Freestyle 2 Guide: How to be a Great Defensive Player

Here's a guide which will showcase how to play great defense in the coolest Basketball MMO today, Freestyle 2.

Guide: How to play defense in FreeStyle 2. 

So why defense and not just focus on offense first? It's because good defense is the best offense! You may score many points but if you can't defend well, then you'll lose more points and lose confident, then lose focus and finally, lose the game. It always happen when you don’t know proper marking, how to steal and most importantly, how to rebound and block shots. It’s suck right ? If you played few hours, you can have many question:”how to block that lay up, how to block that dunk, how to steal and lockdown a shooting player.” 

Good thing you've stumbled to this page as it will teach you the basics on how to be a great defensive player on Freestyle 2.

MARKING (Basic):the first thing you need to know when you want a good defense.

*SKILL for easier Marking

Marking is choosing the right position on defense mode. This means that you have to be at the right time to defend a shot or take a rebound. If you have good position you can lower %success shooting from your opponent, you can block, can rebound or event trying steal with PF , SF (Centers are not part of the party  because of there slow steal and % success is also too low)

You can see that clearly in tutorial. Most of the times, the CPU opponent always choose the best position with you.

It’s a line direct from the attacker to the basket, stay in that line and you can stop a layup, dunk or going forward.

And when you stand at good position, you now need to keep the right distance, it will be a bit difficult, but you can master it easily if you understand it clearly.

Don’t keep your distance too far or too close. Too far it means your opponent can shoot (not full %success but with SF or SG, it’s almost going in). And too close means you can be dribbled with cross-over very easy.

Always keep in mind, stand at right position and at right distance, you can lock down an solo player easily (attacker can use screen, but I will talk about it later, of course when it happen, you need to know how to evade their screen in right way)

*MARKING (Advance):
-How to use button W in defense
-Something should know when marking


*SKILL for easier Blocking:

Good positioning makes it easier to block. 

There’re too type of block:
- Block a shot
- Block dunk and lay-up (need very very good positioning skill to do this well)

- With C/PF, it’s easy with right distance from marking. But with SF/SG/PG it need more close too block a shot. Anyway, you don’t need to try blocking a shot, it’s so dangerous if your opponent do a pump fake (fake shot), and when you jump, it's the end for you.

- A tip when defending a shot is to jump after the shot as soon as possible, it will lower %success of that shot.

- This is hard for newbies. Anyone can do a dunk or lay-up. Don’t blame your C/PF (basket defender) when they can’t block some lay-up or dunk.
- See image below for example on how to block a layup or dunk.


+ At this position you can block any lay-up. You just need to move a short distance to their opponent ‘s lay-up


The same position as blocking a layup, without direction-block skill. You need press Shift + D at the right position to block a dunk.

- With changing direction dunk from PF, It’s harder, you need faster and try to determine where he/she will do the dunk. The same logic like block a lay-up, but you need to move closer.

*BLOCK (Advance):
Block-keep ball

REBOUND (Basic):

*SKILL for easier Rebounding:

- It depends on your experience, you need to guess the way the ball come and go to the right position for that. * With box out skill (without +% box out skill), when same timing, the one inside is box-out stronger then the outside. Like that:

- The faster timing box-out win the box-out. If you are in same position:

A good C/PF with good defense’s 50% power of the team. Remind that when you choose to play.

*REBOUND (Advance):
- Chip in
- Chip out
- Power-rebound

STEAL (Basic):

*SKILL for easier Stealing:

When you marking, just need to move closer to your opponent and press S.
When to steal ? Some situations make you easy to steal:
- When they do a pumb fake (fake shot), the most easily to steal
- When they caught drible by you
- When they keep their hand-ball in the direction you stand.

Dribling steal

So that's it all about basic defense. It will be harder when in high skill game as you need to change your marking opponent smoothly, depend on opponents team and your team’s strategy (.eg:Like if PF go to 3-point position and SF come to rebound, you-a PG should change opponent with your C to make a good defense. In common a PG can’t rebound with SF, so he can rebound and dunk over you, PG with bad block skill)

Hope this guide helps...

Have a Safer Craiglist Transactions by Finding "Safe Zones" to Trade

Many are entice with Craiglist as it is one of the main source in the internet wherein you can find items that you really want and, it's sold in lower price. However, there are things that you must consider before using Craiglist and, one of those thing is NOT TRUSTING EVERYONE USING CRAIGLIST. Many may find and get those inexpensive items they find but also, many have been swindled.

Craiglist is like a double-edge sword wherein you can cut someone and, you can be cut by it also. So, the best way to deal or transact with Craiglist is to be cautious in every transaction you are getting into.

One way of being cautious is knowing "safe zones" wherein Craiglist transactions are almost 100% sure. We are talking about countries here that people are trustworthy in terms of Craiglist Transactions.

Craigslist recently updated their safety page to encourage users to exchange “high value” transactions at local police stations. NPR reports that the change comes as a handful of stations have launched safe zones for these types of transactions. In these zones, police are on duty, and there’s usually 24-hour surveillance.

Fox News posted a map of several stations that have officially launched these zones, above. But maybe your area isn’t on the map. In that case, just take Craigslist’s advice and meet a seller or buyer at a local police station, or at least close to one. 

Screenshot via Fox News Insider

There is also another way to find safe zones to trade. You can go to, a site where you can find local police departments that offer safe zones for transactions.

Hope this article helps...

Eight Secret STEAM Features You Need to Know

Without a doubt, STEAM is one of the best gaming platform out there. It just not host famous MMO and other games, but it also has a beautiful UI and it is easy to use making it more user-friendly and loved by many.

For that reason, many people are using this STEAM as their main gaming platform and we know, that you have been using it too for a very long time and, you are accustomed on using it already. But did you know, there are some features of STEAM that you might not know of yet? Yes! there are some features of STEAM that many don't use or, many don't know that it exist! Even us were amazed that those features were on the tip of our nose but we didn't notice it.

So now, let us know the 8 STEAM features that you may not know of.  You never know, you might be needing it someday or, just share it to your friends and brag that you know about them and they don't :).

#1 The search bar on your friends list isn't just for people. If you search a game's name, it will pull up people playing that game, making it easier for you to jump in with them.

#2 The big ol' box at the top of the Steam store front page? You can customize what appears in it. Used to be that you had to right click on it to pull up options, but now mousing over the box makes a "customize" tab appear. You can even tell it to cycle through games already in your account, if you're feeling indecisive or want to confuse yourself.
#3 Have a friend who changes their Steam handle a lot? If you go into their profile and click the arrow next to their name, you can see every nickname they've ever used in the past. That's right, Tupac and famed children's fantasy author Brian Jacques

#4 Want to know when friends changed their names? Use this URL:[insert user name here, no brackets]/namehistory

#5 Want to know all sorts of fun info about your graphics card, including exactly how much dedicated video memory it has? Open up Steam Big Picture Mode, then go to settings. From there, select "system."

#6 If you block a friend, their Steam friends list tells them you're offline. However, if they check Steam groups and things of the like, they'll be able to see your actual status So be warned!

#7 Want to step behind Steam's vaunted bluegray curtain? Find your Steam icon and right click it. Go to properties and add "-dev" and "-console" to the text in the field titled "target." That will add a "Console" tab to the top of Steam alongside things like Steam, Library, Community, and whatnot. It opens a command-line-based developer's console. 

#8 Here are a bunch of commands you can use in dev consoles, some with Steam itself, and some in Source games (Half-Life 2, etc).

Bonus features

You can hide games in your library, to cut down on clutter and/or shame. Right click a game's title, go to "set categories," and check the box marked "hide this game in my library."

Friends change their Steam names a little too much? You can give them nicknames on your friends list. Just click the triangle next to their name on your friends list and select "add nickname." Ka-boom. Now you'll never forget which friend is your weed dealer and which is your parole officer ever again. 

Let's Play the Coolest Basketball MMO Freestyle 2!

Hello Web Junkies! We just want invite you to play the coolest basketball MMO today, Freestyle 2. We know that you are familiar with this, especially to those who are a fan of its predecessor. So, we want to invite you again and continue ballin' with Freestyle 2.

About Freestyle 2

FreeStyle 2 is an MMO sports game developed by JCEntertainment. It’s an arcade style online street basketball game with an emphasis on precise controls, fluid movement, teamwork, and fast-paced action.

Key Features:
• Positions: Center, Point Guard, Shooting Guard, Small Forward and Power Forward.
• Skills: Create your own play style with over 30 movement, shooting and passing skills!
• Tournament & Crew: Team up with your friends and compete in tournaments to win great prizes!
• Customization: Customize your character with various outfits, hairstyles, shoes, accessories and more.
• Tutorial & Training: Tutorials show how to execute each and every skill in the game.
• Daily Quests and Missions
• Achievements
• Active Environment System: AI and environments response to player actions.
• ASA System: Gives users very detailed statistics about their play styles.
• Opening Scene: Allows users to show off their items and character
• BGM: Original sound track allow users to experience the feeling of street basketball
• Card System: Each Collectible Card boost certain stats.
• Collect & Complete deck of cards to acquire greater stats boost.

Model: F2P
Status: Live [ February 4, 2015 ]
Subgenre: Basketball Game

Check out below some videos of Freestyle 2.

Freestyle Street Basketball 2 (Official Cinematic Trailer )

FreeStyle 2: Street Basketball - First Look

FreeStyle 2 - Gameplay
So? Are you ready to play some street ball? Then if you are ready, head to their official website and download the game now. 

Freestyle 2 Official Website:

Freestyle 2 Stats Explanation and Proper Points Distribution Guide

Part 1. Stats Explanation

-POST SHOT: *success rate of any shots very close to a rim except layup and dunk.

-MIDDLE SHOT: *success rate of middle shots, *range of middle shots(the higher this stat is, the less you will miss long shots)

-3PT SHOT: *success rate of 3p shots, *range of 3pt shots

-SHORT DUNK: *success rate of short dunk( for example, two handed dunk of C)

-LONG DUNK: *success rate of long dunk( for example, long one handed dunk of PF)

-SHORT LAYUP: *success rate of short layup

-LONG LAYUP: *success rate of long layup, *****range of long layup including MANUEL LAYUPS AND MANUEL DUNKS(Manuel layup range is exactly same as manuel dunk range, just like how JUMP stat works in FS1)

-STEAL: *success rate of steal, *speed of steal motion

-PASS: *speed of pass

-TUSSLE: *power of boxout(the most important key of boxout is to press W faster than your opponents to push out him, but C's boxout pushes harder than PF's when they are getting in boxout motion at the same time), *lower the success rate of your opponents' shots, *dunk blocking(pf,c can block dunks with better chances.  The ability to come down with the ball if 2 people jump at the same time.

-BLOCK: *block height, *block range

-REBOUND: *rebound height, *rebound range

-SPEED: * speed of your character walking

-STAMINA: *max capacity of your character's stamina( certain actions like shift key running and screening cost your stamina), *stamina recovery speed

Part2. General points distribution guide.

Of course, you can have your own style of stats distribution, However some stats are quite useless comparing to others. Here are some stats not worth using points for, at this point.

*NO! Post shots: these shots not very useful. easy to block. You gonna makes shots under the rim when you are wide open anyways.

*NO! Short Dunks: you gonna mostly make these dunks unless you get blocked anyways.

*NO! Short Layups: same reason as above

*NO! Long Dunk: quite useless. this stat doesnot make you dunk further. what makes you dunk further is Long Layup stat.

*NO! Pass: increasing pass okay... but it doesnot make huge difference. Also, PGs will learn some passing skills later on(i.g: baseball pass), so it can just alternate this stat.

For positions

-CENTER: Tussle, Rebound, and Block are crucial stat for C, you should also increase speed and stamina stat for help defence but not as much as main three(Tussle, Reb, Block)

-POWER FORWARD: Tussle and Rebound should be pretty high(at least +10~15) if you prefer playing as only big man of your team. Block is also very important. speed will also help your team defense. For scoring pf playing with another big man on your team, you can use points for middle shot, long layup or even 3pt shot depending on your scoring preference.

-SMALL FORWARD: well, this position really has variety. So it is up to how you play. Speed and Middle shot are still important. Then if you want to be more defensive, add defense stats. Or you can add offense stats and more stamina stat. it is up to you.

-SHOOTING GUARD: 3PT shot, Speed and Stamina are important. Then add middle shot if you shoot middle a lot. Really it is depending on your offense style. Also add some block and steal, it always help.

-POINT GUARD: 3pt shot, Steal, Speed and Stamina are important stats. At least +10~15 Speed, Steal and 3pt first because Steal and 3p are so important as pg play. Middle shot also help if you take many wide open middle shots but don't spend a lot on mid shot. Add some block will help a lot if you defend SF or SG.

Credits: Special thanks to BigJoe for this guide.

Skyforge New Classes Full Gameplay Videos

Here are the full gameplay videos of the classes in Skyforge. Enjoy watching guys!

About Skyforge

Skyforge is a sci-fi fantasy MMORPG developed by Allods Team. Featuring dynamic action-based combat inspired by console action games, players play as immortal warriors that later develop into powerful gods as they progress through the game.

Key Features:

Become a God Skyforge gives players the opportunity to walk the hero’s path – from new born immortal, to mighty champion, to becoming a god themselves capable of standing toe to toe with other major gods.

Spectacular Combat Visually stunning and highly visceral action-combat with a unique open class system and limitless character development.

Defend the World from Invaders Fight and gain power to protect the world under constant threat of attack. Immediately jump into the action with countless gameplay options – solo and group PvE, PvP, free exploration and monsters killing, fighting the ruthless armies of invading Gods.

• A Truly “Massive” MMORPG One world fighting together. With millions of players on one server, a tightly integrated social network and an information portal, Skyforge brings all players together inside and outside of the game.

Model: F2P
Status: Closed Beta [ March 11, 2015 ]
Subgenre: Action RPG

Skyforge New Classes Full Gameplay Videos

Skyforge: Knight Full Gameplay
Skyforge: Witch Full Gameplay (OP DOTs)
Skyforge: Monk Full Gameplay Overview
Skyforge RU OBT Lanber Catacombs (Alchemist Gameplay)
Credits: Special thanks to Dual Spiral for the videos.

How to Stream Dashboard-Style Web Pages on Your Chromecast

Google Chrome can send any web page to your Chromecast. If you want to close the tab on your computer, though, the content won't refresh. DashCast updates the page so you'll have the latest content.

After you plug in the link to DashCast, you can set how often you want the page to refresh. Then, just close Chrome. It's perfect for constantly changing content like news, weather, or sports, and it won't bog down your computer like casting a Chrome tab would.

How to use DashCast?

It's very simple and even a non-techie can do it.

First, you need to the DashCast web page. When you are at the DashCast web page, just simple type the link of the web page and then, set if you want to force the display of that web page or not and then, set the reload option to either "yes" or "no" and the time it will be reloaded. And lastly, hit the go button.
Simple as that....

How to Turn Your iPhone into an Instant Security Camera

There are many apps out there that offers to turn your iOs devices into an instant Security Camera but the problem is, most of them are defective and some of them may work, but don't have that features you need for a worthy Security Camera.

If there's Security Camera app that we can recommend on using on your iPhone, that is the free app called Manything. Unlike other security camera apps, Manything has the necessary features that you want for a security camera and, it has ifttt services to make things a lot easier.

Like other apps, Manything (here's the iTunes App Store download link) lets you stream the camera's feed to another iOS device on the web. With ther Manything IFTTT recipes, you can set triggers based on motion, location or time. They have a list of examples, such as recording when you leave the house or sending you a clip every time the device detects motion Those triggers connect them with other IFTTT supported devices like a Nest, WeMo and Phillips Hue. When you come home the lights turn on or when the Nest senses you are away, Manything starts recording.

Better check out the video below to further understand how Manything works:

The Benefits of Using "If This Then That (ifttt)" Web Service and How to Use it

Do you want to instantly save you instagram photos to your Dropbox? Or remotely download a torrent file by sending a link in an email? Or, do you want to receive a text on your phone when it's going to rain today? If you want these services, then all you need to do is to use the "IF THIS THEN THAT (ifttt) web service" and you can use all those services mentioned above and more.

What is IF THIS THEN THAT (ifttt) service?

If This Then That (ifttt) is a brilliant web service that let's you plug information from one service into another, allowing you to link all your favorite webapps to create super-charged integration between tools like Gmail, Dropbox, Instapaper, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, and oh-so-much more. Here's how to use ifttt to get more from your online life.

It allows you to create custom tasks which allows you to create a work flow based on some sort of conditional statement (the pillar of all programming!). "If [this thing happens on one service], then [do that on another service]." For example, "If I post a new photo to Instagram, then download it to Dropbox."

How to Create an ifttt task?

Check out below the step-by-step guide on how to create an ifttt task.

First, you need to navigate to ifttt's Create a task page (you'll need to sign up if you haven't already). Once you have finished signing up, you will then see this:
 Now you are ready to create a task.

Step 1: Choose a Trigger Channel

Click the bold this and ifttt will display this channel picker:
You want to trigger this task whenever someone tags a photo of you on Facebook, so Facebook will be your trigger channel. Click Facebook. (If this is the first time you've used the Facebook channel, you'll need to authorize the Facebook channel.)

Step 2: Choose a Trigger

Next you'll see all the possible Facebook triggers built into ifttt. Your options are:
  • New status message by you
  • You post a new link
  • You upload a new photo
  • You are tagged in a photo
  • Your profile changes
You can create tasks that are triggered by any of those Facebook actions, but for the purpose of this action, we want the You are tagged in a photo action, so click that.

Step 3: Complete Trigger Fields
At this step, you can define trigger fields specific to certain channels. Our Facebook trigger doesn't have any trigger fields (there are no possible variables; it's triggered whenever you're tagged in a photo). When you're using other channels, like the RSS or Craigslist channels, for example, you'd paste a URL you want to watch in this step. (I'll explain a little more about how fields work in step six below.) Since this trigger has no trigger fields, just click Create Trigger. If all went well, you should see this:

Congrats! You've successfully defined your trigger. Now to define the action that follows the trigger. For our task, that means placing the tagged photo into a folder in Dropbox. Click the big blue "that" link to define your action.

Step 4: Choose an Action Channel

Now it's time to pick the channel that will react to our trigger. For our example, as you'd expect, the action channel is Dropbox. So click the Dropbox icon. Again, if this is the first time you're using Dropbox as an ifttt channel, you'll need to authorize it.

Step 5: Choose an Action

Dropbox only has one possible action: Add file from URL. Good news! That's exactly what we want! So click Add file from URL and move on to the next step.

Step 6: Complete Action Fields

If you recall, the tagged photos trigger from our Facebook channel didn't have any fields. Dropbox, on the other hand, does have fields that you need to fill out: The URL of the file you want to add to Dropbox and the folder inside Dropbox where you want to store your tagged photos.
ifttt is smart (brilliant, even), so it already has the action fields filled out so that the File URL is defined as the tagged photo URL on Facebook—which is exactly what you want. It does this using "Addins" that are supplied by default when you choose the Facebook tagged photos trigger. ifttt knows that if that's your trigger, it can supply the action with several attributes.

For the Facebook tagged photos trigger, you can use any of the following information in your action fields:
  • Uploaded by
  • Fb Photo URL (a link to the page on Facebook where the photo is visible)
  • Photo Small URL (a shrunk down, thumbnail version of your picture)
  • Photo Source URL (this is the URL to the full image—and it's what we're using for File URL, defined by the {{ImageSource}} text you see in the File URL input)
  • Photo Caption
  • Uploaded Date
So keep File URL as is. You can set the Dropbox folder path input to whatever you like. By default, it's going to create an ifttt/facebook/tagged folder inside the root of your Dropbox folder. You can change this to whatever you want.
A note on addins: If you wanted, you could use an addin to, for example, place images in folders based on who took the pic. To do that (and for the purpose of illustration for how you might use addins), click the Dropbox folder path input, click the Addins drop-down, and select Uploaded by. You'll see a description of what the addin text will look like, and if you click the blue Addin tag, ifttt will append the addin to your input. You'll notice in this addin example, the Dropbox folder path becomes ifttt/facebook/tagged/{{From}}; if I tagged a photo of you, you'd see it in your Dropbox folder at ifttt/facebook/tagged/Adam Pash

Once you've got your action fields all filled out, click Create Action.

Step 7: Activate Your Task

You've officially created your first task. High five, baby! At this step you can add a description of your task. Descriptions are particularly useful if you want to share it as a recipe for others to reuse. When you're all finished, click Create.

That's all there is to it. ifttt will check each trigger every 15 minutes; every time a trigger returns true (in this case, whenever you're tagged in a new photo on Facebook), it'll execute the action (sync the photo to Dropbox).

Step 8: Turn Your Task into a Recipe (Optional)

If you want to share your brilliant task with the world, you can turn it into a recipe. To do so, visit your tasks page and click the task you want to make into a recipe. On the task page, click the recipe icon (it looks like a mortar and pestle).
Give your recipe a description if you like, edit any of the fields, and create your recipe.

Here are some example of the most handy ifttt recipes:

You can check here the most popular ifttt recipes later.

Dragon Saga to be Ported on Mobile as "LINE Dragonica Mobile"

 The famous side-scrolling game Dragon Saga will soon have a mobile port and it will be called LINE Dragonica Mobile. Also called as Dragonica on its SEA version, the game will be made in collaboration with AsianSoft and LINE. It will be made availabe on iOs and Android devices this May 2015.
This screenshot was taken on the PC version of the game

LINE Dragonica Mobile will be the mobile version of the original game, just like the name suggests. Of course there will be a few changes to it, especially when it comes to the controls since this will be on mobile devices. In total there are six playable classes for players to choose from and content-wise players will see pretty much the PC game but on their mobile device. In other words LINE Dragonica Mobile will be a pretty close port of the PC version.

Aside from running around completing quests and following the storyline, whether you do this solo or with friends, players will also have daily missions, quests, and real-time PVP available. There will also be character outfits so you can make your character look all fashionable.

There is one downfall to this news though and that is LINE Dragonica Mobile won't be arriving in a worldwide capacity. When this free-to-play MMORPG does launch in May 2015 it will only be available for users in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines. As for a worldwide release, that could eventually happen at some point.

AROUND(n): The Google Operator for Proximity Searches You Might Not Know of Yet

Did you know that there's a Google operator which will help you in terms of proximity search? And it has been around for a long time and even us here in Web Junkies did not know about this. We've just learned about it earlier this day.

What we are talking is the Google operator AROUND(n)... What is this?

The AROUND operator is a handy trick to use when you're looking for a combination of search terms when one dominates the results, but you're interested in the relationship between two query terms.

Say for example you want to search for two different keywords and you want to see the correlation between them. All you need to do is type "first keyword" AROUND(n) "second keyword", and then you'll see some proximity search results appear on Google.

A search query like “IGN Dragon Age” will mostly show IGN pages that are related to Dragon Age Video game. However, if we modify the query to look like “IGN AROUND(2) Dragon Age,” you get results where the two terms are written on the page in close proximity.

The higher the number, the less the proximity.

NOTE: the AROUND() operator MUST BE IN CAPS. The number sets the max distance between the two terms.

Note also that if Google can't find anything within the limit, it will just do regular ranking of the terms without the AROUND coming into play. 

AROUND is especially useful when the documents are rather long (think book-length articles) while a comment points out that it could be also be useful “when searching for quotes, speeches or a song that’s stuck in your head, but you can only think of a few words from it.”

So now that you know about it, how about giving it a try?

Vainglory Reveals New Hero Named "Vox: The Mobile Sniper"

Super Evil Megacorp has revealed their newest Hero in their MOBA game Vainglory. The new hero is named Vox, and known to be the brother of Celeste and a mobile sniper who can be build both for single and multi target damage and can fight equally well in lane and jungle. As stated by the developer, Vox will be added in the next update of Vainglory.

According to the developers, Vox will be able to occupy a unique space in team set-ups as he is very mobile, but with a relatively short range, and is able to push the lane or venture into the jungle if the situation demands it. His abilities include dashing and getting off two attacks in rapid succession, firing a sonic pulse that, among other effects, slows down opponents significantly, and a huge shockwave ultimate. Vox will probably be a force to reckon with in the hands of a good player who can take advantage of his mobility .

Super Evil Megacorp (and I still love that name) also announced that the upcoming update will introduce the long-requested spectator mode, which will allow up to two spectators in private party games, as well as quite a few nerfs and buffs, most notably a nerf on Koshka that has been often requested by the community over the last month.

Dragon Age: Inquisition – Jaws of Hakkon Walkthrough Guide on Xbox One, PC, Xbox 360, PS3 & PS4

Here's a walkthrough guide on Dragon Age: Inquisition – Jaws of Hakkon for Xbox One, PC & later Xbox 360, PS3 & PS4 which will give you hints and strategy tips on how to finish each Episode of the game quickly and easily.

How To Start The Jaws of Hakkon DLC

Here’s how to start it and where to find the DLC’s new area, Frostback Basin. They recommend a minimum level of 20 for your Inquisitor, so start by loading up a suitable save game.

To get to the new area, go back to Skyhold, to the old War Room, and from the map pick Ferelden on the right-hand side. Frostback Basin is tucked away in the lower left corner of the Ferelden map, where there’s a new marker. Select it to spend eight precious power points.

There’s a professor from the University of Orlais who wants your help finding the final resting place of last Inquisitor who died all those centuries ago. He’s waiting for you over in Frostback Basin, along with Scout Harding, shiny new equipment and, we gather from the trailer, shiny new dragon. Go get it!
Episode 1: Investigate Frostback Basin

ladyxinsanity will be your voice-over commentator showing you around the game’s areas.

Storyline: In this story, you will uncover a lost chapter in the history of the Inquisition. Discover the final fate of the last Inquisitor, and the powerful dragon he hunted.

Explore a vast new locale within the southern mountains of Thedas and meet its proud inhabitants, the Avvar. Help them defeat an ancient cult and save the lowlands from the destructive power of an Avvar god.

Inquisitor Details: Female human rogue, Diplomatic/Sarcastic, all conversational Inquisition perks, Cullen romance.
Episode 2: What Yet Lingers

Next, we must find a way to get to the island.
Episode 3: Worthy of Publication

Meet Colette at the Tevinter Ruins.
Take note that this walkthrough guide is currently a work-in-progress as there are Episodes of the game that aren't available yet. If it will be made available, then this page will be updated without notice. So better check this page constantly for new Episode walkthrough for Dragon Age: Inquisition- Jaws of Hakkon.

Credits: Special thanks to Bioware, Outsidexbox and ladyxinsanity for the walkthrough guides.

Square Enix Announced Release Dates for Episode 3, 4 & 5 of Life is Strange Video Game

As you may know, Episode 1 & 2 for Square Enix episodic video game, Life is Strange has already been released on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. And now, the developer has announced the release date for the Episode 3,4 & 5 of the game and you can see the schedules below.

Life is Strange is expected to release its digital episodes on the following dates:

• Episode 1: Chrysalis [Episode 1 Walkthrough here!] – January 30th, 2015 worldwide on Steam, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network.

• Episode 2: Out of Time [Episode 2 Walkthrough here!] – March 24th, 2015 worldwide on Steam, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network in America/Canada; Then March 25th, 2015 on PlayStation Network in Europe/Australia.

• Episode 3: Chaos Theory – May 5th, 2015 worldwide on Steam, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network in America/Canada; Then May 6th, 2015 on PlayStation Network in Europe/Australia.

• Episode 4: Dark Room – June 16th, 2015 worldwide on Steam, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network in America/Canada; Then June 17th, 2015 on PlayStation Network in Europe/Australia.

• Episode 5: Polarized – July 28th, 2015 worldwide on Steam, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network in America/Canada; Then July 29th, 2015 on PlayStation Network in Europe/Australia.

Note: Episode 2 arrived 1 and a half weeks later than scheduled, so a delay of each episode by 1 or 2 weeks over the 6-week-estimate may happen. This is the nature of the episodic model; While you don’t have to wait a year for all parts of the game to be finished, you will more quickly notice development delays IF they happen.

For now, you can watch a short preview on Episode 3 of Life is Strange below:

Best Level 80 PVP Ripper Build Guide in Dragon Nest [T4]

Here's a PVP build guide for Ripper in Dragon Nest. This guide was made by Quinn from Dragon Nest SEA and it will give you the details on how to build a Ripper towards PVP at level 80 cap.

Skill Build
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Assassin Skill Tree:

Shadow Hand Level 6:
- Range limited, unable to aim projectile freely.
- Instant projectile with 1200 Super Armor (SA) break value
- Very useful for its on-demand high SA break

Dirty Tricks Level 6:
- Allows leap to drag enemies along
- Fairly useful in re-lifting knocked down opponents, or re-position them back to front.

Speedy Cut Level 6:
- Useful in connecting normal Scimitar combos
- Level 6 for balance between charges and MP consumption.

Mental Mastery Level 7:
- Max for the highest possible MP Recovery from Mind Conquer (MP Recovery based on MAX MP).

Chaser Skill Tree:

Applause Level 16:
- Decent re-catching capability with wide frontal arc area-of-effect (AOE).
- Capability of doing double hit if aimed approximately 45 degrees away from the middle on either sides.
- Useful for resetting opponent to the middle for continuation of combo.

Rain Drop Level 6:
- 2 charges for Raven Wall Combo.
- Level 6 to balance between usages and MP consumption, also due to long cooldown.

Fade Level 1:
- Used for 5 seconds of invisibility.
- Also provides decent SA to tank certain skills and nifty leap upon completion.
Damage bonus not worth investing SP on as it only lasts for 5 seconds.

Burning Coal Level 9:
- Maxed to receive the full cooldown reduction benefit (20 seconds at max level from 28 seconds)

Ripper Skill Tree:

Arsonist Level 8:
- Provides slight Fire damage and Defense increase for 24 seconds.
- Situational buff for doing Fire Burst Combo and/or shield against Elemental Lords/ Alchemists/ Mirror Class with Fire Resistance.

PVP Skill Plates/Heraldries:

PVP Key Bindings



Combo Moves:

Barrage of Knives

Pre-requisite Set-up: Target must be in a hittable knocked-down state & near a wall Combo Sequence:

Open Edge (#2, ‘2’)  Rain Drop (#2, ‘1’)  Gore Kick (Right-Click)  Rain Drop (#2, ‘1’)  Triple Edge (Tumble Backwards + Left Click)  Punishment (#2, ‘4’)

Target should be in a hittable knocked-down state so that it can be affected by Open Edge’s wall bounce effect. This would buy time for the player to at least cast Rain Drop, which has an animation delay (in the form of the Raven flying up before firing the Knives). Additional time is needed for the first Rain Drop to connect, so a Gore Kick is necessary in keeping the target hittable.

The wall bounce from Gore Kick will also extend the time for the second Rain Drop to be casted. This time though, a Gore Kick wouldn’t be necessary because the target would be pinned to the wall by the the first Rain Drop. To further enhance this effect, a Triple Edge after tumbling backwards is recommended so that the first and the second Rain Drop could be linked together. Finally, a finishing blow via Punishment is delivered.

Combo can also be done with one Rain Drop. Simply proceed to do Triple Edge after Gore Kick instead of casting the second Rain Drop. Buffs can also be used while target is pinned by Rain Drop. Re-engage with Flame Locust if so.


Pre-requisite Set-up: NIL

Combo Sequence:
Shift Blow EX (#1, ‘Q’, Fast Cancel with Right-Click after 5 hits)  Gore Kick (Right-Click)  Swipe (Right-Click on Knocked-down target)  Scimitar Combo (Hold Left-Click)  Blade Runner EX (#1, ‘R’)  Flame Locust EX (#1, ‘V’)  Izuna Drop EX (#1, ‘C’)

This combo is designed to be an initiation one that allows a Ripper to start his combos reliably. Any of the skills can be changed & adapted according to situations to enable easy re-catching if needed.

Shift Blow EX should be cancelled quickly after the initial 5 punches for maximum SA-B and the stagger effect, as the full animation presents an awkward pause that enables people to simply tumble away from it accordingly. A simple Gore Kick will knock the flinched opponent down so that a Swipe connection may proceed. Afterwards, a full Scimitar combo is used to bait out any Aerial Evasions if applicable before countering it with Blade Runner EX for its instant dash re-catch. A Flame Locust EX will follow to position the character accordingly before ending with a devastating Izuna Drop EX.

Any of the skills in the sequence can be swapped to another appropriate skill according to cases. For example, against Mercenaries who retaliates with Crisis Howl after Shift Blow EX and defend with Flying Swing, one can opt to use Shadow Hand Level 6 to break the SA and stagger him, thus allowing the combo to take place.


Pre-requisite Set-Up: Target must be in a knocked-down position, regardless of whether it’s hittable.

Combo Sequence:

Rake (#2, ‘3’)  Swipe (Right-Click on knocked-down target)  Scimitar Combo (Hold Left Click)

This combo is meant to reclaim (as the title implies) an opponent should one breaks a combo for whatever reason. Doing re-catches are important for Chasers, especially in Kill-Or-Fall matches where every hit one receives is significant due to low HP and that the damage transfer between Chasers and other classes is unfair for the former. This simple technique ensures that the intended target stays down instead of trying to roll away and to lift it up again without using any skills which could be better utilized for counter-attacks.

If target is far away, a Triple Edge while tumbling forward can help. Normal Jump Shuriken Attacks helps too.


Pre-requisite Set-Up: Target must be in a hittable knocked-down state & near a wall.

Combo Sequence:

Gore Kick (Right-Click)  Burning Coal (#1, ‘5’)  Triple Edge (Tumble Forward + Left Click)  Gore Kick (Right-Click)  Mortal Blow (#1, ‘X’)

This combo is a special variation where you use your evasive skill, Burning Coal, to re-position yourself while still maintaining your combo.

If you find yourself too close to the wall after bouncing your target against the wall, you can utilize Burning Coal in order to keep it afloat and move backwards in order to face the target in front again. Tumbling in front for a Triple Edge will situate you in another opportunity for a Gore Kick wall bounce.

Now with Burning Coal in Cool-down, one can also make use of Mortal Blow’s short movement displacement to achieve the same effect as the aforementioned. This can be achieved by turning back and landing the elbow strike for Mortal Blow, then quickly facing the front when the character starts to move back & spin vertically to deliver the bulk of the damage.

This combo can be misused when Burning Coal is already on Cool-Down. If so, one can shorten the combo by not doing the combination of Burning Coal + Triple Edge and going ahead with the Mortal Blow Displacement technique.

Class Strengths

Extremely Agile
Assassins in general are fast compared to other characters, even more so when you switch to a Chaser. When you specialize into a Ripper / Reaper, you’re also unlocking the potential it has to achieve breakneck speed in PvP. Player techniques do count in this case, but nevertheless Rippers / Reapers are one of the (if not, THE) fastest specialization to exist in the game. For one, most of your skills are almost instantaneous. The EX version of ”Shift Blow / Barrage” enables you to end the skill pre-maturely (with Right-Click). In conjunction with that, Rippers / Reapers are given an unusual amount of Action Speed plate choices, making them all the more of Speed Demons.

Opponents creating distance in an instant? No Problem! “Illusion Step” & “Excess /Access Chain” solves the issue!

Alternatively, you have the non-EX versions of the Raven skills which aren’t so shabby either, and they still provide significant range benefits for us Rippers / Reapers! Coincidently, much of our burst damage also comes from the Raven skill tree outside of “Izuna / Shinobi Drop” & ”Artful Chaser / Pursuer”, encouraging the idea of a Hybrid build for PvP.

In addition to that, we have a similar number of escapes / evades to an Acrobat!

Enemies trying to escape from your grasp? No biggie! We have a variety of skills to snatch them back!

Invincibility frames? Allow me to list down all that we have:
– Shift Blow / Barrage EX Right-Click
– Mortal Blow Elbow Strike
– Izuna / Shinobi Drop
– Illusion Step
– Burning Coal / Call
– Sprint / Double Jump

Damage? Rippers / Reapers have sufficient burst damage coming from the following:
– Applause
– Rain Drop / Rain of Death
– Punishment
– Mortal Blow
– Izuna / Shinobi Drop
– Artful Chaser / Pursuer
– Fan of Edge / Edged Fan (YES! THIS SKILL CAN DEAL SIGNIFICANT DAMAGE! Crap Damage growth though)

Class Weaknesses

Lowest HP in PvP
In spite of all of the marvelous advantages us Rippers / Reapers enjoy, we are the weakest link when it comes to survivability talk here. Even when considering the fact that we have “Feint” that provides 5% HP Recovery and 3-seconds invulnerability upon death, we still get punished quite heavily for taking especially the high burst damage skills from our opponents. If you’re a newbie in this class, prepare to die a lot as you learn the ropes.

“Dedicate Shadow” alleviates this aspect slightly when dealing with any Magical-based enemies (By reducing the incoming Magical Damage and recovering HP based on our MAX HP), the catch being that it lasts for only 3 seconds and that it has a fairly long cool-down.

Low AVERAGED damage
Our damage output in PvP may vary from time to time depending on how long you maintain your combos in a lock. Often times you may find yourself not dealing enough damage to kill your opponents before the vice-versa happens. More frequently, you can land in a situation where you inflict more hits on your opponents, but still get burst down in seconds.

This weakness of ours can be aggravated by classes with defense / damage mitigation rotations, mainly Paladins & Mercenaries. It doesn’t help that the former’s auto ground / aerial blocks can also break out of a combo lock if done properly too, further reducing our damage capability.

Credits: Special thanks to Quinn Lee for the awesome guide.

Dragon Nest KR Update 25th Mar: Assassin & Lencea PVP Skill Balance

The Korean version of Dragon Nest has been updated and you can see the full details of the update below. (I just hope that these nerf-ing don't come in the future on DN SEA)

Assassin Skill Balance

- In Colosseum and Ladder match, phy, mag defences are reduced

- In Colosseum and Ladder match, phy, mag defences are reduced

- In Colosseum and Ladder match, phy, mag defences are reduced

- In Colosseum and Ladder match, phy, mag defences are reduced - In Ladder match, MP recovery is reduced.

- In Colosseum and Ladder match, phy, mag defences are reduced
- In Ladder match, MP recovery is reduced.

Night Explosion
* (PVP) Burn damage and duration reduced.

Plasma Burst
* (PVP) Burn damage and duration reduced.
* (PVP/PVE) AOE rotation restricted.

Illusion Strike
* (PVP) Burn damage and duration reduced.
* (PVP) CD changed to 17sec.

Shadow Focus
* (PVP) AOE reduced
* (PVP/PVE) AOE rotation restricted.

Pact of Ajna
* (PVP) The normal 2-hit attack of Ninja Cat is reduced.
* (PVP) The shuriken skill CD of Ninja Cat is increased.

Chakra Cure
* (PVP) The CD is fixed at 60sec and will not be reduced with level.
* (PVP) The debuff being dispelled is changed from 10 to 1, at base level, and up to max of 3 debuffs can be cleared at higher level.

Ring Strike
* (PVP) The descending speed of Ring Strike upon touching enemies is increased.

Chakra Illusion
* (PVP) The CD is fixed at 30sec and will not be reduced with level.

Blessing of Ajna
* (PVP) Ninja Raccoon buff effect is reduced.

Line of Darkness
* (PVP) Burn damage and duration reduced.
* (PVP) Skill damage reduced.
* (PVP) Superarmor break reduced.

Dark Conviction
* (PVP) Burn damage and duration reduced.

Light Fury
- In Colosseum and Ladder match, phy, mag defences are reduced
- In Ladder match, MP recovery is reduced

Sunshine Spark
* (PVP) The damage increase and duration of the debuff is reduced.

Ring Strike EX
* (PVP) The descending speed of Ring Strike upon touching enemies is increased.

Chakra of Light
* (PVP) The buff effect and duration reduced.

Abyss Walker
- In Colosseum and Ladder match, phy, mag defences are reduced
- In Ladder match, MP recovery is reduced

Night Explosion EX
* (PVP) Burn damage and duration reduced.

Plasma Burst EX
* (PVP) Burn damage and duration reduced.
* (PVP/PVE) AOE rotation restricted.
* (PVP/PVE) The float effect induced by the skill is reduced slightly.

Night Fall EX
* (PVP) AOE reduced

Chakra of Abyss
* (PVP) The buff effect and duration reduced.

Lencea Skill Balance

- In Colosseum, VIT is reduced.

Counter Spin
* (PVP/PVE) Superarmor defence reduced.

- In Colosseum, VIT is reduced.

Lollipop Chop
* (PVP) Invincible frame duration for the skill is reduced.

Rough Sweep
* (PVP) Superarmor defence reduced.

- In Colosseum, VIT is reduced.

Spinning Skewer
* (PVP) Invincible frame duration for the skill is reduced.
* (PVP) Superarmor defence reduced.

Shutter Bounce EX
* (PVP) Superarmor defence reduced.

Rough Sweep EX
* (PVP) Superarmor defence reduced.

Stinger Breezer
- In Colosseum, VIT is reduced.