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How to FInd "Thor's Hammer" in Just Cause 3 (Easter Eggs)

Just Cause 3's bombastic protagonist Rico Rodriguez is a man of many talents (most of them involving the use of high-grade explosives), but even this highly capable action hero remains unworthy of lifting Thor's trusty hammer. How do we know? Well, you can actually find the mythological weapon Mjolnir in the game, included as a cool little Easter egg.

So where can you find this hidden piece of Marvel lore? Well, it's in the Grande Pastura region of the map here:

Mjolnir is lying in a crater that bears a striking resemblance to the location of the hammer in Iron Man's post-credits scene:

No matter how hard you try – whether using grappling hooks, C4, tanks, helicopters, whatever – Thor's hammer simply won't budge. But still, it's a nifty little touch to what's already a damn awesome game.

If you need further help locating this Easter egg, check out the video from Arekkz Gaming below:

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