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Warframe Ivara Hawkeye Build [Guide]

Requires 2 Forma. Enhances all her powers and can be adapted to every situation.

disclaimer: this build is intended for fun, and general use. 
It's nothing meta or particularly strong.
It's a tiny reminder than you can play Warframe just for the heck of it.
Ivara is the frame every Bow user was waiting for.

Her kit is various, has many applications and great Sinergy.
She is incredibly squishy, but her skills can be used to easily avoid any source of damage, or even detection.
Paired with the right weapons, Ivara is both a stealth master and a good damage dealer.

My build ignores physical resistance, and focuses on mantaining a balance between efficiency, strength and range, while mantaining default duration.

While usually most frames have one ability that is less used than others, I think Ivara is one of the few that can easily combine each skill for either utility, damage, or plain fun.

If you manage to get her parts from Spy missions, you will find that she's worth the time.

Build - 2/3 Forma

Added Forma:   (plus another  to fit the Exilus mod)
  • Primed Flow - Ivara needs a huge energy pool to mantain active her abilities.
  • Primed Continuity and Constitution - Duration reduces the energy drain of abilities, and influences the timer of Sleep Arrow and Cloak Arrow, and also the time required to steal loot while using Prowl.
  • Trasient Fortitude - Strenght affects the damage multiplier of Navigator, the headshot multiplier of Prowl and the damage of Artemis Bow arrows.
  • Stretch - Range is for the trick arrows and for Prowl, to have more stealing reach.
  • Quick Thinking - the thing that saves my butt when I become visible too soon.
  • Streamline and Fleeting Expertise - to reach max power efficiency.

Having 175% Efficiency Power while mantaining at least 100% Duration, gives me the lowest possible energy drain when I activate Prowl and Artemis Bow.

The Strength of Artemis Bow depends not only on Warframe mods, but also on your Primary.
It inherits the properties of every mod equipped on the primary weapon, excluding shotguns.

Aura: Energy Siphon to recharge while not invisible, or Corrosive Projection.
Exilus: I'm using Endurance Drift, that grants 15% max power, and 12% parkour velocity.

Recommended Arcanes:
  • Acceleration: on Critical Hit, has a chanche to increase fire rate on primaries.
  • Arachne: after Wall Latching, provides a chance to double the damage of the next hit.

Ivara's Passive: innate Enemy Radar, with a range of 30 meters.


Ivara's skills are various, she can be effective in slow stealthy missions but also in the clue of the battle, if you manage to dodge all the hits.
Here are her abilities, with a brief explanation on how I play them.

→ Quiver ←
By tapping the first ability key, it cycles through four different types of trick arrows.
To shoot it, either hold the same key for about 1 second, or activate the fourth ability and then press Alt fire.x`
The arrow will follow your aim, but can also be driven with the second ability Navigator.

 Cloak Arrow
Creates a bubble that grants invisibility at whoever stays inside. Can be used to aid teammates, 
or simply create a safe place for yourself. It's affected by Range and Duration mods.
It gets stuck on whatever surface, walls, enemies, kubrows, teammates.

Dashwire Arrow
Creates a zipline that goes from Ivara's feet to the point of impact of the arrow.
Useful to reach high places, and strike enemies from above.

 Noise Arrow
Upon impact, it produces a noise that attracts nearby enemies, without alerting them.
Perfect way to manipulate their AI, and make them group up to strike them all at once.
Affected by Range mods.

 Sleep Arrow
Puts enemies to sleep, and opens them to finisher attacks. Really useful, both to keep enemies unalerted or simply make them be quiet in open combat. Affected by Range and Duration.

It is a bit tricky to get how to cycle and shoot the arrows, but it will become natural after few minutes of gameplay. They are probably one of the best utility skills in the game.

Remember to check your keybindings and set alt fire to something you find convenient.

→ Navigator ←
This ability allows you to take control of the next projectile you shoot.
It can be used only with projectile weapons, such as bows, grenade launchers, crossbows, dart rifles, throwing knives, throwing melee weapons, etc.
It is activated by pressing the second ability button, before or while the projectile has been fired.

The arrow (or other) can then be driven around, while clicking the fire button makes it go faster and the aim button slows it down.
It drains a good amount of energy while active, but it can be really useful to reach far enemies, to scout the area, or simply deal more damage thanks to the multiplier that increases gradually.

→ Prowl ←
Skill that cloaks Ivara and makes her become invisible.
The invisibility is broken the moment you sprint, bullet jump or slide. You can walk, roll or jump.
If you fire an Alarming weapon, the cloaking is temporarily broken.
If you are near an enemy while invisible, you can pickpocket them by just waiting around 2 seconds. You will get a random object from the drop table.

This ability is really useful, even with the movement penalty, and the energy drain is fairly low.
Good not only to be stealthy, but also to get loot and ammo easily.

→ Artemis Bow ←
The fourth ability, when activated, equips Ivara's special Bow.
It fires 7 arrows at the same time, and each shot costs about 4 energy with max efficiency.

When active, the ability doesn't drain any energy, and doesn't deactivate Energy Siphon.

It is affected by Power Strenght and also any Rifle mod equipped on your primary.
Recommended Primary Mods: Serration, Point Strike, Vital Sense, Hammer Shot, Split Chamber, Vile Acceleration or Speed Trigger, Metal Auger or Shred, any other damage or elemental mod.
Works pretty well with Thunderbolt, creating a barrage of explosions.
If the arrows are fired immediately, they will be fired in a vertical array.
By holding the firing button, you can orientate them. The more you charge, the more the array will be orizontal.
This is why I prefer to equip Fire Rate mods, because the orizontal shots are way more effective against groups of enemies. A quicker charge makes them rotate faster.
Punch Through mods are also one of my constant choices.

When the ability is active, you can use Alt fire (default: mouse wheel button) to shoot the Quiver arrow you have equipped.
I usually select the Sleep Arrow to block a group of enemies and then mow them down easily.

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Credits: Special thanks to Bahamus for this guide.