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Just Cause 3 Complete Playthrough Guide

Here's a walkthrough guide on the latest action-adventure game of Square Enix called Just Cause 2. This guide will give you hints, tips and strategies on how to finish each task in the game from beginning to the ending moments.

Mission 1: Welcome Home to Medici

Welcome to the Just Cause 3 walkthrough!

AFguides will be your guide showing you around the game’s sandbox areas.

Tip: On the directional pad: Press right for your two-handed weapon, press up to dual wield one-handed guns, press left for your special weapon, and press down to select your GE-64 planted explosives.

Mission 2: Mario’s Rebel Drops

Hint: Long way to go and no way to get there? Drop in your favorite vehicle from the Rebel Drop app and travel in style.

To take advantage of vehicle Mods, use the Rebel Drop app to deliver your favorite vehicles. Any vehicle delivered by Mario’s people will be outfitted with active upgrades.

Mission 3: Friends Like These…

Tip: The right Gear Mods will increase reel-in speed while parachuting or wingsuiting for an extra burst of speed. Control the retract speed of the grapple with the left shoulder-trigger button (L2 on PS4 / LT on Xbox One).

Mission 4: Turncoat

Note: How to carpet bomb? You can equip GE-64 while parachuting and drop the explosives on your target from above!

Mission 5: The Department of Military Hygiene

Mission 6: Missile Cowboy
The Just Cause 3 walkthrough includes the full story, all cutscenes, and all boss fights.

Mission 7: Connect The Dots

Mission 8: A Long and Dangerous Road

Mission 9: Abandon Ship

Mission 10: Electromagnetic Pulse

Mission 11: Bavarium Blackout
Let’s continue the Just Cause 3 playthrough up to the ending.

Mission 12: Bavarium On A Plane

Mission 13: The Shatterer of Worlds, Son of Medici & Ending
Time for the Final Boss Fight and the game’s ending!

The End.

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Credits: Special thanks to Square Enix & AFGuides for the walkthrough videos.