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How to Increase Settlement Size in Fallout 4 (No Mods Required)

Okay, here's a simple trick on how to increase your settlement size in Fallout 4 without using any mods.

Note: This trick requires you to enter a console command and yes, it works on PC only.

Increase Settlement Size via Console
  1. Enter workshop mode.
  2. Open console with the ~ key, click on the workbench, type:
  3. getav 348 - Gets the current number of triangles used by player.
  4. getav 34A - Gets the current number of draw calls used by player.
  5. setav 349 # - Set the maximum triangle budget for the settlement.
  6. setav 34B # - Set the maximum draw budget for the settlement.
Video Evidence that it works:

Optimization - Optional

Let's try and minimize the damage to our hardware:

  1. getav 348 - check CURRENT triangles
  2. getav 34a - check CURRENT draws
  3. getav 349 - check MAX triangles
  4. getav 34b - check MAX draws
Now, the trick is to only change the MAX draws or triangles if the CURRENT ones are almost reaching the limit.
  • Only increase MAX triangles when needed.
  • It is usually the MAX draws that needs to be increased only.
Do not over do the MAX triangles/draws to avoid any crashes or anything...
  • Try increasing the MAX draws by 1000 each time
  • Try increasing the MAX triangles by 100,000 each time.
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Credits: Special thanks to T22 Gaming for sharing this tip.