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How to Earn Zeni Super Fast in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle (Guide)

Here's a simple guide on how to obtain Zeni super fast in the latest game of Bandai named Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle.

How to Earn Zeni Super Fast in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

Firstly, zeni can vary from stage to stage but is generally calculated by how many stop battles there are. The more stop battles the more end Zeni. So it is recommended packing some senzu beans in your lunch box and a good team to take on the stop battles! The more the better guys

Mr Satan's event during weekends is the fastest way to gain 100k zeni per run but it requires 15 stamina on z hard and alot of enemies have "stop" so it takes awhile to finish the map. It is a very good stage but only returns on weekends.

The highest place to get zeni is ‘Enter the Savior?!’ on ‘Terror Returns’ on a hard difficultly. You get 64k Zeni minimum per run and at only 11 stamina a run it rivals Hercules Zeni events. But its downfall is that it is a massive stage that takes a lot of time to complete. You don't need a strong team for this mission either, but ofcourse the stronger the better!

Second highest place to get zeni is "Dr.Gero's ambition" on z-hard difficulty on Ribbon Machinations. If you take the left route you will fight hercule and he will drop 65k zeni alone. However this quest is difficult as he hits very hard and has loads of hp so a good recommendation is a strong team. Hercule is INT so I recommend a full PHY team to shut him down. The difficulty and the time needed for this quest is the reason why this is number 2 instead of the first place.

Here is a list of the top 5 Zeni locations:( Hard and above is recommended for more Zenis) All these quests give about 30-70k zeni each. But are rather lengthy.

  • Terror Returns – Enter Savior?! (excluding z-hard) 
  • The Dreaded Ginyu Force – The Mighty Ginyu Force 
  • The Ultimate Life Form – Malicious Android: Cell 
  • Terror Returns – Telekinetic Rampage 
  • The Emperor’s Wrath – Alien Warrior Encounter

Right now we have the bojack event available - You will be surprise because the last few stages on z-hard give 100-120k zenis per run. It is really suggested doing them, and you can also do stage nice for r Gohan that dokkan awakens into SSR which is by far the best sr in the game, currently. Here's a screenshot of the last stages of bojack event:

That's it guys! Happy gaming!

If you have any more locations that have a good zeni farm rate, please do tell us by contacting us on our facebook community @ facebook.com/webjunkiesblog.

Credits: Special thanks to AwesomeNarwhals for this guide.