly learn that changing the past can sometimes lead to a devastating future.

Key Game Features:
  • A beautifully written modern adventure game.
  • Rewind time to change the course of events.
  • Multiple endings depending on the choices you make.
  • Striking, hand-painted visuals.
  • Distinct, licensed indie soundtrack.
DLC Startup Notes: If you bought Episode 1 on its own, you will need to buy the ‘Season Pass’ to access Episodes 2 and the later episodes up to #5. – If you already bought the full ‘Season Pass’ you can go into the game’s Main Menu to start the next episode.

If you are unable to play Episode 4 on PC, please check your Steam client settings or DLC settings to make sure you have updates enabled, in order to play Episode 4.

Welcome to the Life is Strange Episode 4: Dark Room walkthrough!

NukemDukem will be your voice-over commentator showing you around the game’s areas. The full 4-hours-long playthrough can be seen right after the page break.

Life is Strange Episode 4 Complete Walkthrough Guide on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One & Xbox 360

Choices that has been made (SPOILERS)
  • Accepted Chloe's request for assisted suscide Max ends up killing her.
  • Max visits Kate if you did the save Kate outcome in episode 2.
  • Warned Victoria about Nathan Prescott.
  • We witnessed Rachel's death.
Max realizes that changing the past can lead to painful consequences and that time is not a great healer. Her investigation into the disappearance of Rachel Amber begins to reach a thrilling conclusion as she finds the Dark Room. Will the answers lie within? Or will there just be trouble?

Episode four is certainly taking a darker tone than previous episodes and it looks to reveal some of Arcadia Bay’s best kept secrets!

Credits: Guide by NukemDukem

How to Get All Types of Wings in Trove Online

This guide is going to explain how to get every type of wings in the game so far.

A little bit about wings.
Wings are not supposed to be the easiest thing to get. I consider wings more of an "end game" collectible.

There is currently 7 ways to get wings:
Mastery - Packs - Store - Chests - Crafting - Giveaways - Badges

Mastery Wings

Neophyte's Wings
You get these wings by reaching Mastery Rank 20.

Required: Mastery 20

Master's Wings
You get these wings by reaching Mastery Rank 110.

Required: Mastery 110

Pack Wings

Wings of the Phoenix
The only way you can get these wings is by purchasing the Power Pack, costing 20$ either on Steam or Store.

Price: 20$

Soulfire Wings
Currently the only way to get these wings is by purchasing the Necrofancy Pack for 20$ in the Store. These wings however will soon be in the Store, (next patch). 2000 Credits or 20000 Cubits, (next patch).

Price: 20$

Arcanium Discord
Currently the only way to get these wings is by purchasing the Arcanium Expedition Pack for 20$ only available on Steam for 20$. These wings however will soon be in the Store, (next patch). 2500 Credits (next patch).

Price: 20$

Store Wings

Stormcaller's Wings
These wings can only be bought with Credits.

Price: 2500 Credits.

Bloodseeker Wings
These wings can be bought with both Credits and Cubits.

Price: 2000 Credits or 20000 Cubits.

Xero Line Wings
These wings can be bought with both Credits and Cubits.

Price: 2000 Credits or 20000 Cubits.

Chest Wings

Chaos Butterfly
One of the rare rewards, from Chaos Chests.

Price: 50 Credits each Chaos Chest.

Wings of Darkest Night
One of the rare rewards, from Shadow Caches.
The wings are however more rare than Heart of Darkness.

Price: 10 Shadow Shards each Shadow Cache.

Craftable Wings

Neon Nightsky
Craftable with 4 Components from 4 different crafting tables spread around the world in specific biomes.

Required Materials::
S.O.A.R. T-1: Treasure Isles
- 5000 Flux

S.O.A.R. T-2: Sky Realm
- 5000 Crystalized Cloud
- 2000 Radiant Shard

S.O.A.R. T-3: Neon City
- 1000 Robotic Salvage

S.O.A.R. T-4: Dragonfire Peaks
- 500 Diamonds (100 Primordial Flame, 2500 Shapestone and 2500 Flux.)

Giveaway Wings

Balefire Wings
Watch a trion-supported trove stream at and win the Balefire Wing Code through a giveaway. Popular trove streamers usually give these out a lot.

Requirements: Win a trove stream giveaway


Please keep in mind that these badge wings are not wings that you can get in days, weeks, or even months playing, they are really hard to get because of the insane amount of things you have to do.

Pearlescent Pinions
To get these wings you must complete 25000 Quests or more.
Quests in trove are the dungeon objectives you get when you get close enough to a dungeon or lair.

Requirements: 25000 Quests

Aquabatic Ailerons
To get these wings you must have caught 15000 Fish or more.

Requirements: 15000 Fish Caught

Dark Infineon Wings
To get these wings you must have opened 12000 Boxes or more, any box counts!

Requirements: 12000 Boxes Opened

Midnight Mantle
To get these wings you must have logged on Trove atleast once every day for 90 days without losing a single day.

Requirements: 90 Consecutive Days Logged In

Credits: Guide by onikalus and 1 collaborators-

Street Fighter 5 Beta Skill Move List Guide [PC/PS4]

In this page, you will see each skill moves, of each fighter in the latest fighting game, Street Fighter Beta. In addition, this page will serve as your guide on how to do, or perform each skill moves of a fighter in the game.

Note: The SF5 Beta will roll out on Thursday, July 23rd with four characters playable immediately (Ryu, Chun-Li, M. Bison & Nash), with the last two of the six characters in the SF5 Beta (Birdie & Cammy) becoming playable on Saturday, July 25th.

See the developers explain how the characters impact the Battle System at EVO 2015 (talk begins at 20:30 minutes in).

Next, we’ve got all the Special Moves new in the Street Fighter 5 Beta.

These combinations work to execute skill moves on the PlayStation 4 and PC versions.

Ryu Move List

“V” moves:

– V-Skill – Mind’s Eye – Medium Punch + Medium Kick

Tip: Parries a single hit, however you can continue to parry multi-hit attacks in succession.

– V-Trigger – Denjin Renki – Hard Punch + Heavy Kick

Tip: Ryu’s fists power up with electricity.

– V-Reversal – Hashogeki – (During Guard) Forward + All Punches

Special moves:

– Hadoken – Quarter Circle Forward + Punch

– Shoryuken – Forward, Down, Down-Forward + Punch

– Tatsumaki Senpukyaku – Quarter Circle Back + Kick

– Airborne Tatsumaki Senpukyaku – (While in Air) Quarter Circle Back + Kick

Critical Arts:

– Shinju Hadoken – Quarter Circle Forward, Quarter Circle Forward + Punch

– Denjin Hadoken (During V-Trigger) – Quarter Circle Forward, Quarter Circle Forward + Punch

Chun-Li Move List

“V” moves:

– V-Skill – Rankyaku – Medium Punch + Medium Kick

Tip: A shorter jump compared to her regular jump that doubles as an attack and can be combo.

– V-Trigger – Renkiko – Heavy Punch + Heavy Kick

Tip: Chun-Li now does double the hits for every move.

– V-Reversal – Sohatsukei – (During Guard) Forward + All Punches

Special moves:

– Kikoken – Charge Back, Forward + Punch

– Hyakuretsukyaku – Quarter Circle Forward + Kick

– Airborne Hyaakuretsukyaku – (While in Air) Quarter Circle Forward + Kick

– Spinning Bird Kick – Charge Down, Up + Kick

Critical Arts:

cal Arts: Hoyokusen – Quarter Circle Forward, Quarter Circle Forward + Kick

M. Bison Move List

“V” moves:

V-Skill – Psycho Reflect – Medium Punch + Medium Kick

Tip: Bison can absorb a single hit projectile, or you can hold the input to reflect the projectile back at the opponent, which comes out at a faster speed and does 2 hits.

V-Trigger – Psycho Power – Heavy Punch + Heavy Kick

Tip: Bison gets much faster, with his forward dashes turning into teleports and his specials get augmented at the cost of a bit of his V-Trigger timer.

V-Reversal – Psycho Burst – (During Guard) Forward + All Punches

Special moves:

– Psycho Blast – Charge Back, Forward + Punch

– Double Knee Press – Charge Back, Forward + Kick

– Head Press – Charge Down, Up + Kick

– Somersault Skull Driver – (After Head Press Hits) Punch

– Devil Reverse – (Before Head Press Hits) Punch

– Psycho Inferno – Charge Down, Up + Punch

Critical Arts:

– Ultimate Psycho Crusher – Quarter Circle Forward, Quarter Circle Forward + Kick

Nash Move List

“V” moves:

– V-Skill – Bullet Clear – Medium Punch + Medium Kick

Tip: Helps Nash absorb fireballs.

– V-Trigger – Sonic Move: Hide – Forward + Heavy Punch + Heavy Kick

– V-Trigger – Sonic Move: Blitz Air – Back + Heavy Punch + Heavy Kick
– V-Reversal – Sonic Move: Avoid – (During Guard) Forward + All Punches

Tips: With the Sonic moves Nash does a teleport with very low start-up which consumes all of his V-Trigger and allows him to mix up. It has three variations, as you can teleport behind (forward + input), above and in front (down + input) or above and behind (back + input).

– V-Trigger – Steel Air – Down + Heavy Punch + Heavy Kick

Special moves:

Sonic Boom – Quarter Circle Forward + Punch

Sonic Scythe – Quarter Circle Back + Kick

Moonsault Slash – Quarter Circle Forward + Kick

Tragedy Assault – Forward, Down, Down-Forward + Kick

Critical Arts:

– Judgement Saber – Quarter Circle Back, Quarter Circle Back + Kick

Cammy Move List

“V” moves:

– V-Skill – Axel Spin Knuckle – Medium Punch + Medium Kick

Tip: Cammy performs a short hop that evades projectiles and delivers a gut punch to her foe. If used close enough, she will cross over to the other side of the opponent before delivering her attack.

– V-Trigger – Delta Drive – Hard Punch + Heavy Kick

Tip: Cammy’s Spin Knuckle returns, allowing her to go around fireballs and even cross up the opponent. When activated, the speed and number of hits Cammy’s special attacks deal increases dramatically for a short period of time, further increasing her ability to pressure and damage opponents; As well as allowing her specials to be cancelled into other specials (such as the Spiral Arrow into the Cannon Spike), each taking a stock of her V-Gauge when performed.

– V-Reversal – Strike Back – (During Guard) Forward + All Kicks

Special moves:

– Spiral Arrow – Quarter Circle Forward + Kick

– Cannon Spike – Forward, Down, Down-Forward + Kick

– Cannon Strike – Quarter Circle Back + Kick (during forward jump)

– Hooligan Combination – Half Circle Forward + Punch
– Razor Edge Slicer – No Input
– Fatal Leg Twister – Light Punch + Light Kick (close to ground)
– Cross Scissors Pressure – Light Punch + Light Kick (close in air)
– Cannon Strike – Kick

Critical Arts:

– Cross Stinger Assault – Half Circle Back, Half Circle Back + Kick

Birdie Move List

“V” moves:

– V-Skill – Break Time 1 (eats a donut) – Medium Punch + Medium Kick

– V-Skill – Break Time 2 (eats a banana) – Back + Medium Punch + Medium Kick

– V-Skill – Break Time 3 (drinks an energy drink) – Down + Medium Punch + Medium Kick

Tips: Depending on the direction you push when activating the V-Skill, Birdie pulls out one of three different items from his pockets: a banana peel that trips up opponents on the ground, an energy drink that is rolled as a projectile, both of which give him a minor V-Gauge boost and lastly, a donut that is quickly eaten and gives him a major V-Gauge boost!

– V-Trigger – Enjoy Time – Hard Punch + Heavy Kick

Tip: Birdie’s V-Trigger (eating a pepper) enrages him and powers up his special attacks by increasing their movement for a short period of time, while also adding armor and damage, making him that much harder to stop!

– V-Reversal – Pepper Pot – (During Guard) Forward + All Punches

Special moves:

– Bull Horn – Hold Punch, Release

– Bull Head – Half Circle Forward + Punch

– Hanging Chain – Quarter Circle Forward+ Kick

– Killing Head – Half Circle Back + Punch

– Bull Revenger – Half Circle Back + Kick

Critical Arts:

– Skip To My Chain – Half Circle Forward, Half Circle Forward + Punch

Godzilla: The Game Cheats, Tips, Tricks & Unlockables on PS3/PS4

Here are the known cheats, tips, tricks and unlockables for Godzilla: The Game for PS3 and PS4.

Godzilla: The Game Cheats

Unlockable Secret Routes & True Ending

How to get to the Secret Routes?

You need to get at least 50% of the data collection to unlock the last branch of the story. To get this, do multiple runs of the game’s God of Destruction Mode and collect all of the data along the way. — To get the final story stage you need to be a 100m Godzilla.

How to get the Secret Ending?

Do all the above to play in the last branch of the story with a 100m tall Godzilla. — This unlocks the secret true ending where you turn into Burning Godzilla and have to fight the Super X3 and LegendaryGoji.

Completing Hard Mode

How to beat the Hard Mode story stages?

You need to upgrade/level up in Evolution Mode to get better, as this will allow you to do more ranged attacks and take more hits. Especially since the final 3 stages are the toughest in the game.

Build your Fury/Combo counter as much as you can while destroying buildings throughout all stages, the multiplier will allow you to grow much faster, so you’ll be able to match or exceed the Kaiju you encounter.

If you end up being smaller than the Kaiju you’re fighting, you’ll need to be very evasive and use lots of finger missile attacks & shield defense to survive.

Godzilla: The Game Move List


• Left Analog Stick/D-Pad – Move forward/back.
• Left Analog Stick/D-Pad – Strafe left/right.
• Right Analog Stick – Move camera.
• L1/R1 – Turn left/right.
• Square – Basic attack.
• Triangle – Strong attack.
• Circle – Energy attack. Drains a section of temperature gauge.
• X – Charge attack.
• R2 – Secondary energy attack.
• R3 – Enable cinematic camera placement that collect’s data about the monster (when monster is placed correctly and prompted).


• Square, Square, Square – Basic three hit combo.
• Square (Hold) + LAS/D-Pad – 90 degree quick turn.
• Square (Hold) + LAS/D-Pad – Rear attack.
• R2 + Square (Hold) – Kick attack.
• Circle (Light Tap) – Quick energy blast.
• Circle (Hold) – Longer, sweeping energy blast.
• Circle, Square – Light grapple combo.
• Circle, Circle – Moderate grapple combo.
• Circle, Triangle – Grapple with energy blast attack.
• X, Square – Press square at the end of a charge attack to do extra damage.
• L1 + R1 – Roar which buffs character and opens up special attacks.

If you know of any cheats, tips, tricks and unlockables for the game, please do share it by writing it on the comment box below.

Credits: Guide by Chris, Hazmat963, Slackerchan and HF92

How to Unlock All Playable Godzilla (Kaiju) in Godzilla the Game for PS3 & PS4 [Guide]

In this page, you will learn how to unlock and play all characters in the newest Godzilla the Game for PS3 and PS4. This page will serve as your guide on unlocking each Kaiju in the game.

How To Unlock All Godzilla: The Game Monsters

At the game’s worldwide launch on July 14th, 2015, 22 characters will be available in the roster; many of which you’ll have to unlock by playing the game or buying their Godzilla: The Game DLC pack (previously only available as a pre-order bonus). These DLC characters will become available in the PlayStation Store later in 2015.

Note: Once you have all the monsters unlocked in every mode, you’ll find there are 22 in total. — However, when going to Online VS an extra 3 slots appear below Godzilla and above Anguirus. These “????” slots are Godzilla’s other Automic Breathes, you get them when evolving Godzilla.


1. Anguirus (1968) *PS4-exclusive*

2. Battra (Imago) *PS4-exclusive*

3. Battra (Larva) *PS4-exclusive*

4. Biollante — How To Unlock: There’s a random encounter at Stage 17 following the hard route in the God of Destruction Mode, which allows you to unlock one of the well hidden extra characters. As the video guide shows, in this case Biollante gets unlocked.

5. Destoroyah — How To Unlock: Method #1) Choose Defend option in God of Destruction Mode and then in Stage 3 choose the “?” stage on normal/hard route. Can be completed in mere minutes when playing as Larva Mothra. Method #2) First unlock Burning Godzilla. Then get to the 25th stage in Invasion Mode while playing as Burning Godzilla, at which point you’ll have to fight and defeat Destoroyah to unlock it.

6. Gigan (Modified 2004)

7. Godzilla (1964) *PS4-exclusive*

8. Godzilla (1989)

9. Godzilla (1995) AKA Burning Godzilla — How To Unlock: Get at least 50% of the data collection to unlock the last branch of the story. To get this much data, do multiple runs of the game’s God of Destruction Mode and collect all of the data along the way. — To get the final story stage you need to be a 100m Godzilla. This unlocks the secret true ending on either Invasion or Defend option, where you turn into Burning Godzilla and have to fight the Super X3 and LegendaryGoji. — Win the final stage to get the true ending, which in turn will get you Burning Godzilla’s DNA cells and then you unlock him.

10. Godzilla (2014) AKA Hollywood Godzilla *DLC-exclusive* — How To Unlock: Pre-order bonus on PS3 & PS4. Will be available at a later time as a DLC character in the PlayStation Store.

11. Hedorah (1971)

12. Jet Jaguar — How To Unlock: First choose God of Destruction Mode and start from the beginning. Then destroy the scenery between 50-60%. Then destroy the generator as quick as possible and you’ll get a message and have to fight him. Once bested unlock him in the Evolution mode.

13. King Ghidorah (1991)

14. MechaGodzilla (1974) *PS4-exclusive*

15. MechaGodzilla (1975)

16. MechaGodzilla (1993)

17. MechaGodzilla (2003) AKA Kiryu — How To Unlock: Take the bottom path to the last stage of God of Destruction Mode (not counting the true ending) to find, fight & unlock Mecha Godzilla.

18. Mecha-King Ghidorah *PS4-exclusive*

19. Mothra (1992) AKA Larva Mothra

20. Rodan (1956) *PS4-exclusive*

21. SpaceGodzilla *PS4-exclusive* — How To Unlock: Space Godzilla is a random encounter. He can most often be found around Stage 15.

22. ???? (Future DLC-exclusive?)

Tip: How to unlock the rest of the monsters in Godzilla: The Game? Play Hard Mode and have a little luck, since any stage that doesn’t show you the enemy is a random encounter. — Then by playing Invade, the game sets the monsters you fight so you can know ahead of time. Playing the hard (bottom) path gives the best chance for those characters to show up.

You’ll know you’ve succeeded in unlocking everyone when you unlock this Bronze Trophy:
“Kaiju Collector — See and unlock all available Kaiju.”

The Godzilla: The Game launch trailer shows the main Godzilla: The Game monsters in action.

Credits: Guide by Namco Bandai Games, LukeStrife5, Hazmat963, SpiritSaiyan101 and RobertCram01

Five Nights at Freddy's 4 Complete Walkthrough Guide for PC, Android, iPhone & iPad

Here's a complete walkthrough guide on how to survive and finish each chapter of the 4th sequel of Five Nights at Freddy for PC, Android, iPhone and iPad.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 Walkthrough


In this last chapter of the Five Nights at Freddy’s original story, you must once again defend yourself against Freddy Fazbear, Chica, Bonnie, Foxy, and even worse things that lurk in the shadows. Playing as a child whose role is yet unknown, you must safeguard yourself until 6am by watching the doors, as well as warding off unwanted creatures that may venture into your closet or onto the bed behind you.

You have only a flashlight to protect yourself. It will scare away things that may be creeping at the far end of the hallways, but be careful, and listen. If something has crept too close, then shining lights in its eyes will be your end.

PC System Requirements:

• OS: Win XP, 7, 8, Vista, 10
• Processor: 2 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon or equivalent
• Memory: 2 GB RAM
• Hard Drive: 1 GB available space

Night 1
Welcome to the Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 walkthrough!

Cory will be your voice-over commentator showing you around the game’s areas.

Here is Night 1 completed.

Night 2
Time to complete Night 2.

Night 3
The challenging Night 3 gets successfully completed in this video guide.

Night 4
Get ready to finish Night 4.

Night 5 & Ending
Get ready for the unbelievable ending to Five Nights at Freddy’s 4: The Final Chapter that shows who caused the bite of ’87.

Night 6 & 7 + Good Ending
You didn’t think Night 5’s sad ending was it did you? There’s a good ending too!
– Night 6 unlocks in the Main Menu as ‘6th Night’ after finishing Night 5.

From the game’s Main Menu you can select to see all Jumpscares (as shown in the video), which reveals there will be a Night 7 animatronic.

– Night 7 is a Nightmare challenge you can start by selecting ‘Extra’ from the Main Menu and going to ‘Nightmare’. It’s under ‘Jumpscares’ & ‘Fun with Plushtrap’.

Note: To see the Night 7 solution, skip to 5:30 minutes into the video guide.

Night 6 & 7 + Good Ending
You didn’t think Night 5’s sad ending was it did you? There’s a good ending too!

– Night 6 unlocks in the Main Menu as ‘6th Night’ after finishing Night 5.

From the game’s Main Menu you can select to see all Jumpscares (as shown in the video), which reveals there will be a Night 7 animatronic.

– Night 7 is a Nightmare challenge you can start by selecting ‘Extra’ from the Main Menu and going to ‘Nightmare’. It’s under ‘Jumpscares’ & ‘Fun with Plushtrap’.

Note: To see the Night 7 solution, skip to 5:30 minutes into the video guide.

Night 8
Through a new easter egg, the 20/20/20/20 Mode has been found! Let’s play Night 8…

– Night 8 unlocks in the Main Menu’s ‘Extra’ menu as ’20/20/20/20′ after typing 20 four times in a row on your keyboard while in the ‘Extra’ menu. You’ll immediately see it appear under ‘Fun With Plushtrap’.

Credits: Guide by Animdude, CoryxKenshin, deeeeees and thezeldafan911

Five Nights at Freddy's 4 Cheats & Unlockables on Android, iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

In this page, you will learn all cheats and unlockables on the the 4th sequel of Five Nights at Freddy for android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 Cheats

How To Unlock Nightmare Mode (Night 7)

After finishing Night 6, Night 7 is a Nightmare challenge you can start by selecting ‘Extra’ from the Main Menu and going to ‘Nightmare’. It’s under ‘Jumpscares’ & ‘Fun with Plushtrap’.

After starting the Nightmare Mode, you’ll get an on-screen message saying you’re playing “Night 7″.
This video shows how to go from Night 6 to 7:

How To Unlock 20/20/20/20 Mode (Night 8)
Night 8 unlocks in the Main Menu’s ‘Extra’ menu as ’20/20/20/20′ after typing 20 four times in a row on your keyboard (cheat code = 20202020) while in the ‘Extra’ menu. You’ll immediately see it appear under ‘Fun With Plushtrap’. It replaces ‘Nightmare’ in that menu, and if you don’t see ‘Nightmare’ yet you’ll first need to have finished up to Night 6.

After starting the 20/20/20/20 Mode, you’ll get an on-screen message saying you’re playing “Night 8″.

This video shows how to enter the cheat code that unlocks Night 8:

Note: See our walkthrough page to find out how to finish up to Night 6 (and beyond).

Marvel Heroes 2015 Pet Guide & How to Acquire Them


Pets are items that players use to summon pets that will follow them around the game and can be obtained from the Marvel Heroes Store or as drops.

Updates will be made!


Iron Buddy
How to Acquire: You can buy it from the G shop for 950gs, can also be dropped
Note: Five colors of Iron Buddy pets are available from Clea - only for players of the appropriate prestige level

How to Acquire: You can buy it from the G shop for 950gs, can also be dropped

Dragon Man
How to Acquire: You can buy it from the G shop for 950gs

Old Lace
How to Acquire: You can buy it from the G shop for 950gs, can also be dropped

How to Acquire: You can buy it from the G shop for 950gs

How to Acquire: You can buy it from the G shop for 950gs

Ultron Silver
How to Acquire: You can buy it from the G shop for 950gs

Ultron Gold
How to Acquire: You can get this guy by Mark 2 Fortune Cards

How to Acquire: You can get this guy by Mark 2 Fortune Cards

Symbiote Spider-Ham
How to Acquire: You can get this guy by Fortune Card Mark 4

How to Acquire: This pet was only available during Halloween, for 950gs

How to Acquire: This pet was only available for Ultimate or Premium pack owners

Credits: Guide by Cass-

Rovio Revealed Angry Birds 2 Coming to Android & iOs this Month

Rovio has announced the Angry Birds 2 release date flocks into app stores worldwide on July 30th, 2015. Android & iOS gamers rejoice!

Watch the “Angry Birds 2: Angry Is Back – Teaser” here:
On Piggy Island, every day is beach party day. But sooner or later, all parties get crashed…

Back in December 2009, as a still small games studio, Rovio released their 52nd game featuring colorful birds, green pigs, a slingshot and a super catchy theme tune. Fast forward to 2015 and Angry Birds has taken the world by storm as the most popular mobile game so far.

With 3 billion game downloads, millions of fans across the globe, multiple mashups and spin-offs, collaborations with A-list celebrities and much more, Angry Birds is the mother of all mobile game apps.

To quote the developers: “We’re proud to announce the mother of all sequels – Angry Birds 2!

All of us here at Rovio can’t wait to show our fans what we’ve been cooking up! We’re SUPER excited. Follow Angry Birds on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and YouTube during the next couple weeks and you’ll see something a little piggy is going on…”

Trove Knight Class Guide: Build, How to Play & Strategies

What is the Knight?

The Knight is a Melee, Physical (duh) dealing class. Many other classes use a Melee weapon, such as the Neon Ninja, Candy Barbarian, and 1/2 of the time, the Boomeranger. Every class in Trove has a biome relating to it. The Knight comes as a strong soldier from the Medieval Highlands.

A scene of the Medieval Highlands biome with a dungeon

The Knight is a Melee Tank, never afraid to charge in even at the brink of death. Like all classes, it has 4 different skills.
  • Passive 
  • Skill 1
  • Skill 2
  • Ultimate



The Knight's Passive allows it to deal extra damage on it's next hit AFTER being hit. Combined with a high health pool, this skill is extremely useful.

Skill 1


The Knight's 1st Skill (Mouse 2) is a Smash. It deals damage in a 4x7 cone. With heavy damage and heavy knockback, it also stuns enemies.

Skill 2


The Knight's 2nd Skill lunges the Knight up to 12 blocks forward, dealing explosive damage to the enemy you hit, and anyone around that enemy.


Iron Will

The Knight's Ultimate is like a elysian jug, combined with 75% Damage REDUCTION and a doubled stability. This skill alone transforms the Knight into an unbeatable tank.

Strategies with the Knight
All classes have base priority of what equipment you should have. With the Knight, Physical Damage, Health, and Health Regen are definitely top priorty. You may want to consider having Energy regen on either your Weapon or Ring, and then having the other with Jump. (Preferably the Ring) Health % should also be on anything that doesn't have a slot. Knockback, almost with all classes, is pretty much useless. As well, it will annoy the living **** out of Sky Farmers, should you knock a Giant off the edge. Stability, although it would appear useful, is only good against super-high Knockback enemies. Such as a Punchbot/Superpunchbot/Saloonbot/SaloonMayor.

What your equipment should look like

This is one of many pieces that will have Physical Damage, but it obviously have the highest. Along with that, your second stat should be Max Health. Your 3rd stat is a bit of preference. Either Health %, or Health Regen. Your Passive only activates every (about) 2 seconds. In the meantime of waiting, you should have Energy Regen on your weapon. (This may be the only piece with Energy Regen)
  • Physical Damage
  • Max Health
  • Health %/Health Regen
  • Energy Regen

Your Hat remains with huge stats to Health. So Max, %, and Regen. For your 4th stat, it remains to Energy Regen, Movement Speed, or Attack Speed. Personally, I'd choose Energy Regen. Health %
  • Max Health
  • Health Regen
  • Energy Regen/Attack Speed/Movement Speed

You're not Slenderman, so get a face. Your face will also provide a boost to your Physical Damage. Along with Max health, Regen, and once again, a choice of Energy Regen, Movement Speed, or Attack Speed. I'd personally go for Attack Speed. Physical Damage
  • Max Health
  • Health Regen
  • Attack Speed/Energy Regen/Movement Speed

Your secondary stat will remain to be Jump. It's the primary you get to choose around.
Either Health, (Vitality) or Physical Damage. (Power) You may want to keep one of each in your inv at all times.
  • Health/Physical Damage
  • Jump

So, what does all of this allow for the Knight? The Knight is a TANK, albeit, not as good as a Candy Barbarian. (Which is a Tanky Medic.) Attack Speed is not really neccessary.

Between those 2 seconds of waiting for your Passive, your better off Smashing (Mouse 2) instead of normal attacking. And when you do normal attack/Mouse 1, your Energy Regen will have already refilled your Energy. Your 2nd Skil (Charge!) is used as an Entry, but also an escape. Only if your Ultimate is recharging. Your Ultimate truly makes the Knight a tank. Use it on Low-Health against a pack of mobs. against a lone-some boss, you may be better off drinking a little potion or running donuts until your health has recharged. Avoid jumping as the Knight, the extra Jumps are only useful for dungeon and terrain navigation. And that's pretty much it. Charge!, attack, smash, attack, smash, *Low on Health*, Ultimate, attack, smash etc.

Flasks and Emblems

Shown is the Martial Emblem

Albeit, costly, Emblems can do a lot. The Martial Emblem is an immediate choice. The second is 1 of 3, either Unyielding, (Common damage+invul) or Shadow Shrike. (That ally can REALLY help) Soothing Rain is a possible option, if your group doesn't have a Candy Barb, or has a weak one. For those of you who don't know, Emblems are tokens that boost the potions you drink. Due to such a high Health pool, Elysian Bandoliers would be a choice for Knight. 18 potions that each heal 20% make greatness. Using them well, you want to be using a potion every 10 seconds perhaps.

(Note: Wings and Mounts do not affect anything and do not have an advantage over eachother. All wings have 95 Movement Speed, and all mounts have 90 Movement Speed. Getting different Mounts and Wings are purely Asthetic and to appear as more of a bada** to the low ranks)


Shown is the Personal Poundcake, my personal chosen Ally for the knight 

In truth, almost all Punchbot-Allies make great for the Knight, giving bonus Health and damage reduction. If you don't favor the Poundcake, their is a rare Ally called the Shield Servitor. The Personal Poundcake grants +8% Health Regen and -8% incoming Damage. The Shield Servitor grants +30 Energy Regen and -20% incoming Damage. Both can be gotten from Buddybot Soultraps, (Aka, Cases) which are bought from specific Treasure Isles Traders.

Credits: Guide by CS:GO Raffles-

Trove Items Price List Guide

In this guide, i will show you all the current prices of items in-game and will keep it up to date

hey guys if you have come from my easy flux guide, then this is a perfect example to use for trading!, if not then welcome!



Ancient Scale - 1:700
Blank Scroll - 1:100
Bleached Bone - 1:5
Crystallized Cloud - 1:2
Diamond - 1:10
Dragon Coin - 1:1500
Eye of Q'bthulhu - 1:4
Faerie Dust - 1:5
Formicite Ore - 2:1
Glim 3:1
Heart of Darkness 1:6000
Infinium 1:2
Mushroom Chunk 1:2
Pearl of Wisdom 1:1000
Primordial Flame 1:2
Robotic Salvage 1:10
Shadow Diamond 1:20
Steed Feed 1:5
Sunlight Bulb 2:1
Wild Cupcake 1:3
Tentacle of Q'bthulhu 1:90
Recipe 1:100


Pearl of Wisdom - 800f to 950f
Twice-Forged Shadow Soul - 400f to 600f
Thrice-Forged Shadow Soul - 1.5kf to 2kf
Quad-Forged Shadow Soul - 6kf to 10kf
Twinkling Tome - 250f to 400f
Perfect Prism - 800f to 1.2kf


Azulian Dragon Cache 1:700
Chaos Chest 1:170
Pet Soultrap 1:100
Earthly Dragon Adventurer's Chest 1:50


Shapestone - 4:1f to 2:1f
Formicite - 3:1f to 2:1f
Infinium - 1:1f to 1:2f
Glim - 5:1f to 6:1f
Primordial Flame - 1:2f to 1:3f
Robotic Salvage - 1:5f to 1:8f
Enchanted Wood - 1:2f to 1:4f
Bleached Bone - 1:2f to 1:3f
Wild Cupcake - 1:2f to 1:3f
Mushroom Chunk - 2:1f to 1:1f
Sunlight Bulb - 3:1f
Faerie Dust - 1:2f to 1:3f
Sticky Ichor - 1:3f
Golden Seashell - 10:1f to 3:1f
Crystallized Cloud - 5:1f to 4:1f
Radiant Shard - 2:1f
Blank Scroll - 1:20f to 1:35f
Eye of Q'bthulhu - 1:1f to 1:2f
Tentacle of Q'bthulhu - 20:1f to 40:1f
Bottle - 1:2f
Glacial Shard - 2:1f to 1:1f
Golden Soul - 1:7f to 1:10f
Somber Soul - 1:10f to 1:20f
Steed Feed - 1:2f to 1:3f
Shadow Key - 1:100f to 1:200f
Bomb - 1:1f to 1:2f
Diamond - 1:4f to 1:6f
Shadow Diamond - 1:10f to 1:15f
Heart of Darkness - 1.8kf to 2.2kf


Common Soultrap Allies - 40f to 60f
Uncommon Soultrap Allies - 150f to 300f
Chronomancer Qubesly - 2kf to 3kf
Prowling Shadow - 1.5kf to 2.5kf
Shield Servitor - 2kf to 2.5kf
Rapt Berserker - 2kf to 3kf
Feisty Flamedancer - 1.5kf to 2.5kf
Diggsly - 300f to 500f
Cotton Candy - 6kf to 10kf
Bounding Boot - Currently unobtainable (to my knowledge)
Steely/Sorcerous Boot - 500f to 600f
Cardio Companion - 500f to 750f
Foreman Footwear - 1.5kf to 2.5kf
Samantha - 5kf to 6kf
SA Allies - 3.5kf to 5kf


Pink/Blue Cookiephant - 1kf to 1.5kf
Eggster/Chicanery - 1kf to 1.5kf
Balefire/Truefire Phoenix - 2kf to 3kf
Pink/Blue Budgie Buddy - 1kf to 1.5kf
Dragon/Shrimp Roll - 500f to 1kf
Scorched/Sheltered Kami - 1.2kf to 2kf
Fae Boughskimmer - 10kf to 13kf
Prancing Pinata - 4kf to 5kf
Nimble Nimbus - 8kf to 10kf
Chaos Hound - 7kf to 8kf
Radiant Steed - 3.5kf to 4kf
Restless Eye - 2kf
Bouncy Ladybug - 6kf to 8kf (?)
Runemaster's Record - 12kf to 15kf
Store Mounts - 6kf to 8kf
Old Cubit Store Mounts - 2kf to 5kf
PWN-E - 3kf to 4kf
Infinity PWN-E - 5kf to 6.5kf
Skully - 3kf to 5kf
Moulder - 2k to 3k
Springy Sporeling - 500f to 1kf
Tundra Thresher - 2.5kf to 3.5kf
Floating Formula - 10kf to 12kf
Scoops - 3kf to 6kf
Jouncing Jellyfish - 1.5kf
Enchanted Jellyfish - 2kf
Dream Brony - 4kf
Magic Carpet - 6kf
Insanisteed - 8kf
Jelly Knight - 7kf
All 9000 Glim Mounts - 1.5kf to 2kf
Pemblock - 150f to 300f
Pemblock Variations - 1kf to 3kf
Meownt - 500f to 700f
Meownt Variations - 1.5kf to 3kf
Spring Pinata - 4kf to 5kf
Summer Pinata - 5kf to 7kf
Winter Pinata - 5kf to 6kf
Autumn Pinata - 6kf to 8kf
Seasonal Mounts - 3kf to 10kf (?)
Trove Carpet - 50kf to 100kf (code)
Robo Raptor - 8kf to 10kf (code)


Neon Nightsky - 18kf to 22kf
Xero Line - 8kf to 10kf
Bloodseeker - 8kf to 10kf
Chaos Butterfly - 8kf to 10kf
Darkest Night - 5kf to 7kf
Stormcaller - 12kf to 18kf

Flux/Glim Tome - 2kf to 2.5kf
Tentacle/Eye Tome - 2kf
Other Tome - 2.5kf to 3kf

Mag Racers

Mag Racer - 200f to 300f
Fun Police - 5kf to 7kf (?)
Dance Pad - 6kf to 8kf (Beware of scammers! Often times they will put a "Disblock Board" decoration in the trade window instead of the Dance Pad)
Bull Shadozer - 4kf
Mahogan Toboggan - 1kf to 1.5kf
Laden Sleigh - 3kf to 5kf
Other Seasonal Mounts - 5kf to 10kf (?


SS Dinghy - 100f
SS Corgi - 300f to 500f
Chaotic Clipper - 8kf to 10kf
Old Blocksides - 2.5kf to 3.5kf
SS Draconic - 8kf to 12kf
SS Dutchman - 12kf to 15kf
Chaotic Cruiser - 10kf to 12kf
Basic Sails - 100f to 500f
Uncommon Sails - 500f to 1kf
Rare Sails - 1kf
SA Sails - 4kf


Costume Mystery Box - 3kf to 4kf
Trovian Guard - 2kf to 3kf
Dragon Knight - 3kf to 4kf
Blood Knight - 3kf to 4kf
Bone Knight - 5kf to 6kf
Elysian Guardian - 5kf to 6kf
Regal Rebel - 3kf to 4kf
Revolver Ranger - 3kf to 4kf
Hotdog Hero - 3.5kf to 4.5kf
Uberman - 4kf to 5kf
Heartbreaker - 4.5kf to 6kf
Dark Fae - 3.5kf to 4.5kf
Ice Cold - 3kf to 4kf
Bee Trickster - 4kf to 6kf
F43 Trickster - 5kf to 7kf
Ashen Beast - 4kf to 5kf
Shadow Maw - 4kf to 5kf
Balefire Beast - 5.5kf to 6.5kf
Nightshade - 4kf to 5kf
Magenta Master - 2.5kf to 3.5kf
Lunar Ronin - 7kf to 8kf
Heartbleed - 5.5kf to 6.5kf
Ice Cream Crusher - 3.5kf to 4.5kf
Licorice Lord - 3.5kf to 4.5kf
Dark Infineon - 6kf to 8kf
Sugar Skull - 6kf to 8kf
Black Ice - 3.5kf to 4.5kf
Nice Sage - 3.5kf to 4.5kf
Shadow's Disciple - 5.5kf to 7kf
Relic of the Past - 4kf to 5kf
Dead Shot - 4.5kf to 6kf
Sharp Shooter - 4kf to 6kf
Master of Commanding - 5kf to 6kf
Ghost Pirate - 5kf to 7kf
Dark Boomeranger - 5kf to 6kf
Winter Boomeranger - 5kf to 6.5kf
Santa Barbarian - 10kf - 15kf


Lava Rod - 700f to 1kf
Chocolate Rod - 1.2kf to 1.6kf
Lady of the Lake - 1.5kf to 2kf
Chaos Rod - 2kf
Radiant Moonfish - 600f to 1kf
Weird Fisheye - 800f to 1.2kf
Soaring Flamefish - Unobtainable currently
Enchanted Fish - 1kf to 2kf
Rare Fish not listed - 400f to 600f


Block Recipe, all - 50f to 100f
Biome Recipe - 30f to 50f
Spring Recipe - 100f to 200f
Summer Recipe - 200f to 300f
Winter Recipe - 200f to 300f
Other Seasonal Recipes - 200f to 500f (?)


Style Surpirse - 70f to 150f
Hat/Mask Vault Surprise - 50f to 100f
Weapon Vault Surprise - 100f to 150f
Pin Heads - 100f to 500f
Event Styles - 200f to 1kf (?)
Spring Style Surprise - 100f to 150f
Summer Style Surprise - 150f to 250f
Winter Style - 200f to 500f (?)
Dark Hood - 2kf
Radiant Corona - 200f to 1kf
Various Shadow Styles - 100f to 200f
Rare/Wanted Styles (ex. Bale Reaper) - 100f to 500f


Maxed Weapons/Faces/Hats (Shadow 4, 5 forge stars, 8 bonus stars) - 10kf to 15kf
Shadow 4 PD/ER or MD/ER rings - 10kf to 15kf
Other Shadow 4 rings - 3kf to 5kf
Shadow 3 rings - 1kf to 2kf

Credits: Guide by Quartz-