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Unlocking All Secrets in Shadows of Evil on Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

Here's a draft guide that will regroup most of the "secret" stuff in the map. 

NOTE: This guide is a current work-in-progress. More content will be added without further notice so we advice that you check this page constantly.

The map is separated in 3 districts + the starting alley. There is one ritual in each, and you'll need one item every time. They are linked with the story of the characters.

First of all, use a purple torch, to transform as a monster, and break the crate on the truck. You'll find a "key" that is required in every rituals. 

Nero's ritual
Open the door and you'll find yourself in somehow the intersection of every Districts. Find another torch, and activate the power on the crane in the center, near the candy machine.

It will release a crate that blows itself, and let you with a feather pen.

Now, with the same transformation, look upstairs near the starting alley, you can hook somewhere.

Pass through the hall, continue on the roofs, you'll find another power switch. Activate it to let the stairs drop, so you can access it in human form.

Once you've reached the sacrificial room, place the item on the table.

Reactivate it to begin the ritual. Burning spirits will spawn, i advise you to not kill them. You just have to wait the end of the sacrifice, by turning around the room. If you kill the spirits they will respawn, and most likely you'll be blocked.

Once it's done, grab the portal worm.

Jackie's ritual

The next ritual is located in the Canals.

Again, transform yourself , and walk in the canal. Run until the end of it, you'll find a wall that you can pass though. There is a power switch behind

Then, come back on your feets, a grid that was blocking a crate has been opened. Break the crate, and (As a human) grab the Police's badge.

Now, open the door that leads to the train station.

Transform yourself, you'll see a hook on the cabaret's roof. 

Climb down the stairs until you find the stair's switch. 

Now, as a human, come back in the cabaret, place the badge, and begin the ritual. 

Turn around, grab the worm, bla bla bla.

Jessica's ritual

Let's head to Footlight district !
Torch->Hook->Stairs ^_^

After the perk machine, you can observe a crate on the neighboring's edge. Jump on it and push the box with you juicy tentacles.

Grab the wig.

Open the door that leads to a big place, with many cars crushed. Transform again and hook on the Show's tower. Turn around, there is a mighty power switch of doom.

Place the wig, and let's sacrifice a balding guy.

Floyd's ritual

Head back to the main intersection, open now the Waterfront district.
Move forward, down the stairs, look to the skys you'll see again a hook location.

Grab the HeavyWeight Championship belt of the apocalypse.

Open then the door leading to the train station, move down near the harbors. Use your best form to open the doors.

The opening of the portal

Now head to the underground, you have to pass through a rift.In there, there will be a wall with shiny symbols on it. If you did every rituals, the wall should disappear by walking near it.

Once in there, you have to place the worms on four altars.

Use the wall to wallrun on the other side of the room.

When they are in place, you must use the last ritual altar in the room. Just like before, you must wait, but this time with enough place to move, and an epic music !

At the end, the guy will speak to you, and a portal will open. This is the Pack-a-Punch.

You'll notice that outside, the background skys have changed a little bit ...

The Swords

/!\ You can start this "step" after or before the opening of the portal /!\

There are three train station. One in the canals, footlight and water front. The railway is connected in a point on the center of the map, that join after each station. You have to find symbols by travelling each train's path.

When in the train, look at a building, you should see a symbol through a window.

My advise if to either screenshot the symbol, either go with friends on the train, because you see the symbol for a very short amount of time. They aren't the same through the games, so don't copy mines !

Once it's done, get back to the underground. You have to transform as a monster and look at the brick wall bellow the stairs. 9 symbols will be on it, you have to attack with your electrical tentacle the three symbols that' you've spotted with the trains, without any order. 

My advise is to number them, as those on the wall will never move. For exemple the second, the fifth, and the seventh.

Now that the wall disappeared, there is a bunch of stones, with eggs and swords on them. Grab an egg.

Maybe you did notice it, there are 4 cthulu-like statues on the map. They are in crates that you have to destroy with the curse monster. Place the egg on it.

Now you just have to kill zombies near the egg. Their souls will fill it. When it's done, the egg will

shine a lot and you'll be able to grab him again.

Do the same thing with the others statues, there is one basically one in every districts.

I'm sorry, i did the next steps later on the day, i've forgotten to screen again.

When your egg is full, go back underground and place it where you found it. You can now grab a very powerfull sword.

Upgrading the swords

Go to your ritual's altar. It depends on wich character you have, check the previous steps of this guide to know which location is linked to who. On the altar you should see a flying blue ghost. Approach him and interact with him. He will give a dark orb.

Now with it in your pocket you will probably notice that there is a red glowing circle in the junction of the districts. Actually there is one in every district, near the sacrificial altars.

You must place yourself in the center and complete the 4 ritual. When you start it, 1, 2 or 3 margwas will spawn and will chase you (Only you). When you killed them all, the ritual is complete and you can do the next. The point is that you can't do more than one ritual per round. So you'll have to pass the current round to do another ritual. However in multiplayer EACH player can do one ritual per round.

When you have completed the 4 rituals, go back to the ghost and give him your sword. He will give you back an upgraded one, much better.

Free the ghosts

Now that you have opened the pack-a-punch and get the upgraded swords, you can see on the Nero's room, a book on the ground. Interact with it, and it will starts flying, before vanishing.
Its a large book on the ground, right at the left of the door.

By doing this you spawned a flag on the underground.

Important advise I really encourage you to craft (the shield could help also) the "wonder weapon" of the map, because it's really awful how powerful it is. I will add it soon in the guide.

Be Careful; at the moment you take it , every zombie will despawn, and living RAPS, fleshballs, banelings, however you call them, will spawn until you've completed this step. You must take the flag, and place it on some points of the map. There are 2 points on each districts.

When the flag is placed, you must protect it from RAPS, mosquitos, and more important, from the ShadowMan. Don't let him charge his purple ball, as it will deal many damages to the flag. If the flag is destroyed, you must take it back, on the subway. When the flag stayed for an enough amount of time in a place, a "DING" will be heard, you'll be able to pick up the flag. It will drop a max ammo, don't forget to take it, it'll be usefull. 

Here are some locations, you can't miss the others, they really shine a lot.

The ShadowMan has 2-3 spawn around each flag so far, he can't be in every places so you could learn his placements.

When you did the two places, you must bring the flag to a ritual's altar. The ghost will place it and you'll have to protect it again for a little longer. When done, the ghost will disappear with the flag (That will respawn underground next round), and a margwa will spawn.

If done correcly, you can see the ghost to the corresponding Worm, in the PaP room.

Fighting the Shadow Man
After freeing the four ghosts, let's head to the PaP room. In my case, i had the four ghosts in red in the room, and i had to complete a round down there. If the shadow man doesn't appear, leave and enter the room again.
Now that the bad guy is there, he is protected by an energy shield.

To break it down you have to interact with the ghosts. They are purple, and activating them will turn them into red. They will remain red for a certain time, so you gotta run to activate them all. 

Be careful about wallruning with people around in this room, you can easily get block by a zombie meanwhile wallruning, and get ♥♥♥♥ed this way, trust me, it happend.
Many margwhas will spawn and you can't leave the room until its done, so be prepared.

The four red ghosts will now shoot a ray to the shadow man, disabling his shield. 

Now he will teleport around, and you gotta shoot him. He will soon get his shield back and you'll have to redo these steps.

Each time he will get closer to the ritual's table. When close enough, someone will have to interact with it to capture the Shadow Man

He will then transform into a giant Worm, that will be located in the center of the map.

If it worked, the sky will be now menacing enough. :3

Killing the giant squid



Now, margwa's will spawn undefinitely instead of zombies, they have purple heads instead of normal gold glow, and your beast mode is now without timer so you can stay like that as you want. But, the margwas can attack your tentacles.

I'm not sure about the next as i did them just once:

- You have to kill margwas besides , or not (?) , a torch to activate it, as it will be deactivated.

- To make a friend respawn , eum, idk, maybe ill margwas. One of us has been kiled, and after a certain time he respawned for some reasons.

The torch that has been activated will be blue and you can use them to transform yourself.

This step requires a great cooperation and coordination.

In the middle of the map, there is the giant worm, and 3 red spirits. You have to place a player in the junction, and one in each train station, everyone as a beast.

The 3 train's players must power up 3 box, near the stations. (Don't missunderstand, i have 2 screen shots, but there is 3 boxes that you can easily find alone.)

If done correctly, the rails will be glowing blue, but be careful they will return in a normal state in some seconds.

Now, one of the train station guy must return in human form, and call the train (Or use it if it is on that station), in order to make it pass in th junction. This way, he will crush the worm.

At this moment, the players must attack the ghosts with the electrical tentacle, before the giant worm respawns. If done correctly, a giant beam will be cast and the cinematic will begin.

Apocalypse isn't going on, you saved the world, good job !
Now, your civil protector will be painted with sexy gold instead of blue metal, and you'll complete a challenge and receive an identification's card.

Civil protector
You have to find 3 fuses around the map, each in one district. They are glowing blue cylinders.

I've screened them, but its not the fuse's location, it is the area where you can find it.




Once you've got them, go underground approach the fuse's box and insert the fuses.

You can now activate, by paying 2000 points, the civil protector. Know that you can "stack" points in the machine, even without 2000 points. 

Ex: you can add your 1200 points in the Civil Protector, so someone will have to add 800 points to call the protector.

There is a red box in each district + junction, where you can call the protector. 

Once paid, a bot will fall from the sky, and follow the caller. It kills zombies, revive friends (and you), fly around with his jump boots, and collect bonuses for you. (not sure of this one)
He will finally get destroyed by itself as zombies doesn't attack it.

There is an achievement to activate every boxes.
Crafting Tables
As always if you're clever, you'll notice that in every games, there is one item in every part of the map, triangulization (Yeah i create words), that's how human brain's work.

So there is 3 tables that you can use to craft the items seen bellow, when you have the parts necessary.
There is one table that won't be used, so you have the choice.




Propulsion Shield
You can craft a shield with three pieces, but this one is a bit particular as you can use a boost to punch zombies harder.

Like most of the time, there is a piece in each corner of the map.

The first part is in Footlight's district, near the perk and the box. Either on a bench, either against the perk's fence, either inside just at the left before the stairs.

The second one is located in the Canals. In the perk's area: in his room, on the bridge, or in the room after the stairs.

The last part is near the Waterfront's perk. Near the mess after the stairs, close to the window on the opposite of the perk, or in the Cthulu statue.

Apothicon's Servant
The wonder weapon of Shadows of Evil is a three part craftable gun that fires powerful black holes.

The first part is kinda easy to get as it is dropped by the first margwa, if you missed it they will drop it again until you pick it up.

The second one is a shiny-green-weird-thingy, that is randomly dropped by the living RAPS or the alien's mosquitos. 

The last one can be found when you open an alien's plant. As you noticed it, they are green at the beginning, and with the time they grow, to red , then purple. 

You have to open a purple one, and prey to obtain a tentacle.

Margwa's Head
For this little secret, you'll need some things:

-Progression in the main easter egg, when you have the swords. (Not upgraded one)
-A ray gun

There are 6 margwa's head in the buildings that you must destroy with the raygun. 2 in each districts.

(You can follow the order you want in the train stations, but you have to do it in only 2 train's travel, so i advise you a path, as one hearth in footlight is very hard to take down.

If you use three time the train, the hearts will respawns and you'll have to do it again.

Head to the train station in Waterfront, and get in the train, direction Footlight. 

The first is on a sign, at your left.

Then on the building just after, on the left again.

(Seen from the ground)

Then, after the junction, still on the left in a white sign. 

This one is the harder, hopefully you've listened to me and you got two tryes for it. :)
Just at the corner of the building on your left, the train is turning at this point so its hard to aim well.

(Seen from the train station, after the first try on this heart)

Direction canals now, the 5th heart is on a big poster, right after the junction, on your right.

Finally, a tough one, this one is in the "Y" of the "Ruby Rabbit" glowing letters.

If done correctly, you should hear a margwa screaming, just like when you kill one. Now, you have to reach a ritual's altar room and look well. There is a light that glows in a corner every 5-10 seconds , so be careful you can miss it. Interact with this location and you should find a margwa's head, that your character will put on his head.

Very usefull, LoL.
Secret song
As always, you have to activate three items to be able to hear a music.

They are some kind of little wood speakers.
The first is in the boxing room, the ritual's place of Lloyd.

The second is on a bench, in the Footlight train station.

And the last one is in the Ruby Rabbit, near the stair's power switch.

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Credits: Special thanks to Liotu for this guide.