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Free 2 Play MOBA "Paragon" Announced for PC & PS4

Paragon is the name of an all-new MOBA developed by Epic Games, the creators of the Gears of War series. It will be released for both PC & PS4, with an open beta in Summer of 2016 (and a paid beta in Spring of 2016).

Check out the debut gameplay trailer for Paragon.

Paragon seeks to carve out space in the increasingly crowded MOBA genre (games like DoTA & League of Legends) and the ever-increasing newfangled “Hero Shooter” sub-genre of consolized MOBA’s.

This one brings a non-stylized MOBA that is completely in-line with what you’d expect to see from a MOBA created by the dudes behind Gears of War.

“Paragon puts YOU in the fight. With explosive action, direct 3rd-person control, and deep strategic choice.”

Check out this extended interview with the developers of Paragon for more details on how it plays and what you can expect.

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