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How to Cheese Golgoroth Challenge in Destiny: The Taken King

GOLGOROTH CHALLENGE MODE (video provided below)

  • can be done using the regular single orb strategy, and essentially "one main gazer" (one DPS phase)
  • the only major difference is that each player needs to capture his gaze once per cycle
  • a cycle is from the moment someone grabs his gaze, until the gaze can no longer be captured ("Failed to capture Golgoroth's gaze")
  • assign a number to each player, 1-6
  • 1 is always the main gazer, the team will only jump down/destroy the orb/damage Golgoroth when 1 has the gaze
  • this is essentially the regular "single orb, single gaze" strategy, so just destroy the front left orb like you always do
  • after the DPS phase/when you jump out of the pit, 3 and 5 should be at the front left
  • 2, 4, 6 should go at the back right (ledge that is jutting out)
  • players 2-6 just pass the gaze around in order, shooting Golgoroth's back
  • you don't even need to count down the timer anymore, as soon as his back is to you, and it's opened, shoot it once it's your turn
  • once player 6 has the gaze, Golgoroth's back will also close and no one will be able to take the gaze again for this cycle
  • player 6 just runs around, have teammates destroy the orbs that Golgoroth is shooting at him, until his timer runs out
  • you'll get "Failed to capture Golgoroth's gaze"
  • just go back to your safe spots and kill the next wave of mobs
  • repeat these cycles until he's dead

1. I'm the #2 guy, what do I need to do?
  • you can help with the DPS while #1 has the gaze
  • listen to his timer, when he counts down to 6 seconds and below, run out and jump to the right side; shoot Golgoroth's back to get his gaze
Doing damage and running out is optional, but the damage you do can be the difference between killing quickly, or having an extra cycle. It does help if you assign one of your more skilled players to do this to avoid mistakes.

If you don't want to risk it, just be on the opposite ledge/back right and ready to grab the gaze. Don't bother jumping down to DPS.

2. Why does player #XX need to be in front left or front right after the DPS phase?

It's essentially to make the passing of the gaze easier, since you'll have the boss turned around 180 degrees, you'd have a clear shot, no chance of missing.

Also, players who get Unstable Light (the explosion on Hard Mode) will generally jump to the back left, or front right to avoid everyone (kind of like a reflex).

So jumping and positioning yourselves on the safer areas means avoiding deaths without really thinking about that mechanic. Less things to worry about.

3. What's a good way to survive as Gazer #6?

You'll hold Golgoroth's gaze until it runs out, so your teammates, who won't be doing much, can help destroy the crap he fires at you.

If you're not used to doing the gaze:
  • as a Hunter just shadestep to avoid getting hit
  • as Warlock, just make sure you have self-ress and if you have to die, do that when your timer's gone
  • pretty much run around the map so the Golg. poison orbs don't hit you/mobs don't explode on you; teammates can clear all of that
If you're used to it, well just shoot down whatever he fires at you; don't forget mobs that may sneak up on you though.

4. When we're Gazers #3-6, do we need to wait for the timer of the guy who got the gaze before us?

No. Only #2 waits for the timer of the guy before him since he's maximizing DPS before jumping out to grab the gaze (explained above).

As for the remaining players, as soon as Golg's back is turned, and is opened, shoot it immediately once it's your turn.

5. Do we need to destroy more than one orb each cycle?

And why can't we just pass the gaze around first, then DPS towards the end of the cycle?

Nope. Single orb is fine. The number/order of orbs you destroy has absolutely no bearing whatsoever on the challenge.

Also you're doing your DPS phase at the beginning because - it's what everyone's used to. And remember, if you DPS towards the end of the cycle, the pit will be swarming with Cursed Thralls. That's not something you'd want.

6. Can we have deaths? Wipes?

Technically you don't want to have deaths because you need to have each player get the gaze per cycle.

If you end up dead for some reason, make sure your group kills him on that specific cycle, otherwise you'll fail the challenge.

You can have wipes though.

7. Is there a requirement on how many cycles we can have until we kill him?


You can kill in 3 cycles, 4 cycles, it does not matter - just avoid the enrage timer.

Just remember that the longer the fight goes, the more chances of a mistake happening.

8. Ok, he's low HP, we can kill him this cycle or do we need to wait for the 6th guy to get the gaze before killing?

No. If he's low, just kill him without fully passing the gaze to everyone.

Remember, a cycle ends when you see *"Failed to capture gaze". If you kill him, you would not get that notification anyway.

9. What are the rewards?

A chest will appear.

Normal Mode = 310 armor piece (gloves, chest or boots); 310 artifact; calcified fragment

Hard Mode = normal mode loot (if you skipped it); 320 armor piece (gloves, chest or boots); 320 artifact; Devourer of Light emblem

You'll also get the regular random loot from killing him in addition to challenge mode rewards.

10. WTF, we did everything right but did not get it?

There's a chance that a player ended up getting the gaze twice in a cycle.

You can go to orbit, then press the controller touchpad to see the statistics for the fight. If you see someone with an extra "Golg. Taunted" on his stat, that's what screwed up the challenge.

To avoid this from happening:
  • call out your number once you have the gaze to make it clear (ie. "4 has gaze")
  • avoid shooting at anything if Golgoroth's back is towards you and it's not your turn to grab the gaze; one or two critical hits can end up grabbing his attention and you don't want that, and weapons like Zhalo Supercell can sometimes chain damage on him
  • if you'd like to kill Cursed Thralls in the pit, be careful not to shoot Golg's back; or just wait until Player#6 has the gaze (meaning Golg's back is closed), you can kill a few thralls by then

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Credits: Special thanks to el2mador for this guide.