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Fallout 4 NPC and Enemy Spawn Codes Guide

This guide will try to compile a complete list of all the codes for spawning in NPCs. This includes enemy and wild NPCs and than possibly work on a list of companion, friendly, and random NPCs etc. 

To start off all spawn codes must be entered into the console which for me is opened with the ~ key, now the command for spawning in a NPC is: 
player.placeatme NPC# # 
-Another thing to remember is that for most if not all of the NPC codes, if they have any 0's at the beginning of them you can leave them out. For example the deathclaw code is 0001db4c but you only have to type in 1db4c so you would type player.placeatme 1db4c 5 and that would spawn five deathclaws right on top of you. 

-Also you can retrieve any NPC code by typing help NPCNAME 4 and any npc or item in relation to the phrase you typed will pop up in the console. Anything with the label NPC- is a spawnable NPC.

The NPC# is the code for whatever NPC you want to spawn and the second # is for the amount of them that you would like to spawn. For Example: player.placeatme 001423A7 6 will spawn 6 Alpha deathclaws on top of your position. If you want to spawn enemies in to make them fight eachother you may want to use the command tdetect to turn off the detection AI so you dont get immediately attacked by the NPCs you have just spawned in. Turn off detection than spawn in 25 super mutants and 6 alpha deathclaws, get to a good vantage position, and than type the tdetect command to turn detection back on and watch the fun! 

You can do the same thing near your settlements if you want to test out your defenes. See if your settlers can handle an attack from a super mutant behemoth or anything! 

Important Notes: This guide is a work-in-progress. The section with WIP on it means that the section is not finish yet. Many other things shall be added on this guide so we advice you to visit this page daily for updates and progress.

Deathclaw NPC spawn codes

First codes im adding to the list are my favorite the DEATHCLAW!!
Use these codes to spawn in a deathclaw. FE: player.placeatme 0001db4c 2 will place 2 deathclaws infront of you.

Deathclaws and legendary variants: 

Deathclaw- 0001db4c, or 0002c969 *LEG: 0017E707 
Alpha Deathclaw- 001423A7 *LEG: 0017E70B
Glowing Deathclaw- 001423A8 *LEG: 0017E70C
Deathclaw Matriarch- 001423A9 *LEG: 0017E70D
Savage Deathclaw- 001423AA *LEG: 0017E70E
Albino Deathclaw- 001423AB *LEG: 0017E716
Cham. Deathclaw- 001423AC *LEG: 002499D9
MythicDeathclaw- 001423AD *LEG: 002499DA

Thats all the deathclaws in the game:) Next I will add the codes for the supermutants followed by the different raider factions! Please subscribe thumbs up or leave a message I would really appreciate it!

Super Mutant and Ghoul Variants (WIP)

This section contain the NPC spawn codes for Super Mutant variants, Mutant Hound, Behemoth Variants, and Ghoul variants.

Spawn in super mutants by typing player.placeatme NPCCODE #. FE: player.placeatme 000903c7 5 will spawn 5 mutant hounds in front of you.

Super Mutant variant codes:
Super Mutant- 0001A00C, 000A1471, 000EDCC6, 000EDCCF, 000EDCD0
Mutant Hound- 00090c37
Glowing Mutant Hound- 0012240d
SM Skirmisher- 000EDCC8 *LEG: 0017E6E5
SM Brute- 000EDCC8 *LEG: 0017E6EB
SM Enforcer- 000EDCC9 *LEG: 0017E6E9
SM Master- 000EDCCB *LEG: 0017E6ED
SM Overlord- 0014238B *LEG: 0017E6F0
SM Primus- 00142391 *LEG: 0017E6F2
SM Warlord- 00142397 *LEG: 0017E6F4
Suicider: 0014AE58

Behemoth variant codes:

Behemoth-000BB7DD, 00163EAB, FF0009AC, FF0031A8, FF003DBE, FF004C43
Glowing Behemoth- 0012B97A
Epic Behemoth- 0012B97B
Ancient Behemoth- 0012B97C

Now here are the codes for the Ghoul Variants! Again same issue with duplicate codes for the same characters so here will list a few of the duplicates but not all of them until we know their differences.

To spawn in Ghouls open the console and type in player.placeatme NPCCODE # for example
player.placeatme 00028FD4 7 will place seven Ghouls in front of you.

Ghouls and there Legendary variants marked *LEG

**Ghoul (Nuetral and Naked)- 00028FD4
Feral Ghoul- 000758AD, 001D4756, 001D4757, 001D4758, 001D47B, 001D47D, 001D47E, 001D47F

Rotting Ghoul- 0007ED07 *LEG: 00165566, or 002499E1
Withered Feral Ghoul- 0007ED08, or 000D39EC *LEG: 00165564, or 002499DF
Feral Ghoul Reaver- 0007ED09, or 000D39EB *LEG: 00165563, or 002499DE
Feral Ghoul Roamer- 000D39EA, or 0011669D *LEG: 00165561, or 002499DC
Gangrenous Feral Ghoul- 0011669E *LEG: 00165565, or 002499E0
Charred Feral Ghoul- 001166AD *LEG: 001BCE9E, 002499E2
Feral Ghoul Stalker- 00165790 *LEG: 00165562, 002499DD
Glowing Sea Feral Ghoul Alt- 000A077E, 000A0EE8
Glowing One- 00020BCC, 000D39ED, FF006A06, FF000D91, FF000895, FF00085A
*LEG Glowing One- 0016556B, 002499E3
Bloated Glowing One- 000AE0EEE *LEG: 0016556D, 002499E5
Putrid Glowing One- 0011669F LEG: 00165556C, 002499E4

Thats it for the Super Mutants and Ghouls next I will work on the different raider groups and classes followed by various wild life. I could not find legendary variants for the behemoths if someone manages to find some please let me know! 

Raiders, Gunners, Children of Atom and more (WIP)

This list will include the codes for Raiders, Gunners, Synths, Children of Atom and other humanoid baddies. Like super mutants there are tons of repeat variants so here will list a few of each and try to sort through them after adding them and find any significant differences. Take note that some factions like the gunners have robots like Gunner Mr. Gutsy etc. These will be included in the section with there respective factions.

Raiders- To spawn raiders or other baddies type player.placeatme NPCCODE # For Example: player.placeatme 00020749 8 will place 8 raiders in front of you.

Raider- 00020749, 0002E007, 0003183A, 000780bA
Raider Veteran- 00019567, 0007533E
Raider Scum- 000758AF, 000EB30F
Raider Waster- 000758B1, 000EB311
Raider Survivalist- 000758B2, FF005568
Berserk Raider- 001A734A
Raider Psycho- 001E7429, 001E742A, 001E742B
*Legendary Raiders- 00184752, 00184753, 00184754, 00184755

Gunners-These are the codes to spawn in gunners use player.placeatme NPCCODE # to spawn them in. For Example: player.placeatme 00070506 3 will place 3 Gunner Lieutenants at your position.

Gunner- 0004AB6C, 000A0E38, 000A0E39, 000FD39B, 000FD3A8, 000FD3AC, 000FD3AD, 000FD3AE, 0001685E7, 0001685F9, 0001BCEA2, 0001BCEA3, 0001BCEA4

Gunner Private- 000FD3A0, FF000888, FF000889, FF00088A, FF0008B1, FF0008D6
Gunner Corporal- 000FD3A1
Gunner Sergeant- 000FD3A2, FF008B31
Gunner Lieutenant- 00070506
Gunner Captain- 00070507, 001C64A6, 001CC45C
Gunner Major- 00070508
Gunner Col.- 00070509
Gunner Brigadier- 0007050A
Gunner Merc.- 0003D646, 0004B36C, 0004B36D, 0012758F
Gunner Commander- 0004CE40, 000AC520, 001ABE5F, 001AE743, 001CC45B
Gunner Conscript- 000CE985, 000F480D, 000FFF69, 00193B44, FF0008D5
*LEGENDARY GUNNER- 00184758, 0018475A, 0018475D, 00184760, 00184761, 00184762, 00184763, 00184764.

Gunner Robots

Gunner Mr. Gutsy- 0021DDBB
Gunner Lt. Gutsy- 0021DDBD
Gunner Maj. Gutsy- 0021DDBE
Gunner Col. Gutsy- 0021DDBF
Gunner Sentry Bot- 0022CDF3
Gunner Siege Breaker Sentry- 0022CDF4
Gunner Annihilator Sentry- 002CDF5
Gunner Annihilator MK II- 0022CDF6
Gunner Assaultron- 0022CDF7
Gunner Assaultron Invader- 0022CDF8
Gunner Assaultron Dominator- 0022CDF9 

Children of Atom-These are the children of atom NPC codes use player.placeatme NPC# # to spawn them near your position. For Example: player.placeatme 001BBCC0 5 to spawn 5 Child of Atom Zealots at your position.

Child of Atom- 0002FB83, 0002FB85, 0002FB86, 000859DD, 000A0E36, 001BBCBB, 001FB1FF, 001FE6A5, 001FE6A6, 001FE6A7, 001FE6A8, 001FE6A9, 001FE6AA, 001FE6AB
Child of Atom Cultist- 001BBCBE
Child of Atom Preacher- 001BBCBF
Child of Atom Zealot- 001BBCC0
Child of Atom Reborn- 00213F53
?Atoms Wraith- 0014404A, FF00085C 
?Atomic Dreamz- 000EFBB5, FF000A05

Children of atom, scavengers, and other raider like NPCs shall be added on this page soon

Synths (Not started yet)

This section will contain the NPC codes for Synths

Robots (NonFaction) Nothing added yet

This section will contain the NPC codes for non-faction robots such as the Protectron and Mr. Handy

Brotherhood of Steel NPC Codes (WIP)

This section will contain the codes for the NPCs from the Brotherhood of Steel faction. Use the console command player.place atme NPC# # to spawn the desired NPC and number on your position. For example: player.placeatme 000769FB 6 will place six brotherhood of Steel knights on your position.

Brotherhood of Steel

BoS Aspirant- 000769FA, FF004A12 *LEG: 00249ADA
BoS Knight- 00769FB, 00107AC3, 00175093, 0019632B *LEG: 00249ADB, 00249AE3
B. Knight-Sergeant- 000769FC, 0015DFF4, 0015E001 *LEG: 00249ADC, 00249AE4
B. Knight-Captain- 000769FD, 00175092, 001946B0 *LEG: 00249ADD, 00249AE5
B. Knight-Commander- 001F6B05 *LEG: 00249ADE, 00249AE6
B. Paladin- 001F6B06 *LEG: 00249ADF, 00249AE7
B. Paladin Commander- 0011F6B06 *LEG: 00249AE0, 00249AE8
Brotherhood initiate- 000769FE, 0019632A
Brotherhood Squire- 000C868A
B. Soldier Initiate- 0017D6B0, 0017D6B1, 0017D6B2, 0017D6B3, 0017D6B4, 0017D6B5, 0017D6B6, 0020EA66, 0020EA67, 0020EA68
B. Scribe Initiate- 000769FF
B. Sr. Scribe- 00076A01, 0015DFFF, 0019DE87
B. Lancer-Initiate- 0012BC94, FF002834
Brotherhood Lancer- 0012BC93
B. Lancer-Knight- 0012BC94, 0015DFFA, 001812F4
B. Lancer-Sergeant- 0012BC95
B. Lancer-Captain- 0012BC96, FF002C62
Brotherhood Mess Officer- 001526A6
Brotherhood Mr. Gutsy- 001552C4

Wildlife- Radstags, Mirelurks, Bugs etc.

This list will have mirelurks, Radstags, Giant Bugs and other wildlife added as soon as the codes are discovered.

Wildlife- This section will list the codes for spawning in the wastelands various wildlife and creatures. To spawn in these NPCs open the console and use the player.placeatme NPC## # to summon them to your position.For example: player.placeatme 000E12AB 1 will place 1 mirelurk queen at your position.


Mirelurk- 00024002, 000361C1, 00111EB6, 001243FF, FF0009D9 *LEG: 00017E6D3, 002499EC
Glowing Mirelurk- 00142383 *LEG: 0017E6D2, 002499EF
Mirelurk Hunter- 00064C5E, FF0009AE *LEG: 0017E6D7, 002499F1
Glowing Mirelurk Hunter- 00142381 *LEG: 0017E6D6, 002499F2
Albino Mirelurk Hunter- 00142384 *LEG: 0017E6D8, 002499F3
Mirelurk Razorclaw- 0014237F, FF000A2F *LEG: 0017E6D0, 002499ED
Mirelurk Killclaw- 00142380 *LEG: 0017E6D1, 002499EE
Mirelurk Hatchling- 0016962D, 0018AFB1, 001B829C
Mirelurk Spawn- 00176DCA, 001B829B
Softshell Mirelurk- 0019E967, FF00080D, FF00080E
*Mirelurk Queen- 000E12AB, FF0009AD, FF000AAE, FF0041D7
Mirelurk King- 000B7F95, 000D8E1A, FF0009DC *LEG: 0017E6DC, 002499F4
Glowing Mirelurk King- 00142385 *LEG: 0017E6DE
Mirelurk Deepking- 00142382 *LEG: 0017E6DD, 002499F5


Radscorpion- FF000A0C, FF0009D6, FF0009A9, 000636AA *LEG: 0017E6FE, 0002499FF
Glowing Radscorpion- 00020B86 *LEG: 00017E701, 00249A01
Radscorpion Hunter- 00020B85 *LEG: 0017E6FF, 000249A00
Albino Radscorpion- 00115AE5 *LEG: 0017E700, 000249A02
Radscorpion Stalker- 00115EA6 *LEG: 0017E702, 00249A03
Radscorpion Predator- 00115EA7 *LEG: 0017E703, 00249A04
Deathskull Radscorpion: 00115EA8 *LEG: 0017E704, 00249A05 


Radstag- 0008CA3C, FF0009D0, FF0B814 *LEG: 00184527
Radstag Doe- 00115A8B, FF0009C8, FF0009CA, FF000A5D, FF0046E7, FF007B5A,FF008B57, FF00B544
Radstag Yearling- 00115A8C
Albino Radstag- 0015A8D, FF0009CE, FF000AD0 *LEG: 0018457E
Radbid Radstag- 00115A8E, FF0009D1, FF0009D5 *LEG: 00184580, FF008D5C
Glowing Radstag- 00115A8F *LEG: 00184582




Yoa Guai


Bloodbug Hatchling: 00028669
Bloodbug- 001423B4 *LEG: 0017E71F, 002499CD
Red Widow Bloodbug- 001423B5 *LEG: 0017E720, 002499CE
Infected Bloodbug- 001423B6, FF009586 *LEG: 0017E721, 002499CF
Glowing Bloodbug- 001423B7 *LEG: 0017E722, 002499D0
Vampiric Bloodbug- 001423B8 *LEG: 0017E723, 002499D1


Bloatfly- 00029469, FF005141, FF00C504
Black Bloatfly- 001423B0, 00247981, FF007D21, FF0087B6 *LEG: 0017E6BC, 002499C9
Festering Bloatfly- 001423B1 *LEG: 0017E6CC, 002499CA
Glowing Bloatfly- 001423B2 *LEG: 0017E6CD, 002499CB



All Legendary Enemies (Not Started)

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