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How to Clear King's Fall Ship Maze 1 Easily Without Any Glitch in Destiny: The Taken King

A lot of cheesing has been happening lately in Destiny: The Taken King. In fact, there are lots of Guardians posting their guides, vids and pics on how they cheese a certain part of the game. Most of these cheesing are on the King's Fall Raid and, lately, someone in the name of Chadlantis has figured out a new way to clear the King's Fall Ship Maze 1 easily without using any glitch or cheat.

Well, I don't know if you know this already but, for those who haven't heard of this yet, then let me share it to you. Well, eventually, I'll let the video below explain to you, how Chadlantis had managed to finish the King's Fall Ship Maze easily without any dirty tricks.

You did not expect that it's a Titan that does the cheesing on ship maze do you? Yes, it's a Titan! You don't need to be pinch as what you see is true. When a Titan wears Twilight Garrison, then he performs a lot of magic in mid-air.

As you can see on the video above, Chadlantis had "Increased Height" which basically lift your Titan higher above ground and then Suncharge which basically gives you a fast-forward leap during Hammer of Sol. 

Also, you can see him using a sword instead of carrying a gun during the process. Why? It's because this is where the trick lies.

You can figure it out just by seeing it pretty much. Meat of the combo is "lift, slash, evade, slash, repeat." Before super he did slash, up slash (right trigger) because the up slash ruins future slash patterns, but he wasn't going to use sword anymore and it let him glide that little bit more (for style, I think). 

He noted that  it took him the longest to figure out the right button combo/perk set/trajectory. However, once he landed on what is shown on screen, it only took 4 attempts. Now, his consistent enough to do it almost every try.

So, that's all the details you have to know. Now go try it for yourself!

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Credits: Special thanks to Chadlantis for sharing this very helpful tip.