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How to Get Full Set of X-01 Power Armor in Fallout 4

This guide will show you how to get full set of X-01 Power Armor after you reach 28 level. 

Requirements & Tips

There is one requirement : 28 level of our character. (On earlier will spawn T-51b)

Taking Fatman or Missle Launcher would be very helpful, because to open room with power armor you will need to press 2 buttons, which are protected by Assaultron and Sentry bot.

Destroy Assaultron first because it can follow you around whole floor while sentry bot will be stuck on stairs, making it easier for you to destroy it.


You will find Power armor on roof of Court 35 (there is direct elevator to the roof inside the building). Court 35 is next to Custom House Tower (next to my character on the right).

If you still have problem finding this place : 35 Court - Fallout Wikia[fallout.wikia.com]

View from outside :

Chamber with power armor: (There's a bug causing some parts to look like T series)

Full, working suit of power armor:

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Credits: Special thanks to Jedrasus and Pikselo for this guide.