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How to Farm Imago Loop Fast and Easy in Destiny: The Taken King

Here's a guide on how to farm Imago Loop fast and easy. Although this is not the only way to farm for Imago Loop and there might be even more fast and easy way, but this method is considered to be one of the easiest and fastest.

Now for those of you unaware, the Imago Loop is a strike exclusive Hand Cannon that can only drop in Vex themed strikes. It has the lowest drop rate out of any of the strike legendaries, and is extremely rare, not only cause of it's low drop rate but because of the fact that there are currently only 2 Vex Year 2 strikes out there, and one of them is PS exclusive. What makes the Imago Loop so special is the fact that it's stats are identical to that of the greatest Year One Primary in the game, Fatebringer. What made Fatebringer so special was it's stability, reload, impact, rate of fire, and most importantly, it's perks. It's perfect stats combined with the 2 best perks in the game, Outlaw and Firefly, made for the BEST PVE primary in the game, right alongside with Mida Multi Tool. Now, many people say the chances of getting Outlaw AND Firefly is near impossible however, what some people don't know is Imago Loop can roll with Feather Mag as a middle tree perk, which paired with hand cannon reload gauntlets can give you the reload speed of Outlaw. So all you really need for that perfect PVE Primary is Firefly + (Feathered Mag and Outlaw), or (Feathered Mag and Insert random perk).

A quick video to show how you can blow by the Undying Mind Nightfall this week and potentially farm imago loop

Things that are recommended
  • 1) A Stormcaller -- Does not have to be you, just one on your team 
  • 2) Dark Drinker Exotic sword -- It is recommended that your ENTIRE TEAM uses this because it absolutely dismantles everything in the nightfall in 1 to 2 hits besides the boss itself and it does not give a damn about the match game modifier
Phase One - All you have to destroy are the 3 blights and the ultra taken centurian in the middle, then the phase will end

Phase Two -- This phase is strickly all running and you aren't required to kill anything if you don't want to. If you have an invisible class on your fireteam even better. Use the ledges on the sides of the "brdige" to get passed all the taken. If you reach the top of the stairs anyone dead on your fireteam will be revived.

Phase Three - Once you reach the top of the staricase, Keep running up to the taken wizard spawn and take out your Dark Drinker. You will 1 shot both regular wizards and 2 shot the ultra wizard. Once you do, even if you died in the process, everything will de-spawn and you will be revived.

Phase Four - This is again, literally, just running through. Run all the way until you reach the boss, you don't have to kill anything

Phase Five - The boss phase. There's only two things to keep in mind here. The boss spawns vex every quater health or so. First spawn is regular vex, second is zealot ultra vex, third is again normal vex and fourth is again zealot ultra vex

For regular vex, one person keeps the attention of the boss while a dark drinker user goes up to the gate where the vex will spawn and you can insta kill them all on spawn with dark drinker RT hits. There's about 4-5 waves.

The stormcaller on your team is in charge of waves 2 and 4. Every time these waves come, your stormcaller should actiavate their super (with landfall) and smash as many ultras as possible, if you have transcendance you will kill most if not all of them.

NOTE - On wave 4 there will be 3 ultra minotaurs and they take a shit ton of damage to kill even from stormcalller, have your dark drinker ready to finish them.

Alternative farming guide:

This week is probably your only chance to get your filthy hands on this bad boy, why you may ask? Well I can list a 1000 reasons, but here are the basics, there is only one Vex strike out of the several other strikes in the game that can become the nightfall, the nightfall is your best bet at a consistent drop rate of the Imago, on it's own, grinding regular Level 20 Undying Mind, you will get 1 Imago per 100-200 runs. On the nightfall however, you get an Imago every 4-8 runs, maybe even back to back.

So a visual interpretation of the strategy is up in the first link, to get the basics of what we do I've listed it below.

Class requirements: 1 Titan with Armor of Light, 1 Nightstalker Hunter with Bloodbound, 1 whatever you want, 1 person with DARK DRINKER (Exotic Sword)
  • Kill the first blight that spawns along with the taken.
  • Go up on to the ledge as shown in the video for maximum safety.
  • Let the bad guys kill each other.
  • 3 Blights will spawn on your left, one in the far back, one to the right, destroy them, ignore all adds.
  • After destroying all 3 blights a Taken Major Centurion will spawn, kill it.
  • Proceed to the stair case of doom*
  • Follow the jumps I do to get across as fast as possible.
  • Once you reach the top have at least one person with dark drinker ready.
  • Bum rush the 3 wizards that spawn, you should be at the top of the stairs by the time they spawn, and Spam dark drinker RT/R2, it should take 2 hits to kill all 3.
  • Run to the boss area.
  • Wipe once you enter boss arena to despawn all adds.
  • Pop a bubble with armor of light in the spot shown in the video.
  • As soon as Undying Mind spawns a Hunter with tether/bloodbound should tether him, start damaging the boss.
  • All 3 people shred him with Touch of Malice.
  • Titan should have his super back cause of bloodbound.
  • Bubble 1 runs out, ignore vex if Boss is 1/4 health, if he's at half kill some vex.
  • Titan pops bubble again, everyone shreds boss with touch of malice.
Also if you're titan doesn't have his super by the time you reach the boss arena, spawn the Minotaurs that are sleeping by shooting the blights, and kill them, they give a shit ton of super energy.

There is a really great cheese spot for the boss (which you can see below) that can make things a lot easier if you're having trouble. It's really simple to reach with a Hunter, but I'm not sure about the other classes. Better to just have one player in that spot drawing fire away from the two teammates as they damage the boss.

Also, if you're on PlayStation, then the Echo Chamber Trip Mine cheese is probably the best way to farm Imago hands down. 2-4 minutes per clear, plus you get a Vanguard streak bonus if you do the Strike form the Director, though I personally just hit the Heroic playlist until Echo Chamber pops up since you typically get a lot more Legendary drops (and possibly a better chance at Imago?)

Happy hunting!

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Credits: Special thanks to MKDImmortal for the tips and to NYR Bure 10 for the video.